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Mets Report (4/30/09)

Posted on: April 30, 2009 3:29 pm
I'm ashamed of myself. I am ashamed to say that as a true fan, I have only seen one game this year, and tomorrow is May 1rst (please, be kind). I am trying and here at college I don't have a TV, and for some reason my internet game providers are being blocked by the MLB heads.
But I digress, the season is a month old and I'm trying to keep up and watch the score ticker at least, and what is up with the Amazin's? Look, (9-12) is nothing to panic over, but they need to step up a bit. I saw an interesting post here on CBS Sportsline that said they need a leader in the clubhouse, someone, anyone who can fire them up. I thought it funny that the poster suggested brining back John Franco. Funny, but maybe not such a bad idea, pay the man for his time, tell him to get in the face of the players and pump them up a bit. Not a bad thought...
It is early, and even though my thoughts are stirring it is time to calm and hope the team pulls together. The team just needs to rally off some series victories and gain confidence and they'll be fine, I hope.

GO Mets!
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Posted on: April 30, 2009 4:07 pm

Mets Report (4/30/09)

Great idea. John Franco always was a fire for the Mets. He also was a great player so the young guys would have a reason to listen to him. All time saves guy for lefties I believe still. I think as the season goes on and Gary Sheffield begins to settle in we will hear more form him as well.

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