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Combine Risers-Fallers

Posted on: March 6, 2010 12:38 pm
Typically, my fellow Senior Analyst Chad Reuter writes the weely Risers-Fallers articles, but with his traveling on the deadline date I was asked to weigh in with my opinions.

There were well over a dozen players I strongly considered mentioning in the article. I elected to not list highly touted athletes like CJ Spiller and Eric Berry because there stock had already been established as clearly top grade. Similarly, I decided against writing up the elite athletes that scouts knew would be impressive -- like Taylor Mays and Jacoby Ford.

Perhaps the one player I struggled with most -- and ultimately didn't add -- was Cal running back Jahvid Best. He fit both of the earlier categories I mentioned as a highly touted player and a known speed demon, but the reason I elected not to list him among the Risers despite an eye-popping performance is that the grade most important to whether his stock will rise or fall -- his medical -- isn't yet known.

The five players I listed as Risers and five I listed as Fallers can be seen here.

As always, I'm curious to read your thoughts.

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Posted on: March 7, 2010 3:39 pm

Combine Risers-Fallers


Thanks for filling in for Chad, I look forward to these updates.  Like most, I think the QB's who did not throw hurt themselves. I understand the kids will throw at the Pro Day, but this was a chance to showcase their CO-Jones and say, "hey this is a pressure situation, with WR I am not used to throwing to, I challenge myself to at least attempt these throws". We all know about Tebows documented low and slow release, Bradford's shoulder, Clausen's foot, but LeFevour blew it. GIve Tony PIke some credit for trying, the only way to get better is to deal with adversity and learn from it. When you show 32 NFL teams you are afraid of making a mistake and are focusing on the Pay Day more than developing into an NFL QB, it sends out bad vibes. Last year Mark Sanchez took that challenge, it really helped him.  And I am not buying Rolando McClain's BS injury, something just does not add up to me. Was he like Andre Smith last year, or was he nervous and wanted to sit on his top 15 status and make up for lost drill time that he can do at the combine, "the dog ate my homework theory", either way it soured me.  180 degrees from him is Sean Witherspoon, instead of sitting on his fantastic combine numbers, he looked to improve his perfromance. Give me 22 of kids that think that way.

Brandon Spikes fell a little, IMHO, he is going to be asked to cover the TE/RB and I am not sure if he can at a high level. I expected Rennie Curran to run faster and look better in drills, I was disappointed.  With only 7 reps at 225 Chris Cook may be a tackling liability, he needs to hit the weight room. I stand by what I said monthss ago, I liked Devin McCourty as the second best CB in this draft. He will immediately pay divedends on ST and may even work in camp to become a nickel back right out of the gate.

I do not hate the Florida Football program of it's players, but the top 4 coming out leading into the Senior Bowl, I think were all slightly over-rated as NFL prospects. Not that they will not succeed, or become good, I think too much empasis was put on Florida's body of work. If you  highlight each player and what they can do at the next level, you start to rethink their value on your chart.  As this process unfolds, Tebow, Haden, Spikes, and Dunlap are being exposed as over-graded initially for mechanics, speed, indescretions etc..,.  I love it when the small school kids come in and show they can play. Anyone can find Russell Okung, but I had posted on Jared Veldheer, some point in the October of November, and before him Alex Carrinton and Joique Bell. I think that is what makes this fun, find a guy way before the masses do and then see some vindication show up in the rankings as they move up.  


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