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Posted on: February 10, 2009 7:50 pm

Will we continue to hear "It's an A-Bomb, from A-Rod!"? Or perhaps "F-Bomb" as in FAIL.
   I continuously find it it amazing, though not shocking, that proffessional athletes look into cameras, and swear on the bible, promise the world, pledge allegance, etc, and comfidently assume that the public will believe them and continue to worship them. arod(hence spelled with a small 'a') looked into those 60 Minutes cameras and lied to us. Lied to us like so many athletes have lied to us in the past. Sosa forgets his English, but professes his innocence. And Bonds, nuff said.
   These lying athletes make me lose further interest in Baseball. I think I'm going to become a Fantasy Baseball fan, as Fantasy baseball is more about the stats, and less about the human beings. Stats don't lie.

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