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Baseball Video Games

Posted on: March 16, 2010 10:45 pm
Well, I've been playing a lot of games during the offseason, most frequently MLB2K8 for the Xbox 360, since that's the only console I own, and I just recently purchased 2K10.

So I thought I would start up a blog to see if there was anyone else out there that likes talking baseball games, just something to help get ready for the season I suppose.

I think my first baseball game was All-Star Baseball 2000 for the Nintendo 64. I don't remember a lot about it, just that I enjoyed it. After I finally got an Xbox, I grabbed up All-Star Baseball 2004, which I played until the disc was too scratched to play any more. My favorite, that I never even owned, was MVP 05 I believe, it had several "newer" features that I liked, including an interesting home run derby/hitting contest mode that me and my brother played way too much.

I got an Xbox 360 late in 07, and ended up pre ordering MLB 2K8 (came with a Jose Reyes bobblehead), played that for a solid two years, although I used classic controls on it since that was what I was used to (as opposed to the Total Control stuff they make you use in newer games), I still played several seasons of franchise mode with the St. Louis Cardinals of course. I loved constructing teams of varying kinds, I had one franchise with mostly all prospects, and I've had some with all of the greatest players, and of course I had to do some with the actual people we had on the team at the time.

Finally last week I got MLB 2K10 and have been playing that quite a bit. They force you to use the total control style of playing, which is quite interesting to get used to. So far I haven't gotten too far into the game because of a number of known bugs that I've heard about, although they are getting them fixed fairly quick. I've nearly beaten "The Best of the Best" in a head to head home run derby style competition. You don't get to use "The Best", so I've been going through the ranks with Matt Holliday. My favorite part of the game however is the My Player Mode, where you create a player, and control just that player and begin your career in AA ball and play until your major league career is over. It's quite entertaining and a lot different than anything I've ever done before. My character is a starting pitcher, so I only get to play every 5th game, the rest is simulated. Right now I'm still improving my stuff in AAA before I decide I'm ready for the bigs, but it's still very intertaining. I'd have to say it's worth playing for sure if you like baseball games at all, it's got a mode for probably just about any type of fan.
Anyway, this is about the point where I'll wrap it up and hope to hear some feedback, I'm sure there's several out there that find themselves playing hours upon hours playing baseball games, the forum is now open.


Since: Jun 2, 2008
Posted on: March 18, 2010 2:32 pm

Baseball Video Games

I'm not sure which game I've played the most, but one candidate would be Triple Play '98.  It actually had Brian Jordan (then with the Cardinals) on the cover.  The game itself was good for the time period, and it actually had a lot of features.  I played a bunch of season games as both the Cardinals (with that devastating Gant, Lankford, Jordan trio.  ha ha) and a team I made up with the create-a-player feature. 

Perhaps the strangest feature of that game was that it had a secret "developer" team, full of deformed players with freakish attributes.  The first baseman was literally like 30 feet tall.  The second baseman was about two feet tall, but his time from home to first was something like 1.5 seconds.  Another player had feet that looked like two canoes.  I had my personal record for longest homerun hit with him, and it was somewhere over 1100 feet.  The primary pitcher was twenty feet tall, threw 150+ mph, with a 40 mph change, 110 mph slider and unbelievable curveball.  My friends would come over to play, and the matchups when we'd both select the developer team were hilarious.

Also of note, there was some sort of glitch with John Wasdin, who was pitching with the Red Sox at the time.  His regular pitches were average at best, but for some reason when you threw a changeup, it would register somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 mph.  Fun times.  ha ha.

Later Triple Play games implemented the moving batting cursor, which I didn't like although the rest of the game was fine.  The All Star Baseball games I played had that same cursor, so I wasn't too fond of them.  The three MVP baseball games brought back my interest in baseball video games as they were simply awesome, imo.  One of these three would probably be the other choice for "most time spent in a baseball game."

Sadly, 2k bought out the MLB license, so those games went away and 360 fans were only left with the MLB 2K series.  I got 2K7 and 2K8, and while I enjoyed them and played them a lot, I thought they were still underwhelming compared to those earlier MVP games.  I never played 2K9, and haven't decided on 2K10 yet.  I've heard this year's version is improved, though, and the baseball fever may be too strong to resist.  Time will tell.

I don't have a PS3, but one of my good friends does.  I've played a few games of MLB the Show '09 on his system, and must say it's a pretty awesome game.  I would say it's the most realistic game I've seen, although the MVP series may have given it a run with 4-5 more years of development.  I haven't seen the '10 version yet, but if it's better than '09, I would say that's one of a very small number of reasons I'd consider owning a PS3.

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