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Fire Norm

Posted on: February 3, 2010 12:29 pm
Its clear to everyone that Norm has to go. Its year six and this team is going to struggle to finish .500, no excuse for that. The question now is who will replace him. I think the best candidates are Fran McCaffrey(Siena), Kevin Willard(Iona), Steve Donahue (Cornell), and Jim Baron(URI). If we want to go with an established coach with a track record of winning then We should go with McCaffrey who has made Siena a consistent NCAA. When they get there they win also they made it to the 2nd round two straight years. Baron is also another experienced option. Baron has been a head coach for 20 years and has been pretty succesful at URI. Baron is from NY and could be a good fit. Another option is Steve Donahue. He has been at Cornell since 2001 and has consistently improved the team. They have made the tourney two straight years and they are ranked 25th in the nation right now. Another option is Kevin Willard who has turned the Iona basketball program around. Willard was an assistant under Pitino for years and in his short time at Iona he has rebuilt there program. All these guys I think would be great for SJU and a huge improvement over Norm. I would take them in this order: McCaffrey, Willard, Donahue, and Baron.
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Posted on: February 4, 2010 9:18 am

Fire Norm

I agree Norm has to go the team is heading in an awful direction they aren't signing any big recruits from a good pool such as new york city. The team this year should of be competiting for an NCAA bid not fighting justto be 500. They should never have lost to rutgers what a joke. I would think that McCaffre and Willard are your two best chocies but I would flip flop him with Donahue and go McCaffrey, Donahue, Willard and Baron as a last option. But they can also go after mark jackson which would be a good fit he would do alot for recuriting I believe but I doubt he would come back to the college level to coach. But Knowing SJU they will hire Digger or Dick Vitale. lol just kidding, I hope that doesnt happen

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