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Terrelle Pryor indeed leaving Ohio State early

Posted on: June 7, 2011 9:23 pm
Quarterback Terrelle Pryor has informed new Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell that he will be leaving the Buckeyes and through his attorney, Larry James of Crabb, Brown and James LLP of Columbus, has confirmed the decision through the media, as well.

The story, which was originally broken by Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, isn't a surprise to many considering the hot water Pryor has found himself in following investigations by Ohio State and the NCAA due to Pryor accepting inappropriate benefits from a local tattoo parlor and automobile dealership.

As I reported last weekend, however, it does come as a surprise to some in the NFL, as two high level sources with different teams questioned Pryor's readiness to make the jump to the NFL.

Pryor's statement, read by James over the telephone, included:

"In the best interests of my teammates, I have made the decision to forgo my senior year of football at the Ohio State University."

In a typical year, Pryor's next step would be to simply apply to the NFL for special admission into the supplemental draft, typically held each July.

With the lockout, however, this year has been anything but typical and despite the fact that my colleague Len Pasquarelli of The Sports XChange reported that the supplemental draft is covered by the prior CBA, some question if the NFL will indeed be able to conduct the special draft next month if a new deal isn't agreed to.

Regardless of when Pryor is made eligible for drafting, he could be waiting for awhile.

As I noted in my article on Pryor's possible jump into the supplemental draft, the Buckeye quarterback isn't viewed as highly by these two NFL sources as some might believe based on the amount of hype he's received since signing with Ohio State. One source characterized Pryor as a "mid-round pick at best" and another described him as a "basketball player playing football."

It only takes one team to fall in love with a player, but contacting other sources throughout the league since today's story broke, the consensus seems to be that Pryor has a better chance of going undrafted than he does of being the first round pick many prematurely billed him as when he signed with Ohio State.

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Posted on: June 8, 2011 10:03 am

Terrelle Pryor indeed leaving Ohio State early

I wonder how many other people will be leaving Ohio State "in the best interests of the team."  I guess it sounds better than "I am leaving Ohio State because the thirty-year culture of cheating there is about to become severely compromised."  That is really the crux, no matter who the whipping boy du jour is.  Jim Tressel didn't invent cheating at Ohio State, nor did Terrelle Pryor, but they are the easiest and most visible scapegoats.  
If the visibility of Tressel and Pryor helps the NCAA justify the second-worst punishment ever given by the NCAA, so be it.  There are about five schools in the country who deserve the "death penalty," and Ohio State is one of them.  They have cheated for at least the last thirty years in both football and basketball, and have benefitted greatly from breaking rules and stonewalling subsequent investigations.  
Tressel and Pryor may not have cheating at The Ohio State University, but they both enjoyed the benefits.  If it wasn't for Tressel's hypocrisy and Pryor's arrogance, they may still be enjoying those benefits.  Now, it is starting to look like Pryor will be taking almost as much of a pay cut as Tressel will this year.  The teflon man will land on his feet; he is set for life if he never earns another penny.  Terelle Pryor, though, is about to become just like too many ex-athletes: broke and unemployed.  
Pryor is a convenient scapegoat.  Speaking as a Michigan fan, he is a lot of fun to rake over the coals.  But five years from now, he will be seen not as a perpetrator, but as a victim of the corrupt culture at Ohio State and his own naive arrogance.  He didn't take advantage of his opportunity to get an education at Ohio State; now his education will come from the "school of hard knocks."  Life is a little bit more difficult when you go to restaurants and stores and actually have to pay for what you "buy."

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:56 pm

Terrelle Pryor indeed leaving Ohio State early

Once a thug always a thug,did you really think he was coming back to set out five games ? PLEASE.Now the NCAA needs to check out there basketball program. THUG CITY OHIO

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Posted on: June 7, 2011 11:23 pm

The tattoo that brought him down

A picture of the tattoo that brought down Terrelle Pryor. It's surprising how long it took the NCAA to notice it.

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