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Tony's offseason power rankings

Posted on: February 7, 2009 1:59 pm
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Of course without the excitement of the Free Agenecy period with all the big signings, or the draft, this is just based on the now, of course there will be some curve balls in the next couple of months.  These rankings are based on what the teams did at the end of the 2008 season, the coaches, and I won't lie, some personal attitudes.  Any disagreements on let me hear about, and give me the reasoning, because some of the teams I will admit, I don't know as much on them as others.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers  - of course the champions, they will stay at the top until they suffer a loss.

  2. New York Giants - if they get their RBs situated and figure out the Plaxico situation, this team will be deadily if injuries don't plague them like last year.

  3. New England Patriots - as much as I dislike this team, you have to wonder what would have happened if Tom Brady played.  if he is healthy as eveyrone is saying he is, this team will be a powerhouse, especially with the defense getting younger players in it.

  4. Carolina Panthers - looked good all year.  If they stick to the running game, instead of allowing Jake Delhomme to throw, this team will be good.

  5. Philadelphia Eagles - somehow they always find a way to be in there.  If they keep both Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid they will once again be contenders.

  6. Atlanta Falcons - amazing year for a rookie coach and rookie QB.  If they get some good defensive players this year, this team will be even better.  However Matt Ryan in the sophomore slumps?....

  7. Miami Dolphins - looked good.  I said Tim Tebow would be a good addition to the wildcat formation too bad he is staying for one more year, however this team will improve from last year's performance.

  8. Arizona Cardinals - losing the OC is not too much of a deal, with Ken Whisenhut, who is an offensive mind himself, as the head coach.  However, Anquan Boldin, now that's an issue.  So is Kurt Warner, am I one of the only ones that believe even if he returns he won't be as effective at his age?  I don't know...I feel hesisitant to put them this high, but I figure out of respect for being the NFC respect however for being the NFC west champions.

  9. Minnesota Vikings - good defense and a good running game.  Can't go wrong with that.  Jackson needs to continue to develop himself into a QB Childress thought he could be.

  10. Tennesse Titans - Kerry Collins is old, so even if he returns will he be as effective?  Haynesworth is going to be a lot of money.  These are 2 big issues for the Titans.

  11. Indianapolis Colts - Tony Dungy gone?  Can this team be the same?  I say no!  Harrison is not the same, and Manning is getting older.  Meaning I think this team's dominance in the NFL is coming to an end.

  12. Baltimore Ravens - losing Rex Ryan will be big only because he might lure some people away from the Ravens.  Unless no other teams want to pay Ray Lewis, the Ravens will lose him and need to focus on the rest of their linebackers.  Also Joe Flacco and sophomore jinx?  I don't know about that one either...

  13. San Diego Chargers - how is it this team every year can find a way to make it?  I don't know but LT either won't be a Charger or won't be the same, because he will be bitter about the cut in salary he took for the Chargers.  Philip Rivers is very good, but can Sproles take the punishment of a starter for 16 games? 

  14. Dallas Cowboys - T.O. or no T.O. I stopped ranking this team higher up since they can't seem to win when it counts.  That's all I have to say.

  15. Houston Texans - looking promising.  Strong finish and hopefully they will have a good offseason to build on this team.  I don't know but this might be my pick to win the AFC South come September.

  16. New Orleans Saints - Drew Bress is great and although I'm not a big fan of Reggie Bush, he means a lot for that team so hopefully he comes back healthy.  They just have to do something on the other side of the ball...what is it called?  Oh yeah defense.

  17. Washington Redskins - started off so strong but slumped.  Campbell said he was getting blamed for the losses and well he should have.  His performace dropped much so in the second half of the season, hard for me to say why that was, maybe teams just learned to pressure him more and the mistakes happen.  Who knows but maybe this team should consider a future without Campbell?

  18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - what a meltdown at the end.  But what can you expect when the defensive coordinator pretty much just leaves with 4 games left in the season (didn't literally leave but already decided to leave after the saeason which leaves a question to his commitment to the team)...isn't 4 games left when this team had it's meltdown... I don't know about the head coaching change they just made...

  19. Chicago Bears - need a QB.  Bryon Leftwich had a good year for the Steelers as a backup.  Is he a QB that was once a franchise QB, has the experience needed.  And is a free agent.  Chicago, go after him!

  20. Denver Broncos - I thought they pre-maturily acted on the coaching change.  Until Jay Cutler can get to the playoffs and win a playoff game, I will keep him in the class of QBs that involve words like mediocore, average, and decent.

  21. San Francisco 49ers - they made some leaps and bounds this year.  Singletary is, while he is something.  QB situation is troublesome but I look for them to push for the NFC West title...sorry I had to pause at the thought of thinking how small of an accomplishment it must be to win the NFC West.

