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NFL Picks....Week2

Posted on: September 16, 2009 11:55 am

That was a crazy week 1, you have 3 Quarterbacks that looks absolutely abysmal, along with some injuries that really plagued some big contenders....
Delhomme/Cutler/Stafford, all threw more INT's than TDs, while Drew Brees decided that he was going to throw Touchdown, after Touchdown.... after touchdown. So much for the running Game there...
The Texans, Panthers and Cardinals all look to bounce back from extremly poor performances. All of these teams were expected to be in the playoff hunt then they performed like THAT!?.. Pretty Pitiful...
Oh Well... Last week I went 13-3(Cin,Hou,Ari)
Which isn't a bad start for the season. Hopefully this week will be more succesful, but I'm unsure, with such close matchups like Kansas City v. Oakland.... Seattle v. San Fran....  and of course the Giants v. Cowboys....

I'm pumped for week 2....

Lets start with some Divisional Games
1]Atlanta Falcons  v. Carolina Panthers: My hometown team put on a pitifule display of offense last week after an extremely succesful first drive resluting in a TD. Delhomme better bounce back this week, but the edge still goes to Matt Ryan and the Falcons, its about protecting the ball, and the Panthers have to control that before I start picking them again..

2]Minnesota Vikings  v. Detroit Lions : Adrian Peterson Part 2. This should be another fascinating display of running the ball. After seeing what Brees did to the Lions last week, I expect that Detroit will just be lost on defense. Continuously guessing between the Passing attack and the Ground Game. Hopefully Minnesota doesn't beat them up to badly, to quickly, I have AP in Fantasy Football, gotta keep him in to get some carries.=]

3]Oakland Raiders v. Kansas City Chiefs : Oakland play with alot of guts in Week 1 on MNF, and Darren McFadden looked sharp, with his expanded role on offense they'll have more success...Jamarcus Russell 's leg should be ok to go, and that offense had a few times where they looked like an actual NFL team=]. Oakland will get their first win of the year, and in the division...

4]New York Jets v. New England Patriots: Tom Brady is back, Randy Moss and him connected for big yards in the second half of the MNF(1) game. Their defense came around and looked good.... Won't be a blowout but I still think Brady puts up big numbers.

5]Tennessee Titans v. Houston Texans: I (like many others)HAD the Texans going to the Playoffs (prediction), but after last weeks outing, how can you not go against them. Your supposed to have a stellar offense and Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson combine for what..... 60 yards!?.... Sure its a Rex Ryan defense, but the Titans are a pretty good defense to....

6] Jacksonville Jaguars v. Arizona Cardinals: Sorry Kurt Warner, you just didn't look good against the 49ers, I think this offense will really miss Haley. Leinart getting closer to starting.....

7] Green Bay Packers v. Cinncinatti Bengals : Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings is become a potent combination, They'll edge this victory out in a close one. Cinncinatti is improving but will still be looking for their first win.

8]New Orleans Saints v. Philadelphia Eagles: The attitude displayed by Philadeplhia after defeating the Panthers was "I'm the King", I think, that they think they're better than they really are, and that the defense is not AS good as seen this past week. Are they good?YES, but Drew Brees will bring them back down to earth....

9]Washington  Redskins v. St.Louis Rams : 0 points agaisnt Seattle, need I say more? I think not.

10]Buffalo Bills v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Buffalo looked solid in week 1, and this is sort of a toss-up game. I think it'll be alot close than most people think (90% going with Buffalo thus far in NFL Pick'em Leagues)

11]San Francisco 49ers  v. Seattle Seahawks : Again another good game but I think Seattles offense will be a little to much for the 49ers defense.

12] Pittsburgh Steelers v. Chicago Bears: No Brian Urlacher, and a stingy Steelers D, looking for INT's... edge to the Steelers.

13] Denver Broncos v. Cleveland Browns: Ugly game, rather boring I presume, but i think Denver takes this one.

14] San Diego Chargers v. Baltimore Ravens: Coin toss, I give the Edge to the Chargers because Shawne Merriman is back and Philip Rivers seems to finally have that great connection with Vincent Jackson. They've been good in the past, but something is seeming to click with those two, and the Lightning Bug might get the start in the backfield.....

