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Pro Sports and Money

Posted on: February 5, 2009 11:38 am

Pro Sports and Money, it is so out there now what these players make now, and how these owners fold under the presure, of these primadianas and there agents.

Cause there are no players out there worth the money they are making, and rookies coming and getting 20 million dollar signing bounuses. Come on owners man up and make a change stick to your guns cause trust me when that money is'nt flowing in they will play for what u offer. Another thing is i would'nt deal with any agent, cause they not look out for you or the players just there pocket books.

So I end this with owners take ownership of your teams, have pride in your city and the fans that still come to your games and remind yourself its only a game its not like being a factory worker, construction worker, cop, or a fireman and those type of people dont have agents they don't get the big bucks but they work hard everyday, and there jobs arent a game.

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