  22. Buffalo Bills - they need a new coach.  Jauron just blows games.  Good team overall though.  They need some help on defense.  Other question for them though is can Edwards be a consistant QB all year?  I don't think so and that's why they are in the 20's here.

  23. Green Bay Packers - looked good but too many games they just, I don't know, gave up on.  Aaron Rodgers had some good games, but then some really bad games.  They need help on defense. 

  24. New York Jets - they have no cap room.  They don't have a QB, Favre is not returning, and Kellen Clemens is not carrying this team to the playoffs.

  25. Cleveland Browns - they finally got rid of Crennel...but is Eric Mangini any better?  The recievers need to hold on to balls,  they have to keep themselves from going to the 4th and 5th string QBs due to injuries and they need improve the defense.

  26. Seattle Seahawks - they have problems.  Hasselbeck just hasn't returned to form of 3-4 years ago.  This team however is not out of it, since they have a high draft number and play in the NFC west.

  27. Jacksonville Jaguars - I think they will be making a coaching change after this season.  They made a huge mistake last year taking Gerrard over Leftwich, and even more so, giving Gerrard a big extension only after one season. 

  28. Oakland Raiders - Al Davis is the owner.  Doesn't matter who the players or coaches are, AL DAVIS IS THE OWNER.  He is the only reason this team struggles every year.  He is in fact the reason I rank them so low.  I contemplated putting Davis 32nd, but we all know who deserves the 32nd spot.

  29. Kansas City Chiefs - Herm Edwards is finally gone...I hated his press conferences.  This team has one more year of rebuilding, but with the way they played this year, fighting tough until the end, with all young players, I think this team will grow, under new direction of an offensive minded guy, into a contender in the 2010 season.

  30. Cinncinnati Bengals - this is one team I don't understand that keeps their head coach.  Under Marvin Lewis this year has one winning season.  ONE WINNING SEASON!  At least Palmer will be back, but TJ will be gone. 

  31. St. Louis Rams - I don't see this team making bis steps this year.  However they have a chance and maybe they can improve to a .500 team, and as we all know, a .500 team in any division in the west, is good enough to win the division.

  32. Detriot Lions - I for one did not want to see a winless team.  I felt bad for the Lions.  Hopefully with Millen gone and new coaching, this team will recover.  They have a serious rebuilding time ahead of them.



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Posted on: February 23, 2009 7:35 pm

Tony's offseason power rankings

1. Pittsburgh Steelers. Returning champions which now have the advantage of playing the leagues secondest easiet strength of schedule next year, compared to last years hardest strength of schedule. They will be the favorites to win their 7th Lombardy trophy.

2.New England Patriots. As much as I hate to admit it, anything is possibly when Brady is playing healthy. And with the franchise tag put on Cassel, it looks like New England has a plan A and plan B.

3.New York Giants- Eli needs to get a #1 receiver, whether Burress comes back or not. They must get the running game all figured out with Ward and Jacobs but another championship run seems obtainable

4. Carolina Panthers- two words.... Steve Smith

5. Baltimore Ravens- Flacco had a great rookie season, depending on where most of the linebackers (Lewis, Suggs, Scott) end up, this Raven team good be a top contender in the AFC

6. Arizona Cardinals- Supposedly the Cards are offering Warner $10-12 million a year, is it me or does that seem a bit steap?

7. Miami Dolphins- This young team must build around its star players. Miami is very dangerous when it gets momentum

8. Philedelphia Eagles- They always seem to be contenders year in and year out, but the second I personally start to route for philly (like against Arziona) they find a way to lose.

9. Tennessee Titans- Talented group of players in their defensive line and running backs.  However because Bullock blew his nose in the Terrible Towel last season then proceded to stomp on it, they are gonna get punched in the mouth when they meet Pittsburgh...mark my words

10. Indianapolis Colts- How do you replace a legendary coach? You cant, you hire someone else and hope for the best.  Indy will once again be contenders, but Manning will have some scheduling conflicts w/ TV commercials/ads/not funny sketches

11. Atlanta Falcons- They need to build off their success they had during the end of last season.  The way they played towards the end of the season (in week 14+15) showed their will and desire to win.

12.Minnesota Vikings

13. Green Bay Packers

14. San Diego Chargers

15. Dallas Cowboys

16. New York Jets

17. Denver Broncos

18. Seatlle Seahawks

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

20. Washington Redskins

21. Chicago Bears

22. San Francisco 49ers

23. Cleveland Browns

24. Houston Texans

25. New Orleans

26. Buffalo Bills

27.Tampa Bay Bucs

28. Kansas City

29. Cincinatti Bungholes

30. Oakland Raiders

31. Detroit Lions

31. St Louis Rams

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Tony's offseason power rankings

nice rankings, pretty similar to mineCool

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