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Rams get bounty, but dropping to No. 6 has risk

Posted on: March 10, 2012 12:54 pm
In the wake of the bold trade up by the Washington Redskins to secure the rights to one of the two elite quarterbacks of the 2012 draft class you can expect that there will be plenty of media speculation as to whether head coach Mike Shanahan and his staff overpayed. 

The St. Louis Rams, on the other hand, are universally being lauded for their ability to pry first round picks from the Redskins in the 2013 and 2014 drafts, as well as Washington's second round pick this year for only dropping four spots. 

And while I do believe that this trade could be one of the few in which both teams appear to be "winners," it isn't fair to characterize the Redskins as the only team taking a significant risk with the move. 

Recent conversations with various league sources indicate that six prospects have pulled away as the elite talents of the 2012 draft. Though the order differs slightly per team, the general consensus seems to be that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, Southern Cal offensive tackle Matt Kalil, Alabama running back Trent Richardson, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon have separated from the rest of the pack. In trading out of the second pick to the sixth, the Rams are still guaranteed to see one of these prospects still available to them. Whether it is one capable of making an immediate impact, however, is the bigger question. 

With obvious needs at wide receiver and cornerback, the Rams would presumably love to see either Claiborne or Blackmon still available. The Minnesota Vikings (owners of the third pick), Cleveland Browns (four) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (five) also have signficant needs at these spots, however. With free agency looming, much will change prior to the draft but Rams fans may not be as thrilled with their options at No. 6 as they may have been when hearing of the bounty of picks their team will receive in the move.

Based on the lowered value of running backs in today's pass-happy NFL, Richardson would appear to be the most logical candidate, at this point, to slip to six. And while the Rams are expected to add a running back during the off-season to ease the burden on star Steve Jackson, adding another elite talent at one of the few positions of strength on the roster is not the recipe for success most teams would follow. 
Of course, if the draft works out the way Dane Brugler and I anticipate in our updated mock drafts (which reflect the trade), St. Louis could be celebrating their mighty haul of draft picks and adding a certain playmaker for Sam Bradford to boot.                

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Posted on: March 12, 2012 2:23 am

Rams get bounty, but dropping to No. 6 has risk

Great trade for both teams...    With two first round picks in each of the next two drafts the Rams get unbelievable leverage and range to move around the board.  They can either move up to grab who they want or move down and stockpile picks.

Redskins get the franchise QB to energize the fan base and make them relevant again.   ...and if you really think about it even 1st round picks are usually about 50/50 boom or bust.  You traded your first this year to MOVE UP and take the QB who can turn everything around, so is trading two future picks who may or MAY NOT be good players that much of a risk?? 

For once Dan Snyder got it right....

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Posted on: March 11, 2012 5:03 pm

Rams get bounty, but dropping to No. 6 has risk


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Posted on: March 10, 2012 7:21 pm

Rams get bounty, but dropping to No. 6 has risk

What a coo pulled off by the Ram's new management team, especially getting an extra 2014 1st rounder from the Redskins that gives the Rams future leverage. Amazing deal even if RG 3 becomes a star the Rams got amazing value to rebuild and I don't see much risk.

First, on the surface the player the Rams covet is Justin Blackmon, the best receiver in the draft, and the player all the experts see going to the Rams at the six spot, which means the Rams get their guy and the extra picks, that's a win for them.

I would love to see Claiborne, or Richardson fall to the Rams since either wo
uld provide more immediate impact at their respective positions, and based on the Ram's glaring needs, then draft a wide receiver in the 2nd round. Also, cornerbacks are at a premium and will fly off the board in the first round while there seems to be a wealth of comparable talent at wide receiver in this years draft.

Richardson is extreme talent and would give the Rams depth at a position that has high likelihood for injuries and he would be a perfect pick. If the Ram's do pick Blackmon I see them drafting the best cornerback available in the second round and would not be dismayed if they chose RB James from Oregon to give them a talented 3rd down back. Highly likely they take Offensive Lineman with this pick though.

Love to see them pick up a veteran WR like Reggie Wayne even if they get Blackmon. Either way, the Rams are huge winners here and I can't wait to see them build a winner again here in St Louis.     

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