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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Posted on: March 16, 2009 1:10 am
Edited on: March 16, 2009 11:44 am

NFL Mock Draft 3.0 

  1. Detriot Lions. Matthew Stafford. He is a stud. Monster arm, and they need a face for that franchise. It should be Calvin Johnson, I can't seem to figure out why people don't think he is the face.
  2. St. Louis Rams. Jason Smith. Went with the defensive line with the 2nd pick this year. Should go offensive line this year. Orlando Pace anchored that line for quite a while. His time is up. Jason Smith is athletic, and very possibly the top pick in the draft. Very athletic.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs. Aaron Curry They just got Matt Cassell. Which is bad news for Sanchez. Whom ever does not get picked first, because they are going to slip, and slip FAST.
  4. Seattle Seahawks. Michael Crabtree. Maybe safer picks, and with Matt Hassellback withering away, may not be a bad idea to trade down to allow teams who would LOVE to draft here, and take a QB all the meanwhile saving serious cash for not paying a top 5 pick they don't neccesarily need.
  5. Cleveland BrownsBrian Orapoka This team is a mess. I don't get them. And with Browns fans already fed up with Mangini, looks like tough roads ahead. They are in need of a defensive force. He would be a great addition next to Shaun Rodgers or even as an OLB.
  6. Cincinati Bengals. Any misfits in this draft class? Nothing bad enough to play for the Bengals? Ok. Eugene Monroe. He could be as high as the number one pick. He is a great talent, and maybe the safest pick in this entire class. They may also go defense, more specifically defensive line. But as a Jaguars fan, this may be wishful thinking.
  7. Oakland RaidersJeremy Maclin. They can not go into the season with Johnny Lee Higgens and Javon Walker as their starting WR's. I think Higgens led the team with like 25 receptions last year. Either way, they have Kalif Barnes to protect the blind side of JaMarcus Russell (BUST) for this year, so they can put off drafting a tackle.
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars. BJ Raji. He is the ma. He is a great run stopper, and can rush the passer. Basically goes after anything and everything with the ball. Great addition next to John Henderson. Still think they are a good pick to trade down. One because Raji may not be here, and 2, I don't know if they can really afford another top 10 pick.
  9. Green Bay Packers. Everette Brown They are switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. They would love ot have Orapoka, but Brown is almost just as good, and may turn out to be better. I really like him.
  10. San Francisco 49ers. Mark Sanchez. A California kid, He is not NFL ready in my opinion, but should be solid. Not NFL ready, but may turn out be a better option the former top pick Alex Smith and current starter Shaun Hill.
  11. Buffalo Bills. Aaron Maybin. Many people seem to think he is a one hit wonder with the Nittney Lions, but as a fan of the Big 10, and watching much of this guy. He is the real deal. Ideal OLB, and a terrific blitzer.
  12. Denver Broncos. Rey Malaluga. They ARE going defense. The only question is defensive line or LB. I think a hard hitting on the field leader is best for the. Could also look at Tyson Jackson.
  13. Washington Redskins Andre Smith. Although his stock has been plummeting since the Combine, and then kept dropping after his less then stellar Pro Day, his talent is way too much to drop any further.
  14. New Orleans Saints. Malcolm Jenkins. Yet to be seen whether he will go to SS or stay at CB since posting sub par 40 times at the combine.
  15. Houston Texans Clay Matthews. A USA LB. The weird thing is that it is not set in stone which of the 3 USC LB's are going to go first. The Texans can use a LB opposite of Mario Williams. If Malaluga is still on the board I don't see them taking him. They have one of the premier MLB's who is very young in Ryans. Good pairing, and a very under rated player.
  16. San Diego Chargers. Tyson Jackson. The monster DE from LSU. They lost Igor the the Cowboys. Restructured LT so Wells and Moreno are out. Solid selection, and safe pick. Could also go LB.
