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Smith's late agent changes should scare teams

Posted on: April 16, 2009 12:09 am

The news that Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith changed agents with less than two weeks to go until the draft will likely earn a collective yawn from most draft fans -- and potentially NFL teams -- but it shouldn't.

For a player battling the perception that he lacks intelligence, discipline, focus or all three, the decision to change agents may only reinforce the concern. This, of course, comes after Smith's suspension for the Sugar Bowl, his leaving the Combine early, and the decision to run the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day shirtless. 

It is entirely possible that Alvin Keels, his now former agent, deserved to be fired. It is also entirely possible that Smith's reported new agent -- Ian Greengross -- may do a better job of helping Smith make better decisions. It is also entirely possible that neither is true.

That Andre Smith is a top ten caliber prospect is largely agreed upon by NFL scouts. Most scouts I've talked to believe he'll be drafted somewhere between picks 6-10, with the Cincinnati Bengals (#6), Green Bay Packers (#9) and San Francisco 49ers (#10) each appearing to be possible landing spots.

Considering the rash of erratic decisions Smith has made over the past four months, this latest one shouldn't come as a surprise.

And the fact that erratic decisions are quickly becoming the norm for a young man about to receive tens of millions of dollars should cause teams concern.


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Posted on: April 16, 2009 1:07 pm

Smith's late agent changes should scare teams

 I see Smith's change of agents 2 weeks before draft day as just an indication that things are going awry in the Smith camp (which is obvious).  I don't know if it's Smith's fault or Keel's fault but the fact of the matter is that the agent hasn't done a good job of presenting the player in a positive light and maximizing his value in the months coming up to the draft.  Whether this has been due to bad advice by the agent or poor decision making on the part of the player I don't know, but the marriage wasn't working and since the player is obviously not going to fire himself the agent had to go.  At this point I find this much less of an issue than what has gone on before and actually feel it's probably something that should have happened not too long after the combine fiasco. 

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