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A Few Explanations

Posted on: December 8, 2009 2:32 pm
First off, my last post was a test of the pictures that have not been working lately, but oh well enough about that.

For this week's "exCUSE me!" Top 25 poll, here are my explanations as to what I did.

#3 Syracuse Orange
      - The reason that I bumped up Syracuse to the 3 spot is because of the absolute dominance that they have shown. They have won all 8 games to this point by double digits, and are averaging about 90 points per game. Until they lose or stop being so dominant they will remain near the top, and not just because I go there.

#6 Florida Gators
      - Florida is an impressive 8-0, winning their preseason tournament in Atlantic City, and dispatching Michigan State pretty easily. This ranking is optimistic, so I'm hoping that Florida can live up to it, although they have a ridiculously tough one coming up against Syracuse.

NR Washington Huskies
      - "One loss and they're out of the top 25? What gives?" First off I'd like to say that I think the Pac-10 is a relatively average conference this year. They are weak in terms of BCS conferences and until some team gives me a reason to believe otherwise that is my stance. I had them up near the rankings in the first place because they were undefeated and ranked in the polls, so the first opportunity they gave me when they lost to Texas Tech (a very winnable game in my opinion) my chance had arrived.

#20 Wisconsin Badgers
      - Wow that game against Duke was impressive. I'm not sold on them yet, but they showed a great commitment to defense which I hope to see more in the future. They will have success in the Big Ten if they keep it up in a conference which I feels defense seems to come first.

#24 Texas Tech Raiders
      - Do I think they'll be around for long? Nope. But they did beat Washington, and they are 8-0 so they deserve some love.

Scroll back to the rankings for my ideas about the UNC/Ohio State debate, user Spanky J brought up a good point there.

Enjoy! Like my rankings? Hate my rankings? Let me know!!

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