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Pointless 2009 predictions

Posted on: June 22, 2009 12:57 pm
Edited on: June 24, 2009 9:53 am
Although offseason predictions are pointless, I am bored and decided to make my predictions for the 2009 season since the draft and free agency is all over. And since summer has started, that just means soon it is time for camps and then pre-season!

AFC East:

1) New England Patriots - they are good, not great though. Everyone is focused on Tom Brady's return, however I question if a 30+ QB returning from a serious injury and an infection, with a baby coming, is going to play as he did in 2007. I doubt it, but even with a questionable Brady, this team is good enough to win the division.

2) New York Jets - Rex Ryan is trying to create some buzz...he is already annoying, but Mark Sanchez may surprise a lot come the end of the season and give a strong push for the division title, only to fall short.

3) Miami Dolphins - they caught a lot of teams off guard last year, however Chad Pennington and the wildcat offense will not be succesful this year since teams know what to expect, and they have a tougher schedule. Also defense has to get better.

4) Buffalo Bills - Terrell Owens? Please Trent Edwards has to be consistant throughout an entire year for a WR to be productive.

AFC South:

1) Indianapolis Colts - tough division. However, the Colts will probably make it just because they do have Peyton Manning. All the coaching changes are a concern, however I see problems with the rest of the division.

2) Houston Texans - really improved a lot at the end of last season, and I just think they will be a 9-7 team.

3) Tennesse Titans - last year was a great year for them. However Kerry Collins is not going to make it through another season. Albert Haynesworth did a lot for the defense, however they can overcome it. But still not a strong offense to win the division.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars - so many problems. Jack Del Rio was very wise to keep David Garrard over Byron Leftwich...I hope my sarcasm is noticeable.

AFC North:

1) Pittsburgh Steelers - the Superbowl champs will once again have another tough fight for the division. They haven't lost much except for Larry Foote, but they have Lawrence Timmons to step up. Winning the division will be the toughest obstacle for the Steelers. Once getting past the division title, they will be in the AFC Championship game at least.

2) Baltimore Ravens - the only other contender in the division. The departures at the defense, along with Rex Ryan has to scare some. Some believe Joe Flacco is already a superstar. Having a completion % around 45 in the playoffs is not a good stat. If he has the sophomore jinx, like I predict, this team will once again depend on the defense to win games and hope that the offense doesn't lose it. Good thing they have Ed Reed.

3) Cincinatti Bengals - Carson Palmer might be healthy now, but the team is in chaos. Is Marvin Lewis ever going?

4) Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn will have a good year, but not good enough to help the team out of the basement.

AFC West:

1) San Diego Chargers - weak division with Philip Rivers the best player in it. 9-7 wins the division.

2) Kansas City Chiefs - I look for this team to put on a good show in the year and end up 8-8 with some surprise wins. They could even give a push for the division. Matt Cassel should improve the offense, but the question will be answered if he is a long term answer.

3) Denver Broncos - some criticize them for the move with Jay Cutler, I applaud it. This year will be a rebuilding year but now they can go after a QB that is a team player and build a franchise around him, whoever they might find.

4) Oakland Raiders - unless Al Davis dies, there is no point talking about this team.

NFC East:

1) Philadelphia Eagles - tight race, Eagles will end up on top.

2) NY Giants - Eli Manning has to prove he can win without Plaxico Burress. The defense though on paper looks like a beast.

3) Washington Redskins - $100 million on Haynesworth is a waste. They will be an 8-8, 9-7 team.

4) Dallas Cowboys - 8-8. Tony Romo might never get the monkey off his back. You know, winning a playoff game.

NFC South:

1) Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan needed a better defense around him so pressure will be lifted off of him. The team has done enough so that they can win the division. I consider this team to be a big contender in the NFC playoffs.

2) New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees is one of the best QBs in the league. Reggie Bush is a great utility back. However the defense sucks.

3) Carolina Panthers - well Jake Delhomme needs his team to run it. Does not matter. The Panthers know that unless they win the superbowl, they will have a new coach after this season, Bill Cowher.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - they dumped everyone last year. Now they have 4 QB's, and not one really penciled in as the starter. This will be a tough rebuilding year for them.

NFC North:

1) Minnesota Vikings - stop the Brett Favre crap, and this team will win the division. Strong defense, and Adrian Peterson.

2) Green Bay Packers - they will be contenders for the division, but won't do much.

3) Chicago Bears - Jay Cutler for all those draft picks? The defense needed replenishing. It really didn't get it. Matt Forte is really good, but I forsee more problems than solutions with Cutler in a Bears uniform.

4) Detriot Lions - everyone talks about drafting a QB in the first round. Well Matthew Stafford was picked first overall, and he has no offensive line to protect him, and on the other side of the ball is a very poor defense. Good luck to the Lions dumping all that money into a first round draft pick with so many other needs.

NFC West:

1) Seattle Seahawks - 8-8 wins this division. I only picked the Seahawks because they won the coin toss I did.

2) Arizona Cardinals - old man Kurt Warner has nothing left in the tank. Yes he was once great, but now teams are going to punish him for 16 games straight. This defense couldn't even stop the Steelers offense which struggled all year.

3) San Fransisco 49ers - I don't know much about the team except I do like Mike Singletary. I think he can bring them back to winning football in a couple of years.

4) St. Louis Rams - I look for the Rams to have the first draft choice in 2010.

In the AFC, the seeding will be:

1. Steelers

2. Patriots

3. Colts

4. Chargers

5. Ravens

6. Jets

NFC Seeding will be:

1. Eagles

2. Falcons

3. Vikings

4. Seahawks

5. Saints

6. Giants

Of course these mean nothing but those are my predictions.