  17. New York Jets. Chris Wells. Thomas Jones was stellar. Leon Washington, uhm, I'll take Wells. But in all reality, I don't see the Jets picking here at all. They will trade up to get a QB. But if the order stays this way, Chris Wells would be great to pair with Jones. Wells ran a 4.3 at his pro day. Pretty damn fast.
  18. Chicago Bears. Vonte Davis. The best CB in this class IMO. A product of Illinios, but needs better work ethic. Would be FORCED to play hard, or feel the wrath of Brian Urlacher. I think he will play hard.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Peria Jerry. Lost out of Albert Haynesworth. Did they even have a shot? The 2nd best DT, and the Bucs will all but certainly look to build from the defensive side of the ball and work their way to the offensive line.
  20. Detriot Lions (Via Cowgirls Roy Williams Trade) Michael Oher. Could take a OT with the first overall pick, but for some reason I still see them taking a QB. This would work out well. They get a QB to be the face of the franchise, and get a great tackle to protect his blindside at the same time.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles. Brandon Pettigrew. Was a solid bet to go 11th overall to the Bills, but his below average 40 times have exposed his below average skills. Eagles also need a RB, and could look at Moreno or Wells, if he falls this far.
  22. Minnesota VikingsDarrius Heyward-Bey. Would be nice to have as many weapons as possible on an offense lacking a QB. Clearly had the best combine of any WR. Could be an explosive weapon. They have a solid RB, one of the top OL, and a good WR in Berrian.
  23. New England Patriots. Clint Sintim. Played on the outside with Virginia, but is likly to move to the inside in a 3-4 scheme. Could be and will be a force to be wrecking with coupled with Jared Mayo as the ILB's. A solid 1-2 punch.
  24. Atlanta Falcons. Sen Derrick Marks. No more Grandy Jackson. Almost took Glenn Dorsey over Matt Ryan in last years draft, and they need help at DT where they are thin. Good value at the 24 spot. Coach Mike Smith would love to continue to build his defense.
  25. Miami Dolphins. Percy Harvin. Very hard pick here. Harvin is too big of a talent for them to pass up. Their offense needs more play makers, especially at WR. Could also take Larry English.
  26. Baltimore Ravens. D.J. Moore. They lost 3/4 of their secondary. Could also go Hayward Bey to give Joe Flacco more targets, but really need to get a solid corner. Solid pick, high value.
  27. Indianapolis Colts. Evander Hood. If only they had enough CAP to get Albert. They really REALLY need a DT to help out in run stopping. This is just the start. They are going to need to draft another DT in the next 3-4 rounds.
  28. Philadelphia Eagles. Eben Britton. Could package their 2 picks in the first round to move up, but the smart thing would be using both of them wisely. After filling a hole a TE, Britton would shore up the problems on the offensive line. Losing Vet LT Tra Thomas to the Jaguars will hurt, but adding a young OT who has the potential to be a rookie starter may be too enticing to pass up.
  29. New York Giants. Shaun O'Hara is turning 32. Not old, but the BAP may be Alex Mack. Which would not be a bad pick, but there are better picks. could go USC DT Fili Moala, but too much depth at DL may actually be a thing.
  30. Tennessee Titans. Alfanso Smith. They got Nate Washington in Free Agency. He isn't the permanent fix, but with Percy gone, and Nick Harper entering the final year of his deal at age 34, this could be a smart move. Allow him to play nickle for a year and then step him into the starting role next to Pro Bowl CB Finnagin.
  31. Arizona Cardinals. Knowshaun Moreno. Absolutly need a RB, they still have not let go of Edge after he reportedly pleaded for them to cut him. He could still go, but not until the Cardinals have their backup plan.
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers. Max Unger. The offensive line played well down the stretch, but they really need help there. This is the only spot they need to improve in. Unger can play either C or Guard, so his virsitility is good. But if  Alex Mack is still on the board, he may be a better fit for C.

