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Black Days of Baseball

Posted on: February 9, 2009 1:29 pm

Black Days of Baseball, performance enhancing drugs it's a joke how baseball has sat on there hands for all these years. It is on baseball why would you tell someone hay even if you test positive we won't discloses your name,that just does'nt make any sense if you want to run a clean league to me.

Cause drug testing is a normal thing in todays job market, even from working at Walmart to the Big Leagues you have to pass a drug test,but if you fail a Walmart drug test no job but if you fail a baseballs drug test and your a big enough name its just a slap on the wraist and off you are to make your millions. Don't get me wrong I believe people should beable to get a second chance, but not a chance to make those millions right away agian that has to be earned. So me with A- Rod I would make him redo his contracted for the next two years and play for the league minium and have to take drug test once a month for the rest of his carreer. Cause taking games away from them is'nt going to work, take the money away trust me they will learn.

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