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NFLPA opposes extra two games

Posted on: May 19, 2009 2:45 pm
So the NFLPA opposes replacing 2 preseason games with 2 meaningful ones?

NFLPA exec Smith is quoted as saying: "The players understand the cost to their bodies. The players understand how tough it is to get through a regular season. They understand how hard it is to try to stand up on a Monday morning. They understand why they need a day off on Tuesday. Their families understand when they get out of football and they have arthritis before they're 40. "

Ok, I have to admit I'm biased, I am a football fan who would selfishly love to see two more regular season games added to the schedule.

However, I can't find an ounce of sorrow or sympathy for the players. I'll explain to you why.

There are hundreds of thousands of construction workers around the world who bust their bawls Monday to Saturday, and need Sunday off to rest their bones. But they don't take Sundays or evenings off, as they have family commitments each moment that they are home. And it IS hard for them to stand up on Monday morning. They too will have arthritis by the age of 40, but they and their families understand that they will have to continue to work hard 20 years longer.

The exec claims that the players understand the economics of the game. Do they understand that the money is not made when their lousy team doesn't make the playoffs? That there is not much profit when their team doesn't even win a regular season game?
     They get paid win or lose. They get paid no matter how poorly they perform at their job.

When Smith says the players understand, I beg to differ. The players work very hard for only 3 to 10 years, make millions, and leave the game wealthy, with nearly their entire lives ahead of them, and they leave financially secure. At 30 years old, they can relax, let their money managers work for them, raise their families without financial hardship or pressure, and they can enjoy the rest of their lives while putting up with a little joint pain. I do feel for those players that succumb to major injuries, but that's an extreme minority of players.

This NFLPA exec is not doing a very good job of endearing to the average fan, not to the average American. I am not jealous or spiteful for the large salaries and contracts that players and coaches receive, but I do get angry when a union rep tries to portray his employees (the NFL players) as poor victims. And this, when the average Joe has it much tougher.

I fail to sympathize with the players. Their reasons for not wanting 2 more games are not valid. Someone should give the players a dose of real life. In real life, management for the company they work for would make a business decision, decide what is best for the company, and tell their employees exactly the way things will be and what will be expected of them.  The team owners should be able to say, "revenue is down, we have decided to replace two meaningless preseason games with two regular season games in order to ensure that our business continues to flourish". "You are expected to play and perform to the best of your abilities during those two games".

Players should just shut up and take it like men. In an age when companies are unilaterally cutting paycheques by as much as 15%, the players have it quite good. They would get no sympathy from me.

I say play those two games if management decides, and shut up and do your job. And leave the Primadonna attitude at home.
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Posted on: September 1, 2009 12:49 pm

NFLPA opposes extra two games

At least the NFL has been moving in the direction of permormance based pay  -- at least moreso than the other major N. American sports leagues.  For example Eli Manning signed a contract of almost 100M -- but the guaranteed money is only a little more than a third of the total.  I'm n ot saying 33M isn't substantial money -- but these athletes do in many ways depend on winning, and it may not be as glorious as suggested by this writer.


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