15] New York Giants v.  Dallas Cowboys : The Giants Defensive Line looked nasty good in week 1. Eli Manning and Steve Smith seemed to have a real connection. Eli Manning did a good job of spreading the ball last game and was very accurate, that'll keep the Dallas D on their heels.

16]Indianapolis Colts v. Miami Dolphins: The dolphins lost a good game agaisnt the Falcons and Matt Ryan in Week 1, sadly they will be defeated again, but this week by Peyton Manning, not a good way to start the year....

I wanna hear what everyone else thinks....
The games that could easily sway either way
Your thoughts?

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Posted on: September 21, 2009 9:42 am

NFL Picks....Week2

You guys are giving up on the Cardinals to easy. I think they are gonna go out and show why they made the SB, and dominate the Jaguars.I think you're right... haha, Kurt Warner had a career day, by most QB standards and really played well... My mistake... =[

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 10:23 pm

NFL Picks....Week2

wow, I'm a pathethic 7-7 this week, prior to the Cowboys game, I think I've lost all credibility. Don't worry Brad, I'm worse. 5/14 this week prior to the Cowboys game. I should never make NFL predictions ever again!

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 10:07 pm

NFL Picks....Week2

wow, I'm a pathethic 7-7 this week, prior to the Cowboys game, I think I've lost all credibility.

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 3:39 pm

NFL Picks....Week2

LT is out, so I'm changing from the Chargers winning to the Baltimore Ravens winning.

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 12:56 pm

NFL Picks....Week2

You guys are giving up on the Cardinals to easy. I think they are gonna go out and show why they made the SB, and dominate the Jaguars.

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 10:19 am

NFL Picks....Week2

Thanks for the Reply Gameday_101, enjoyed the thoughts....
Carolina struggled mightily against a good team but with the QB carousel they have going on now, I think it will be tough for them to bounce back this week.I can only hope that Delhomme returns to form, he's always been up and down struggling after breaks.... Bye weeks, and first games of the year ( see Oakland/Arizona games last season ++ Philly this year)

I think Stafford will struggle because the Vikings defense is better than the Saints' defense.Agreed, they have to good a pass rush for Stafford to do anything great, the constant pressure will force him into mistakes...

 I think the Cardinals will suffer from Super Bowl hangover and stuggle this seasonEach team (except Seahawks) that have lost the SuperBowl, have failed to make the playoffs the next year each of the last.. what 8 years?.... Trend continues, I think...

 This should be a pretty good defensive game but San Diego will just provide a bit more offense than Baltimore.Agreed, I think Philip Rivers and the chargers will have more offense, I'm just afraid that Joe Flacco will have more "Big Plays" with the deep ball in the passing game. 2 or 3 plays over 20 yds, is all a team needs to have the confidence to win, and with an arm that can throw the ball 60+ yds, thats not to hard to do... hopefully the struggling chargers pass Defense can slow it down..

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Posted on: September 17, 2009 11:19 am

NFL Picks....Week2

Week One:  Went 13-3.  Should have been 12-4.  How the heck did Buffalo lose that game?!?!  Then again, devine intervention is a charitable way to describe the way the Broncos beat the Browns and that was one that I missed, so I guess 13-3 is about right.  My other two misses were the Jets beating the Texans (impressive start by Mark Sanchez, but Ryan would be wise to shut his yapper) and the 49ers beating the Cardinals.  The 49ers have been a different team since Mike Singletary mooned them....a trend in coaching perhaps?

Last week:  13-3   Year to date:  13-3

Without further adieu...

Week 2 Picks

Carolina @ Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings
 @ Detroit

CincinnatiGreen Bay Packers
Arizona @ Jacksonville Jaquars 

Oakland @ Kansas City Chiefs

New England Patriots @ New York J

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia

Houston @ Tennessee Titans 

St Louis
@ Washington Redskins 

Tampa Bay @ Buffalo Bills 

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Chicago

Cleveland @ Denver Broncos 

Baltimore @ San Diego Chargers

New York G @ Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis Colts @ Miami 

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Posted on: September 16, 2009 8:17 pm

NFL Picks....Week2

1) Falcons-Panters: Falcons - The Falcons look like a very solid team this year. Turner will do his thing and Matt Ryan will find the open man. Carolina struggled mightily against a good team but with the QB carousel they have going on now, I think it will be tough for them to bounce back this week.

