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Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

Posted on: March 5, 2009 9:40 pm
Edited on: March 5, 2009 11:06 pm


Arizona Cardinals: D

Nothing, placed Franchise on Karlos Dansby. Lost Antonio Smith to the Texans, and JJ Arrington to the Broncos. Edge wants out, and they have done nothing to address a big concern at RB. Tim Hightower and Leshan McCoy could be it.

Atlanta Falcons: C-

List a ton of players, resigned some more, And haven't sign anyone from outside the organization. Michael Boley, Keith Brooking, Dom. Foxworth, Grady Jackson amoung departures.

Baltimore Ravens: C+

A lot of moving around. This is a generous C. Bart Scott gone and Ray Lewis staying at LB. Jim Leonhard also leaving to be with former coach Rex Ryan. Did bring in Matt Birk to help out in the running game. After cutting McCalister signing Domonique Foxworth from the Falcons helps a little. Tagged Terell Suggs again, so that could be it for him in Baltimore after this season.

Buffalo Bills C:

List Guard Derrick Dockery to the Redskins. Other then that, nothing big, besides stealing Drayton Florence from the Chargers. I thought they had agreed to terms, but I guess Florence has actually signed with the Bills.

Carolina Panthers C:

Have lost offensivlinemen Geoff Hangartner and Frank Omiyale, Franchised Julius Peppers, agreed to terms (but not officially signed) deal with Jordan Gross. Until they sort out the Peppers issue, and sign Gross, remains a C. They also have a boat load of others to sign.

Chicago Bears C:

Signed OL Omiyale, cut Mike Brown and Marty Booker, And that's absolutly it so far.

Cincinatti Bengals: C+

Lost TJ, but signed Coles. I rather have TJ, but Coles is pretty good. Good speed. Lost Stacy Andrews. And Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Cleveland Browns: C

Lost Andra Davis, signed TE Robert Royal.  Yeah that's about it.

Dallas Cowboys: C- 

Lost Terrell Owens today, also cut Roy L Williams and Adam Jones. Brought in an old Keith Brooking, and resigned Miles Austin. Lost Chris Canty to a division foe.

Denver Broncos: B

One of the busiest offseasons by any team so far. Signed THREE runningbacks in the form of JJ Arrington, LaMont Jordan, and Correll Buckhalter. Also got Pro Bowler Brian Dawkins from the Eagles. Got slot WR Jabar Gaffney. Signed backup Chris Simms. A lot more going on, just too much to list. So far, so good.

Detriot Lions: D+

Cut Mike Furrey. signed  Phillip Buchanon from the Buccs. So many holes to fill, not doing it nearly fast enough.

Green Bay Packers: C

Lost Colin Cole, and that is it.

Houston Texans: B+

Best offseason so far IMO. Added a playoff proven Antonio Smith to an already sickening defensive front 4. He is the absolute perfect compliment to Mario Williams. Traded Sage Rosenfels to the Vikings and added Dan Orlovsky to back up Matt Shaubb. Doing a nice job resigning so far.

Indianapolis Colts: C-

Lost Marvin Harrison, and Darrell Reid. As their anual restructuring goes on, nothing else has.

Jacksonville Jaguars: F, ok maybe D+ but they should get an F

My team, and soon to be former team. Cut Legend Fred Taylor who went to the Patriots. Have done absolutly nothing besides re-sign Meester and Starks, and some guy Sean Considine from the Eagles. Who? I know. New regime, bad start. Young stud Kalif Barnes wasn't stud like, and still a chance he comes back and continues to develop SSSSS LLLLLLL OOOOOO WWWWWW LLLLLLLL YYYYYYYY

Kansas City Chiefs B-

Got Matt Cassell, and Mike Vrebal for a good price. Other then that absolutly nothing. But they just got a franchise player in a QB, and now have the chance to get a LB in the draft that is the same on the otherside of the ball.

Miami Dolphins: B

Bill Parcells was at it fast again. Jumping on resigning key free agents and bringning in Gabril Wilson at a good price. Could still be in the market for a WR, but cutting Vonnie Holliday opens the day for Phillip Merling to being to start with Langford.

