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OCMD 2.0 - New York Giants Draft

Posted on: April 9, 2009 2:47 am
Edited on: April 9, 2009 3:28 am


1 - #29 WR Percy Harvin, Florida

- Harvin is an extremely explosive and dynamic player, but at the same time is a head-scratcher for New York. The Giants already have a few small, fast WR's in Domenik Hixon, Mario Mannignham, and Sinorice Moss. While I think Harvin could be better than all of those guys he is also very raw as a WR and would probably be used only as a KR/PR man, occasional deep threat WR, or maybe be used in the Wildcat formation as a youngster. He is a very talented player, but I just don't see where he fits in here. It looks like Steve Smith will be replacing Amani Toomer as the #2 WR and possession guy, but the Giants will be hard pressed to find somebody to fill Plaxico Burress' role between the rest of the WR's on the roster. Harvin could probably play in the slot as a #3 WR, but with all of the other WR's on the roster this pick just doesn't seem like a good fit for them. Also his skill set as a RB is very similar to that of backup Ahmad Bradshaw's so his versatiltiy there is also not much of a need. All in all good player, but wrong team.

2 - #45 T Jamon Meredith, South Carolina

- Good depth pick here for the Giants. They have superb starting Tackles in Diehl and McKenzie, but seriously lack quality depth at the position. A strong, athletic Tackle Meredith earned the starting job near the end of his sophmore season in college and never relinquished it. He suffered from an ankle injury late last year that may have hurt his stock a little bit, but I think he came off the board in the right area. He will probably not start for New York in the near future, but he adds some depth to the offensive line at a position that sorely needed it.

2 - #60 RB Andre Brown, NC State

- Brown is an intriguing pick. He has an excellent blend of size and speed, but has a concerning injury history and also did not start much in college despite his talent. He also struggled with consistency throughout his college career. He will go high in the draft based on potential alone, but I don't really see where he fits in on the Giants. They already have a big banger in their starter Brandon Jacobs and they have a change of pace guy in the backup Ahmad Bradshaw. Brown is pretty much a combination of the two, but I have a hard time seeing him break into the top 2 on the depth chart. The Giants just gave Jacobs a contract extension so if it is in their near future plans to part ways with Bradshaw then I can understand this pick, but if that is not the case then Brown will just be stuck in this position as a #3 RB for the time being.

3 - #100 WR Brandon Tate, North Carolina

- Tate is a good player, but with his chronic knee problems he might not even have an NFL future at all. I think the Giants really reached here for Tate because he is a late round prospect and is in no way deserving of a 3rd round pick. Also, the Giants once again took another smaller WR which will not really do anything to help them. Sure Tate is a good return man, but so is Harvin. He will also be surrounded by other smaller WR's and be burried on the depth chart early, much like Harvin. In all reality this pick just does not really make sense especially with the Harvin pick in round 1.

4 - #110 OLB Zach Follet, California

- Finally a pick that I can get behind. The Giants have decent starters at OLB, but they could use an upgrade and the depth at the position is not that good anyway. Follet could come in as a special teams player and a backup LB and do some dirty work for a year or two before he gets a real look at the starting job. However, I do think he is capable of becoming a starting OLB for them he just needs to be given some time to develop.

4 - #119 CB Coye Francies, San Jose State

- Another good need pick here. The Giants have two good starting CB's, but once again not much depth at the position. He has some off the field issues, but if he and the Giants can deal with that then he could work as a special teams player and dime back as a rookie. I don't see him as a starting CB in the NFL, but he could become a good role player/special teams player and may even improve his game into becoming a nickel CB. Still the Giants need depth here so a good pick.

4 - #129 FS David Bruton, Notre Dame

- This a pick that I, at the same time, like and dislike. Bruton had a stellar combine and really improved his draft stock, but I don't ever see him taking Kenny Phillips starting job away. He is a beast on special teams though and could have quite a career as a role player just like Francies. I think that he has the potential to maybe start as a FS someday, but he will never do that with Phillips ahead of him on the depth chart. Good pick though because it once again addresses the Giants depth problems in the secondary.

5 - #151 FB Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M

- This pick continues the trend of picks the Giants have made in this draft that I don't agree with. Lane really showed no progress last year as a FB and his NFL career will probably consist of special teams and goalline work. However, I find it hard to believe that he will steal carries away from Brandon Jacobs on the goalline. He has a lot of potential as a FB, but he has to be willing to work for it and he has not shown that he is capable of that. He seems more interested in trying to be a RB than accepting the fact that he will be a FB. In all honestly I see him washing out of the NFL because of his poor attitude.

5 - #152 TE Davin Drew, Eastern Carolina

- I love this pick. The Giants already have their starter at TE in Kevin Boss, but they don't really have any capable options behind him. Drew is an excellent blocker at TE who could contribute early in two TE sets because of his blocking ability. He is also a nice target as a receiver and really improved his receiving skills last year, but his real value lies in his blocking ability.

5 - #164 G Anthony Parker, Tennessee

- This pick is based purely on depth and I love it. The Giants have very good guards in Snee and Seubert, but just like the Tackle position they have very little depth. Parker is a very experienced lineman with almost 40 career starts under his belt and he will be an excellent addition to the Giants offensive line as a backup. I don't really see him as an effective starter in the NFL, but he is more than capable as a fill-in and depth guy.


The Giants seemed to have the BPA philosophy early in this draft. Percy Harvin and Andre Brown are really good players with a lot of potential, but they just do not really make sense for the Giants especially so early in the draft. The Giants really seemed to be going after the "sexy" players here, trying to make waves instead of just drafting based on need. They did a lot better as the draft progressed and really hit some major needs late, but I feel like they were trying to hit the home run early and it was just not a good draft plan. They drafted some good players, but some of them just do not fit on this team and with 10 picks, all in the first 5 rounds, I really expected more from this draft class.

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Since: Mar 25, 2009
Posted on: April 11, 2009 9:18 am

OCMD 2.0 - New York Giants Draft

I agree the first  3 picks could been better.Then  FS Bruton and Lane were terrible picks.I really like the Davin Drew pick.


Since: Mar 28, 2009
Posted on: April 9, 2009 3:03 am

OCMD 2.0 - New York Giants Draft

Well Aggie, I can tell you that I only made the last 3 picks. Javorskie Lane (in my defense) was a pick I made on game film only. He has all the potential in the world and I've watched him and he looks like a beast. If he dosen't turn out for the Giants I'm POSITIVE that he will be a great addition to another team. 

My last two picks I don't have to defend because you "loved" both of them! haha Your analsys of both of my second picks are EXACTLY why I picked them. Thank you for all of your insight on the part of my draft. Great job TX! 

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