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McDaniels' firing could be catastrophic for Tebow

Posted on: December 6, 2010 7:33 pm
In firing head coach Josh McDaniels Monday, Denver Broncos' owner may also be endangering the career of the Broncos' 2010 first round pick, quarterback Tim Tebow.

In aggressively trading up to select him, McDaniels was obviously a believer that the former Heisman Trophy winner could be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. As you may recall, there were many others who did not believe that to be true, citing Tebow's elongated delivery and significant adaptation from the spread offense as primary reasons why he'd never enjoy the same kind of success in the pros as he did in college.

Kyle Orton's emergence this season had pushed Tebow's development onto the back burner in Denver. Whomever owner Pat Bowlen elects to bring in as McDaniels' replacement will almost surely want to go with the proven commodity in Orton over Tebow, pushing the former SEC star's development back further.

Quarterback development is perhaps one of the least understood aspects of the NFL for many football fans. Many fans tout the idea of drafting a young quarterback and developing them behind a veteran. They may not realize that the second and third string quarterbacks rarely receive the number of snaps in a given practice week to develop, making training camp and OTAs the best opportunity for young signal-callers to make any real headway.

With presumably a new head coach and his chosen staff coming in after the season ends, the Broncos will be busy implementing their new scheme, meaning that Orton will be getting more practice time than he would if playing under McDaniels and in the system he clearly understands well.

Tebow's passion and the work ethic he showed at Florida is one of the reasons why coaches fell in love with him in interviews. However, with limited opportunity to improve and playing under a head coach who has nothing personally invested in him, Tebow's pro career could be on the verge of floundering before it ever really had a chance to float.

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 10:47 pm

McDaniels' firing could be catastrophic for Tebow

  I highly doubt this will be catastrophic for Tebow.  I'm sure being drafted in the 1st round he got enough money to survive.  I don't think anyone thought he would be an instant success, except for the guy who lost his job today.  If football doesn't work out, the sky is still the limit.  I'm sure Dancing with the stars would take him in a heartbeat.  Maybe center spot on hollywood squares, or some other game show.  It's all out there, grab it while your still hot!

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 10:30 pm
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