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Steelers defending title in '09

Posted on: February 7, 2009 12:26 pm

After their amazing 6th Superbowl title, I have much hope for the Steelers to defend their title in the 2009 season.  The biggest reason, the schedule.  We all know the '08 Steelers had one of the toughest schedules in football, and they went 12-4 with it.  In '09, the Steelers will face (besides their division inc. Browns, Bengals, and Ravens) Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Titans, Dolphins, Bears, Packers, Lions, and Vikings.  Not an overwhelming schedule based off of '08 performances, with only  4 playoff teams being faced.  However, maybe this is a trap, because the tough schedule this year led to the Steelers being a tougher team with facing hard games all year...

Another reason I believe the Steelers will be able to defend their title (this I mean repeating, yes there I said it) would be the coaching staff.  Mike Tomlin is no lame duck.  Last time the Steelers won the SB in 2005, Coach Bill Cowher already had one foot out the door.  The team just did not seem the same.  I believe Mike Tomlin is only going to continue to grow as a great football coach.  Also, with DC Dick Lebeau returning as a 48 year old man (sorry all year I heard Madden say "he's 71 going on 48") the defense will remain a powerhouse.  The biggest issue at the coaching staff I have is OC Bruce Arians.  He does not create an identity for this football team.  However, at times, like the first half of the Superbowl against the Cardinals, first half against the Ravens in the AFC Championship game, and the entire Chargers divisional game, Bruce Arians came up with great play calling, but the rest of the time, he is so predictable and his calling just stalls out the offense.

The most important factor leading to the Steelers repeating (yes I am able to just flat out say that right now, still feel like I'm doing wrong by saying it though) is the players.  Ben Roethlisberger had a great playoff run, and let's not forget he had troubles this season.  I believe he had 17 TDs and 15 ints...however a season before he threw for the 2nd highest amount of TDs of 31.  The best of Ben Roethlisberger should come out this year with maturity under his belt after this Superbowl win (meaning no more motorcycles without a helmet).  Now the biggest question is the O-line. Wilie Colon, Darnell Stapleton, Justin Hartwig, Chris Kemoeatu, and Max Starks did have many problems this year in pass protecting, which is the hardest thing for O-line to do.  However, let's not forget to recognize that the only one on this line that has been a regular starter for the Steelers outside of this season is Starx.  This was the first time for all 5 those men to play as a unit together.  It takes time for the O-Line to make a chemistry and work together.  I don't think the line is as in dire need as some people believe.  As FA go, both Starx and Marvel Smith are up.  I say Smith will be the cheaper player due to his injuries, and let Starx go, and use Smith to develop younger players.  Other than that, the Steelers should sign Kemoeatu and maybe draft 1-2 linemen to develop up.  This line will improve tremendously just by having an offseason to work together as a unit.

For the rest of the players, offensively, Nate Washington is a good WR, if they can keep him cheap great, if not, I look for the Steelers to look for a WR in the draft to make up for Washington and Ward coming of age (I also look for Ward to take a paycut due to the fact he will have a lesser role in the '09 year).  Limas Sweed will come on in the '09 season with maturity, meaning no more dropped passes going in for a TD.  They are set at RB's with Mewelde Moore, Rashard Mendenhall, Willie Parker, and Gary Russell.  I look for Mendenhall to replace Parker by the end of '09 as the starting back however. 

Defensively, the Steelers will probably let Larry Foote go...he wants to return to Detriot and finish his career there.  The Steelers will have to sign Keyaron Fox, who played great when he was in, and maybe him, Timmons, or Bailey will take the position of MLB to replace Foote. Bryant McFadden might be lost, if the Steelers don't resign him, they will look for a replacement in the draft.  The biggest hit will be to the special teams.  Arnold Harrison, Sean McHugh, and Andre Fraizer were all very good on special teams, and they will all be FAs.  Special teams might not be that important to some, but the Steelers too often have had bad coverage and let big plays happened...without these guys, it will happen more.

My ideal draft would consist of 2 linemen to develop into the system.  A possesion reciever.  A DE for the aging Brett Keisel and Aaron Smith.  A DT to be a backup to Casey Hampton, and since Orpheus Roye is a FA. A safety since Anthony Smith will be let go into FA as a "failed project." And depending on what's out there either 2 CBs or 1 CB and 1 LB.  Ideally,  McFadden will be kept, than the Steelers will only need a CB to fill in, and then they can go after a LB to develop into the role and that can play special teams.

All this said, if the draft happens as I hope, I think the Steelers have a very good chance to repeat.  The core players are staying intact, Tomlin is ready to do it all again, and the easier schedule leads me to believe this team has everything in place to defend their title and repeat. 

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Posted on: February 9, 2009 11:22 am

Steelers defending title in '09

Gotta love the Patriot fans..  These idiots didnt even know football existed prior to 2001.

To sit here and say that the Steelers won because Shady Brady was out?  Please tell me your kidding. Surely you cannot be that dumb.

Pittsburgh was the best team in the NFL this year period. They played the toughest schedule in the last 30 years (not that cupcake schedule that the Pats have EVERY year) and came out of it with a SB title and (statistically) one of the greatest Defenses of all time.

Sorry to say that even if Brady played in the game vs Pittsburgh this year - the results are the same. 

Shouldn't you fools be hiding your faces in shame after CHEATING your way to 3 SB titles anyway?