Minnasota Vikings C-

Lost Matt Birk, a top Center. Traded for Sage Rosenfels who will surely compete with Jackson for a starting spot. But seriously Rosenfels? Still have an outside shot if Jay Cutler does hit the block.

New England Patriots: B-

Got good value for Cassell. Don't really have to pay crazy money for a 1st rounder and get a good, high 2nd round pick in a deep draft. Got rid of the Vrebal salary. Sign Fred Taylor who will start IMO. Could get Terrell Owens. making this team SICKENING with HOF talent all over the place. Did also bring in big name Shawn Springs.

New Orleans Saints C

Could also land Owens. Signed Former Pat Heath Evans. Nothing else worth noting went on so far besides re-signing Vilma to a long term contract. Good move.

New York Giants: B

Do they EVER have enough defensive linemen. As a Jaguars fan, pass some our way huh? Signed one of the best DE's available in Canty, and took him away from a big division rival. Double Bonus. Should really offer Plaxico Burress for Anquan Boldin just to see, doubt it would happen. Need another running back losing Derrick Ward to the Buccanears.

New York Jets: B+

Boy did Rex Ryan hit the ground running. Luring in former LB Powerhouse Bart Scott who will likely play the Ray Lewis role in this defense. Also brought in starting safety Leohard and traded for Lito. A bolstered defense that already included a lot of talent. Lost Coles. They really need a WR and QB.


Re-signed Shane Lechlar and Asmugha. Sure setting the bench mark for them, but how else is Al Davis going to get players to stay with the Raiders? At least he over paid the right players this time. They are two of the best at their poss.

Philadelphia Eagles: D+

Lost Buckhalter and Dawkins to the Broncos. Traded Shepphard for next to nothing. and haven't really signed anyone else.

Blitzburg Steelers and YOUR Super Bowl Champs: C

Lost Nate Washington to the Titans. Other then that, nothing.

San Diego Chargers: C

Haven't really done much but franchise Sproles.

Seattle Seahawks: B-

Got TJ to sign with them. Other then that, everything else is pretty steady.

San Francisco 49ers: C

They got Kurt Warner to take a trip. Did lose like 20,000 flying in Kurt and his wife and 7 kids via Private Jet, but they tried. They did get Brandon Jones who did well in the playoffs.

St. Louis Rams: C

Brought in Jason Brown from the Ravens to be the center. Shopping Torry Holt and Orlando Pace, two future HOF'ers IMO. Nothing else really going on, and could use T.O. to sell some tickets.

Tampa Bay Buccs; C+

Weird off season. Losing A LOT of franchise icons and fan favorites in Derrick Brooks, Cato June, Warrick Dunn, Joes Galloway, and Ike Hilliard. But they did get Derrick Ward who jumps into the lead to be the starter. But it should be a group effort next year. Seems like the Tampa 2 Cover 2 days are over.

Tennessee Titans: D

Lost Fat Albert which really really sucks for that defense. Did lose Brandon Jones and bring in Nate Washington which is a plus. Did re-sign Kerry Collins so the miserable Vince Young era is still on hold for a bit.

Washington Redskins; B

Got some good key players, but really overpaid for them. I have no problem over paying for Albert Haynesworth, but DeAngelo Hall? Really that much? Also got Derrick Dockery, who maybe the best offensive guard on the market. Cut Vet's Shawn Springs, Shaun Alexander, and Jason Taylor. Are still going to have to do a lot of things to cut CAP space.

So that's what I have. What do you guys think?



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Posted on: April 20, 2009 6:06 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

I agree with most of the grades. The one i feel most about is Kansas City. They had a C+ at best. This is because they brought in a good coach and gm + Mike vabreal but Matt Cassell is not all he is cracked up to be. I feel thigpen is as good as a QB if not better. yes mat castle had more yds and tds but take a closer look at some of the stats Tyler had 18 TD and 12 Int in 14 games. Matt cassell played 16 games and had 21 tds and 11 Ints. Thigpen gets around the pocket better and better at avioding sack cuz I think everyone can agree KC oline was a little worse then New Englands oline yet thigpen only got sacked 26 times while Cassel got sacked 47 times. Plus matt cassell had a better defense to help and multiple good recievers where Thigpen only had Tony Gonzales because Dwane Bowe was good just doesn't catch everything and Kansas City had virtually no running game New England could run a little I feel it is still a good trade I just think Thigpen is better than everone gives him credit four and think he will be the face of the franchise in frew years.

