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Dueling 40s? NFL bleeding the "golden goose"

Posted on: February 24, 2012 3:39 pm
The league's plans to make some of the Combine events a pseudo-competition between players, first reported by The New York Times, has drawn early mixed reviews from team personnel officials.
Always interested in making a buck, and in using fan interest as its flimsy rationale, the NFL this year allowed 250 fans to sit in at Lucas Oil Stadium for some events. Admission was free, but the move is seen by some personnel people as a precursor to selling tickets.
The league is fueled, of course, by the passion of the fans it charged to view Media Day at the Super Bowl earlier this month, and by the ardent interest in the draft. The league has laid out the potential for making some events, like the bench press and the 40-yard sprint, competitions between the players.
In addition to generating some revenues and creating even more interest in the draft, the process would arguably make for more compelling viewing on The NFL Network.
But as one AFC general manager told The Sports Xchange on Thursday night: "They're going to bleed the golden goose for everything it's worth. You'd think $10 billion (in revenues) would be plenty, but enough is never enough for some of these guys."
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