Bottom Line - Greatest Franchise in pro football = 6 TITLES   ** NO CHEATING **


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Posted on: February 8, 2009 9:25 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

The Steeler's will not be able to handle all the shot's that a defending Super Bowl team faces the next season. Case in point, all the sacks the team had this previous season and the last two. No repeat happin here and if you think so, you need to get your head out the sand.

Tom Brady back you don't have a chance and that's how you made it into the big show in the first place. You know it so just take your ring and have a seat. Your season wasn't impressive and neither was the Super Bowl win. You played an opponent with a swiss cheese defense. I wouldn't crown them to make the playoff next season. There's gonna be to many team wanting a piece of an average offense, and if they don't fix the offensive front line..... oooooh man lookout.

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 4:27 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

Are you serious?  The Steelers didn't have to play the Patriots this year?  I guess you forgot the beatdown they put on them in December.  They only won by three touchdowns. 

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 3:31 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

All this talk about the Patriots make me sick... they lost the Super Bowl the last time I looked and didn't even make the playoffs this year. Brady's injury will have lingering effects next year (see Carson Palmer) ... the Steelers blew out the Pats this year and if they would have met in the playoffs it would have been the same outcome... no question.

Billecheat has 3 tainted rings as far as I'm concerned.

Steelers will be SB contenders for at least the next 3-5 years. Big Ben said he wants to be the firts QB with 5 rings ... it could happen!

..and we're climbing a Stairway to Seven!!

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 2:09 pm
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Posted on: February 8, 2009 1:19 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

..but personally i don't care what your team did 30 years ago.

Spoken like a true Eagles fan.  Of course you don't want to hear anything about "30 years ago" , but how about the past 4 years?  Current enough for you?  The Steelers offense is overrated?  What have yoou been watching all year, the CFL?  No one, and I mean no one thinks the Steelers offense is good.  And the AFC is a Conference in the NFL not a Division.  And, by the way, in a regular season game, if no one scores in overtime, it will end in a tie, McNabb! 

Sorry Steelers fans, as a Cowboys fan I had to put him in his place!

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 10:49 am

Steelers defending title in '09

steelers repeat???? no way in hell. there is a thing called a super bowl hangover, which 90% of nfl experience. this is, of course, unless you are one of the elite nfl teams...the dynasties...which the steelers are not. i know all you steeler fans want to brag about 6 super bowl rings....but personally i don't care what your team did 30 years ago. and don't believe me about the hangover???? what happened the year after the steelers won their most recent super bowl (not counting this one).  or how about those carolina panthers & NE pats. pitt has a great D...we all know that. but their offense is overrated in my opinion. look for the detroit lions to make a strong run next year.....only kidding. in all seriousness, the afc is way too tough a division for wish for a repeat. just enjoy this win

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Posted on: February 8, 2009 9:02 am

Steelers defending title in '09

Actually, this is why they should have a playoff system in coolege football. The Steelers' last two championships were won by teams that no one thought would win it all.



The last time I checked, the HOT team usually wins the Championship. Also, the last time Tom Brady WAS in the SB, he lost.

Being a Steelers fan since 1972, I tend to WISH for a repeat, but logically speaking...I don't think they will.  This has nothing to do with Tom Brady or any other team. Repeating is just so hard to do. Even winning a championship is hard to do, much less repeating.


I will say this much. If they do repeat or if they are the first to reach seven before anyone else has tied them with six, then it'll be time for all the haters to just suck it up and move along.......




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Posted on: February 7, 2009 11:21 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

mlmeng16, you are right, I forgot Willie Colon was a previous starter, however this is the first time that these 5 individuals played together, which is the bigger issue.  Not any of those 5 have previously started together, which impacts the game a lot.  Not to mention the changes with Simmons being injured and Marvel Smith.  This line seems best described as a thrown together line.  Give them time and they will come together.

I find it odd that Patriot fans are on here running their mouths.  If Tom Brady is so good that he just always wins a title, how come it's been since 2004 since he won a SB?  Right I believe Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Roethlisberger have won the past 4 superbowls, whereas Brady and the Patriots have gone 4 years without one.  Yes they did have 3 but what they did in the past is not going to win football games now, nor is it going to win the division.  I'm not diminshing that team at all, I just don't think Patriot fans should be shouting out praises as if Tom Brady has won every consecutive superbowl since he entered the league.  It reminds me of the SNL's skit the "Superfans" for the Chicago Bears..."da Bears will win the superbowl this year, and every consecutive superbowl for 47 years."  Patriot fans instead of worrying about other teams should worry about their aging defense and their crippled QB who might not be at 100% for the season (Matt Cassell might be playing more games for you and don't say some BS about Brady is alreay 100% because obviously the team itself doesn't want to rely on Brady or else they wouldn't have franchised Cassel)

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Posted on: February 7, 2009 9:19 pm

Steelers defending title in '09

I agree the Steelers have a great chance at defending the title. With the constant dismantling of coaching jobs around the league I think that those once great teams may be in disarray. The Ravens, Patriots and Giants all lost key members of their coaching staff. Although key players remain it may be difficult to overcome adjustments with new coaches and coordinators. If we continue tradition and we maintain a healthy lineup with a decent schedule as compared to last year we will defiantly be a Super bowl contender.

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