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Posted on: August 5, 2009 12:42 am

Pointless 2009 predictions

and wvulax.. the skins win the division when pigs fly to the moon and learn to breathe in space and also learn to talk to tell us about the story

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 12:34 am

Pointless 2009 predictions

very accurate if you ask me, NFC seeds are almost dead on, except for i see the cardinals again, not seattle. Last year Cards were a fluke, but the division just sucks so much it doesnt matter, id practically take the gators in that division (joking) I do believe that division is terrible and dont be surprised if the NFC looks like last years AFC. Both Wildcards hhaving better records than the 4 seed. Oh and lions i would be surprised if rams get 3 wins this season

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 9:02 am

Pointless 2009 predictions

My take on the Jaguars....granted they had a tough time with all the problems dealing with the offensive line (injuries, shootings, etc), however I don't think David Garrard is the answer...a one hit wonder that got paid big time for it. And in a division Peyton Manning and tough defenses (Titans and the Texans are improving defensively) a succesful team in AFC south, needs a QB that is smart and can read the field...with Garrard the Jaguars don't have much chance to do much in the division.

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Posted on: July 28, 2009 4:02 am

Pointless 2009 predictions

I am very dissapointed in your view on my Jaguars.  But I guess that's what everyone thinks coming into this year.  I hope we surprise everyone.  Anyway, nice predictions.  Honestly though, I'm not sure about the Texans.  They are iffy for me.  I think they could honestly be 7-9 through 10-6.  You just never know.  I do not think the Steelers will be that succesful this year though.  Anyway, Nice blog.

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Posted on: July 26, 2009 2:41 am
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Posted on: July 22, 2009 10:22 pm

Pointless 2009 predictions

Im going to be brief here yes the detroit lions were dreadful last year but its a completely different team with better coaching and improvements at every position dont underrate them

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 1:42 pm

Pointless 2009 predictions

laffsatpats, of course it is pretty obvious he is a Steelers fan. It's only right up top there, in a big black and yellow image! So you think he's a Steelers fan ... what a brilliant, absolutely genius, phenomenally clever, insightful insight!

And they're pretty good precictions overall. I just can't see the Saints - who have addressed the defense - getting that 2nd wildcard spot. I think Carolina, Chicago, and Dallas (who yes, I think will do better than Washington also ...) are each better teams than New Orleans. And Tampa Bay is a possibility, too...

And Seahawks winning the division over Arizona? What?! Blasphemy. There is nothing that suggests that Kurt Warner is "finished" except for arbitrary whim and irrational impulse. Please. They have the top NFC offense and they have also addressed their passing defense (their rush defense last year was actually fairly decent) as well as improving the rushing offense. While chemsitry Boldin-wise will hurt ... and the fact they're no longer an "under the radar" team will make other teams more aware, there's no way they lose out in that sorry excuse for a division.

And to be fair, Pittsburgh DID beat Baltimore thrice in one season ... but one of those was by illegitimacy. But I do agree they get that 2nd wildcard and not the division (their defense took a shot, new coordinator ... Mason gone, McClain going to FB, I don't like much about the team this season ... of course Bart Scott is gone and Ray Lewis is aging).

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Posted on: July 21, 2009 9:19 am

Pointless 2009 predictions

Good predictions.  Not a lot of risky picks in there.  I think the Bears are going to have a better year than people think, and I think the Steelers are absolutely NOT OVER-RATED!  That's a team that was a top team all last year, won the SB, and only lost one starter (not including the punter).  I weigh that kind of proven performance much more heavily than theoretical improvement from the return of severely injured players or new FA acquisitions that may or may not integrate into new systems.  (That is: I'll believe the Patriots are an elite team when I see it happen on the field!  As of now, they're a non-playoff team.) 

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Posted on: July 20, 2009 2:57 pm

Pointless 2009 predictions

I see the new Jersey, ohh I mean new york fans have woke up.  I dont see why you are hating on the Bills first off, because they went out and got a great reciever in TO to go with a great reciever in Evans.  Or because they have better running backs with Lynch and fast Freedie.  Or because there qb entering his third year who showed alot of promise last year, started off 5-1, got hurt, came back and continued to show his skills when he came back.  He only does better this year, as does Buffalos offense.  That offense sounds alot better than a rookie qb sanchez, who has bust written all over him.  Jones and Washington are ok, and there only reciever is cochery who at best is a number 2 reciever.  Come on now, even if I wasnt a Bills fan from Queens, because the Jets are a Jersey team, I would have to agree that the Bills offense will be better than the Jets.  As for you saying the Eagles will suck I can now see you must be retarded.  Mcnabb is still a great qb who can sling the ball like he has been for the past couple of years with no established wide outs.  Now he has 2nd year Desean who was incredible last year and rookie Maclin who is like a clone of desean, to go along with curtis.  Then you have to include Westbrook along with there other rookie Lesean Mccoy who is like a clone of westbrook.  Another thing all you Giant fans have forgotten which because it has been so long since the last one is the last time you had a sack against the Eagles.  So your great defensive line is no match for the Eagles O line.  Now on the Giants side you got Manning, he is no Peyton, and he has unestablished wide outs.  Then Jacobs and Bradshaw who are good but not as good as the Eagles backs, and who knows how they do without Ward who was a big factor in there running game last year.  So once again even if I didnt live in Philly I would still be saying that the Eagles will have a better offense than the Jersey Giants.  So the Eagles will be on top of there division.  The Bills will have a better team this year and could surprise alot of non believers out there.  Cant wait for football.

Billy Ho...

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Posted on: July 17, 2009 3:43 pm

Pointless 2009 predictions

thank you man. i know i might seem biased because i a m a cowboys fan but i know for a fact the cowboys will do better than the redskins. i dont know if they will do better than the eagles or giants though

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