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UNC Basketball

Posted on: December 7, 2010 9:07 pm
Ah, it has been far too long since my last blog.  I am unhappy to say that I was just too lazy and did not care about this enough.  I have recently found the passion again, hard pressed to say for the wrong reason.  The Tar Heels are off to a slow disappointing start, I really wish I could have a sit-down with Roy because I have a few questions or whatever to ask him.  For starters, why is Larry Drew still the point?  Kendall Marshall's numbers are better almost across the board.  I would rather have the team struggle more while Marshall finds a comforst zone than watch a talentless Larry Drew stumble through every game with 5 turnovers.  It would be one thing in Drew good make a shot but he is legitimately the worst shooter on the team.  I'm sure he is a nice guy and I almost feel bad saying this, but how did he make it on UNC!?? 
Second, Harrison Barnes just needs to walk up to whoever the PG is, may it be Drew or Marshall, and say "I want the ball"!  I struggle listening to these analysts say that he is the best frosh in the country when he doesn't command the ball in clutch moments.  Kyrie Irving of Duke is what Barnes needs to be like, now thats a frosh who can play folks.  And for all you loyal readers( I think there are about 3 of you) you know how I feel about Duke. 
Another little tid-bit about UNC, when you look at the #1 team Duke they play maybe 8 guys consistently every game.  UNC on the other hand plays two full rotations of players and its never the same five on the court for more than three minutes!  Roy, how is your team going to establish its best player, or even a consist five if they only play about four minutes at a time before another rotation starts?  This isn't hockey!  Honestly, the starting five should go as follows
PG Kendall Marshall
SG Reggie Bullock
SF Harrison Barnes
PF John Henson
C Tyler Zeller
And the first person of the bench should always be(unless foul trouble for a big man) Dexter Strickland.  He is the sparkplug for the team, he also happens to be the fastet guy and the best finisher on lay-ups.  Leslie Mcdonald is also a valuable bench player, I did not know he could score.  Justin Knox should spell Zeller or Henson, but the game should never go on without either Zeller or Henson in at all times.  Justin Watts is a backup F and he is 6'4!!!  Are you kidding me???  Most people consider that under-sized at the SG position let alone a 3 or a 4!  He should play maybe three minutes a game.....  In fact, all the starters should average over 25min a game.  Duke is going to undefeated probably and Mason Plumlee has the lowest MPG of the consistent starters at 26.5!
I think I've mave my point.......... 

Good to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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