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Posted on: April 20, 2009 4:00 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

As a Tampa fan, your C+ is too kind.  Loosing Brooks, June, Dunn, ect wasn't all that bad.  As much as I loved Brooks, he has lost a step.  Picking up Antonio Crowell from Buffalo and letting Quincy Black Geno Hayes and Adam Hayward battle it out for the third spot could turn out well.  What I'm concerned about is the defensive line.  With more salary cap room than any other team, picking up Haynesworth would have made more sense than anything I've seen the front office do.  We have too many spots to address in the draft, and now we don't even have a second round pick.  Signing Clayton?  I don't know about that.  He hasn't been productive except for blocking, for several years.  We have two big spots to fill on the defensive line, and still need a receiver, young defensive backs, linebackers, and if Luke doesn't develop, we need a quarterback.  Too many areas are uncertain, and they could have addressed the defensive line this off season.



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Posted on: March 19, 2009 8:29 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

Your points are all valid, and the Giants have had the best off season. But one factor made my decision. On paper it looks nice, but I don't give ANYONE an A on paper, after you see how they play, then they can get an A. 

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Posted on: March 19, 2009 2:25 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

Great topic and good work on your post but I disagree that the New York Giants only recieved a B grade for their free agency moves. Yes, they did pick up Canty from Dallas but they also got LB Michael Boley, DT Rocky Bernard & S CC Brown. Not to mention a good blocking TE in Lee Vickers. The Giants and Jerry Reese recieve an A for their free agency efforts, even if they are the only team to do so on your list. Osi is coming back as hell. The Giants could have a top 3 defense this season if not number one overall. And I can only say this because of what Jerry did in free agency.

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Posted on: March 19, 2009 12:46 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

I love the James Butler signing. I will update all the grades here this weekend. Let me know if you want to let you know when it's done.

I wanted both of the players the Rams signed. I am a Jaguars fan. We signed Sean Consodine from the Eagles at SS but during the season I wanted Butler, because I knew we weren't going to throw out a lot of money.

We cut Fred Taylor, so we are questionable at RB behind MOJO. I don't think he can carry the full load. So we need either a FB and move Greg Jones to permanent HB, or get anther RB. Since we are too cheap and stupid to get a decent HB, I was thinking that we can use Karney. He will really clear the way for Steven Jax. And I got a feeling you guys won't be picking top 2 for the 3rd straight year. S-JAX was my pick for MVP last year. (doesn't look to good now)

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Posted on: March 19, 2009 12:14 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

First off I think your grades are spot on, nobody gets an A until we see the final product. Just a question though do you think the Rams grade should go up with the recent additions of SS James Butler, who knows Spagnuolo's system, and FB Mike Karney, who will clear lanes for Steven Jackson.

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Posted on: March 18, 2009 10:44 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

 This comiing from some one who didn't have the know how to do his own grades, or even say why. But that is cool. The one-hit-wonder Saints fans don't seem to know much about it anyways. Hows Reggie Bush working out over Mario Williams? Now that's an F. And good luck with the hand me downs you guys like to take off the Jaguars Reject list. First Bobby McCray, then Gregg "my defense WILL get burned" Williams, and now ole Paul Spicer. Keep up the good work you halk.

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Posted on: March 17, 2009 7:30 pm

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

I give your gradings an F

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Posted on: March 17, 2009 11:48 am

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

 ^-------- POST OF THE WEEK ----------^

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Posted on: March 13, 2009 1:59 am

Grading NFL Free Agency Team-by-Team....

They didn't do anything great, they didnt do anything bad. They were average, hence, a C 

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