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Week 10 Boston Red Sox Update

Posted on: June 16, 2009 10:48 pm

The Boston Red Sox finally get an easier team in the Florida Marlins, after facing four straight division leading teams. They went 9-3 overall during that stretch and swept the New York Yankees, making them 8-0 against their rivals this season. They are now in the midst of interleague play, which they are 3-3 in so far. They are playing the NL East, said to be the second best division in baseball, and the Sox have already played the NL East’s top two teams.  What really matters is that they have dominated the Yankees this season. We may only be leading by a couple of games in the division, but the fact they don’t know how to beat us is great. Not to mention being able to rub it in all of the Yankee fan’s faces.

John Smoltz is officially scheduled to start June twenty-fifth for the Red Sox. Smoltz was acquired over the offseason by the Sox, but didn’t get to much publicity because of the Yankees big money moves. He has been on the disabled list since opening day, but he is finally ready to give it a go. The Sox new he wasn’t going to be ready till around the all-star break, so it was a bonus that he is ready to start next Thursday. He has had multiple starts in the Sox farm system and has pitched very well down there. The Sox have had great starting pitching other than Matsuzaka so far. They aren’t ready to abandon ship on Dice-K so the sox will go with a six-man rotation.

I will admit that I ragged on David Ortiz very bad during my last blog entry, but you have to admit that you were hoping the Sox would add another bat to replace him. Big Papi hadn’t been batting well for two months straight and it really did look like he couldn’t hit the ball out of the yard anymore. He homered twice against the Yankees and he just hit another in the Marlins game, after just missing one in his first at-bat. He is also finally batting over .200 after hitting around .180. It looks like he is finally seeing the ball like he did last season. He may not hit forty this year, but I think he will continue to hit the ball out of the yard as he is now. Once again I have to give it to Terry Francona for sticking with a guy who looked bleak. He stuck with Dustin Pedroia who was batting below .200 for the first couple of months but finished the season with the Rookie of the Year.

Jon Lester started the season with one of the worst ERAs in the majors. He now has three straight unbelievable starts in a row. With his last start, he became the only left-handed Red Sox pitcher to strike out more than 10 batters in three consecutive starts. He has done this and almost thrown no-hitters in a couple of them. He has allowed only a few runs and has looked just as good as he did when he threw a no-hitter last year. This kid fought cancer and didn’t know if he would live, better yet set records for the Boston Red Sox. He truly is a great pitcher and could easily become one of the best Red Sox pitchers ever.

The Red Sox are always talking about signing a big money guy over the offseason. I know it is very early considering we aren’t even to the all-star break, but the Sox need to sign Joe Mauer this offseason.  He is going to be a free agent next year and the Sox could use a long term catcher especially of Mauer’s caliber. The Sox have money, but I am wondering if they have enough money to sign Mauer and Jason Bay this offseason, who is also a free agent. The Yankees have already shown interest in Bay and we all know they have the money to take him from us. If we sign those guys then its game over, but I don’t know if Theo will do it.

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