2) Vikings-Lions: Vikings - Yes, the Lions did improve on both sides of the ball this offseason but until I see that improvement on the field, I'll pick the Vikings. I wouldn't be surprised if Adrian Peterson runs for over 200 yards because that defense still looks weak despite the aquistions of Larry Foote, Julian Peterson, and Phillip Buchanon. Even though the Vikings are not known for their pass defense, I think Stafford will struggle because the Vikings defense is better than the Saints' defense.

3) Raiders-Chiefs: Raiders - Interesting battle between two bottom-feeding AFC West teams. I've got the Raiders winning this game because they have a good running game and a mediocre defense (though much better than KC's). Jamarcus Russell should put up some good stats too.

4) Jets-Patriots: Patriots - The Jets had a dominating win over the Texans and the Patriots pulled out a squeaker against the Bills. I think the Patriots will take last week's game as a wake-up call and play up to expectations this week.

5) Titans-Texans: Titans - The Titans are a tough team when the running game is going, the defense is playing well, and as long as Kerry Collins doesn't turn the ball over. Although the Texans are supposed to be an improved team this year, I'm not sold on them just yet because they stuggled at home against a team that had a lot of question marks heading into the season. Easy call, Titans.

6) Jaguars-Cardinals: Jaguars - I think the Cardinals will suffer from Super Bowl hangover and stuggle this season since Seattle is healthier and San Francisco is on the rise. With the lack of running game and defense, they'll get shut down. Jaguars looked good against the Colts and hung in there even though the offense looked stagnant.

7) Packers-Bengals: Packers - The Packers will be a much improved team this year and the Bengals don't appear to be their "Who dey?" form a few years ago. Packers should win easily as long as they don't sleep on the Bengals.

8) Saints-Eagles: Eagles - Yes, the Eagles did lose McNabb and Jeff Garcia will probably start in his place but I think the Eagles have a good enough defense to slow down (but not shut down) the Saints. I don't expect Garcia to play as well as he did in previous years but I do think he'll burn holes in the Saints' secondary.

9) Redskins-Rams: Redskins - Last year, they lost to the Rams but this year, they shouldn't fall asleep on them. If they do, then something is wrong with this team.

10) Buccaneers-Bills: Buccaneers - I'll admit that this is my homer pick of the week. I wouldn't pick them if I didn't think they can win. Buffalo did look good against the Patriots and the Bucs (outside of getting burned in the secondary) looked decent against the Cowboys. Buffalo will have Monday night hangover (something that a lot of teams suffered from last year) and the Bucs will try to correct their mistakes from Sunday's game. If they can take the big play away from Buffalo, this game is theirs. I wouldn't be surpised if Buffalo wins though.

11) 49ers-Seahawks: Seahawks - Seattle looked better week one even though they played the Rams and they should be healthier this year. Hasselbeck to Houshmandzadeh connection should be deadly and Seattle typically plays well against the niners.

12) Steelers-Bears: Steelers - If Jay Cutler thought the Packers defense (in a transitional year nonetheless) was a challenge, then he ain't seen nothin' yet. The Steelers defense is strong and deep, but Cutler needs to make better decisions if the Bears are to win this game. I don't see a bounceback from the Bears this week.

13) Broncos-Browns: Broncos - Yes, this will probably be a low scoring game but Orton has weapons around him. I think it's just a matter of the Broncos' offense doing more than that of the Browns.

14) Chargers-Ravens: Chargers - Merriman is back and will do work. Rivers looked like a field general against the Raiders and Sproles will do his thing. This should be a pretty good defensive game but San Diego will just provide a bit more offense than Baltimore.

15)Giants-Cowboys: Giants - The running game should do really well against the Cowboys defense which will open up the passing game for Manning. The defense should get some good pressure on Romo and force some mistakes. This will be a good game but I think the Giants will win by a touchdown.

16) Colts-Dolphins: Colts - Manning should be able to do his thing and sling it around the field. I think this will be a close game in the first half but the Colts break away late and the Dolphins won't be able to catch up.

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