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I miss the good old days of baseball...

Posted on: February 12, 2009 11:27 am

This whole Robbie Alomar thing that surfaced this week has me wondering what the heck happened to the baseball I grew up with.  I've pretty much accepted the whole steroids thing and that doesn't even bother me anymore, but it seems like even outside of that baseball is turning into something worse than a daytime soap opera.  We've got Roger Clemens cheating on his wife with Mindy McCready, A-Rod and Madonna, Ugeth Urbina in a South American prison for attacking people with a machete, and now Robbie Alomar has AIDS?

All of these make me yearn for things to return to a simpler time, when ballplayers had a girlfriend in every visiting city and a bag of cocaine in their glove compartment.  At least Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden were easy to figure out.  Even Bill "The Spaceman" Lee is starting to look like a normal and uncomplicated guy compared to these weird things the players now are doing.

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Posted on: February 17, 2009 1:43 pm

I miss the good old days of baseball...

How about cheap injuries, rib cage, hamstrings, hernia and everything else that keeps you out of the lineup for months. Sure am glad the old boys I grew up with in 50's and 60's wern't so fragile. Every team has five starters, with the last three having an era somewhere close to five. Yes the good old days when Mickey, Billy would be fighting hangovers instead of hangnails and still play better than most of the ones today.

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Posted on: February 12, 2009 4:16 pm

I miss the good old days of baseball...

Excuse me for posting a tongue and cheek entry.  I'm not saying the mid-80s were the heyday of baseball.  I was placing that as an example of how ridiculous the current state of events surrounding the game has become.  The intention was to show that things have gotten so bizarre now that the days of Straw and the Doc have started to look less messed up.  It is a comparison designed to show the flat reality of the ridiculous direction that professional sports has gone in over the past 5 years.  Like I said...tongue and cheek designed to expose the current insanity while also bringing a sarcastic smile.

If you'd like we can talk about the "good old days" of blacks not being allowed in the MLB, and how some of the greatest baseball players of all time never got to play in the real "big leagues."  Maybe we could talk about the good old days of Ty Cobb sharpening his spikes to try to hurt people.  Or we could discuss the good old days of Ray Chapman leaving a young wife widowed because nobody has wisened up to the fact that the human head cannot withstand direct contact with a baseball.  We could always discuss the original scandal of long before steroids came around and how the Sox threw the world series, or maybe the attempt by baseball's commissioner to keep Roger Maris' name out of the record books because of old loyalties and a new grudge.

Every generation of baseball is destined to have one huge black eye.  It just seems like this generation has enough to last another hundred years.  That is the point I want to make.

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Posted on: February 12, 2009 1:49 pm

I miss the good old days of baseball...

I thought YOU SAID "YOU MISS THE GOOD OL DAYS OF B-BALL"   The Atlanta Crackers  when box seats where in a box with folding chairs ?? The Days hen a 2-Man Crew came out When and Maybe to reclean the field of play ??? When You sat in a snow covered seat cause it wasthe ONLY ONE in the stands ? Atl Falcons Vs. Minns Vikings in the SNOW in ATL / Cowboys Vs Atl. Playoffs /Fulton County Statdium and Hank THE HOMER ??? HELLLOOOOOO

The Good Ol Days " ARE LIVED WITHIN AND COME FROM PLAYING THE GAME " Not something one see,s one Tv and says "hey beeen There Done That "

 Any broken Bones or bettter yet  " Your Old Family Doctor or Dentist Passed away ( GOD REST ) and YOU ARE NOW trying to figure out HOW THIS HAPPENED and will I SUFFFER FROM THIS PAIN 4-EVER ???




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