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NFL Picks....Week{4}

Posted on: October 2, 2009 10:39 am
Edited on: October 2, 2009 10:45 am
Not to bad of a week in week 4 for picks, I went 13-3, losing a last minute game Pitt/Cincinnatti, the Jax/Hou game could have gone either way late in the game... and... the Lions got their first win.... congratulations.... GO FOR THE WIN STREAK, doin' better than my Panthers right now... =/

On to this week's matchups
Hopefully I can continue what I had going on last week pick such hard games like Philadelphia v. Kansas City, New York Giants v Tampa Bay.... and Baltimore v. Cleveland. =] Only superior minds saw those victories coming.=P!

1]Chicago Bears v. Detroit Lions .... Sorry Lions fans.... the victory bus stops here...
2]Cincinnatti Bengals v. Cleveland Browns ..... Mangini is a good hire, for a ball boy.....
3]Houston Texans v. Oakland Raiders ..... Houston, for ONCE let me get your game right, I'm 0-3 with your games this year!
4]Indianapolis Colts v. Seattle Seahawks .... Donald Brown = great for the future in Indy, too much offensive firepower.
5]Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tennessee Titans ... AMBER ALERT for the TITANS team that had the best record in football, your pride, dignity, fan support, and confidence is waiting for you at your next game, pick it up or you'll be 0-4...
6]Kansas City Chiefs v. New York Giants ..... Eli Manning is spreading the ball around to well right now. Replica of Peyton Manning - Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Eli Manning to Steve Smith, and Mario Manningham could become a lethal combo with that running game.
7]New England Patriots v. Baltimore Ravens ...... Patriots will face a very similar offense to what the Falcons ran against them and the Falcons  had some success, this Ravens team is just a bit better....
8]Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Washington Redskins ... could there be a more boring game?... Will Portis and Williams be the only offense for either team!?
9]Miami Dolphins v. Buffalo Bills ... should have plenty of fireworks provided by T.O.
10]New Orleans Saints v. New York Jets .... Brees....
11]San Francisco 49ers v. St. Louis...... 0- 16 Rams?
12]Denver Broncos v. Dallas Cowboys .... ROMO!, you have the weapons, USE THEM!...
13]Pittsburgh Steelers v. San Diego Chargers ... they have a QB named Philip Rivers, that automatically give you the win, right? =]
14]Minnesota Vikings v. Green Bay Packers ..... should be a great game, I just think Adrian Petersons running ability and smart use of Percy Harvin is to much for the Packer defense....

WOW... what a set of games for Sunday and Monday Night Football. Very good job of scheduling

I'd be glad to hear from the usual posters.....
Could flip on the
Buccaneers/ Redskins
Cowboys/ Broncos
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Posted on: October 6, 2009 12:49 pm

NFL Picks....Week{4}

WOW!, Did I do pathethic or what..... 8-6 is terrible, by far the worst I've done this year on my split games.... better luck next week, Maybe I'll shy away from the nonsense picks. =P

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Posted on: October 4, 2009 11:26 am

NFL Picks....Week{4}

Last week 13-3   Year to date:  34-14

Week 4 Picks

TB @ Washington


Cin @ Cle

Sea @ Ind

Oak @ Hou

Ten @ Jac

Bal @ NE

Det @ Chi

Buf @ Mia


Stl @ SF

Dal @ Den

SD @ Pit

GB @ Min

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