There it is, what do you guys think? Took me a LONG time. Hope you guys enjoy!





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Posted on: April 7, 2009 10:13 am

Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

You need to find a hobby...or a job.

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Posted on: April 7, 2009 8:08 am

Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

 Well I feel like a jerk now, in my last paragraph 2nd sentence I left an "o" off of "...been to lazy..." 

I know anyone that read that far would notice that and say "what do you know asshat?"

I couldn't go back and edit it, lol.  I was so sick of writing the post that I just sent it and said f it

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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

The typos and sentence structure in this make my head spin!  Get an editor, or somethin'!  In the TOP 10 ALONE:

5. "Brian Orapoka"  ?  Ok, first slip up (typo-wise, at least)

7. "...Johnny Lee Higgens..."  A quick, 2-click search on CBS's site shows his last name spelled in the conventional "Higgins" style.  Also, "I think Higgens led the team with like 25 receptions last year"  Yeah, he had 22, most of any WR, but Zach Miller nearly tripled Higgins' reception total.  Surely you considered him when you looked over Oakland's WR needs, right? (Not that they don't need it.)

8. "...BJ Raji. He is the ma."  It's B.J., as in 2 different names shortened to initials.  Unless you're insinuating something more sinister...?  Jk, but pointing out the first "sentence" in his description has a glaring typographical error.  This post has been up since March 22.  It has also been edited since posting.  How was this overlooked?

9. Another Orakpo blunder, "...They would love ot have Orakpo."  Sheesh. :/

And finally, on #10. - "A California kid, He is not ready..."  Oh Mark Sanchez our Lord and Savior?  While it may not quite offend anyone of a religious alignment, but it's offensive to the eyes.

If you want anyone to take you seriously, and you are communicating with written(typed? lol) word, you have to Have To HAVE TO fix these type of errors before print/posting.  Whether it's some big-time site that can afford an editor, or an individual trying to run a blog, if people come across your work, and decide to give you a chance, YOUR CREDIBILITY IS IMMEDIATELY IN QUESTION.  If you can't spell the #5 picks NAME correctly, how much do you know about: him, the team that you have taking him, and the players of similar caliber.  When this is followed by obvious typos, atrocious sentence structure/syntax, and little supporting evidence (for your claims), you are going to turn a majority of people away before they've even started giving you their time to take a chance and read your work.

This is for all the posters/bloggers out there, I'm not trying to be a jerk pointing these (a 1/3 sample of) errors out, but I see them constantly and it pisses me off.  Because I should have a spot like that. >:(  I have been to lazy and having too many personal issues at home and in life to actively pursue the handful of opportunities I've been presented.  I don't hate on any of ya'll, I give everyone a chance-just as I'd hope any hypothetical readers of mine would.  But please, if you want to be taken seriously long enough to give an impression, please do us all a favor and run it thru a spellcheck. ;)


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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Great post. I agree. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Giants take Alex Mack if he's still on the board at pick 29. Strong player there. But the closer we get to the draft, the more I'm wondering about our WR corps. The Giants will walk away from this years draft with 2 WR's. I feel strongly about that. If they trade for a Vet WR, we might not have a first round pick for two years (For WR Calvin Johnson, I would give up our #1, #2, #5 picks this year and next years #1 pick with Sinorice Moss in the deal). I'm liking the possibility of WR Kenny Britt being available at 29. Hard choice to make.

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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

I actually went to like 6 or 7 FSU games so I could help you out with that. To start he is like 6-4 250 LBS. A big, strong, athletic frame. He jumps right off the snap. He is veryquick and agile. Always the first to get to the back field, which would make him an ideal 3-4 Blitzing LB. And the best part of his game is his ability to knock the ball loose. When a defender gets there, many times they are thinking let me get him down and give him no shot of getting away. Everette is always trying to knock the ball out, but the more impressive thing is it rarely ever cost him a tackle, or if it does, it is because he knows he has another defender right behind him to make the play. He has amazing versitility. He can play OLB in a 3-4. He can play the DE in a 4-3, and played a little DT in the 4-3 in college. Hope that's enough. If you need more let me know.

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Posted on: March 16, 2009 11:03 pm

Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0



You said in your evaluation of the Packers and Everett Brown that you thought he may turn out to be better than Brian Orakpo of Texas. As a Packers fan of drafting Seminoles and was wondering if you could point out some of the reasons why you thought he was going to be better. I haven't heard much about him and was hoping you could help me out.





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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

That would be BIG. I really have a gut feeling they will take Eugene Monroe. Jason Smith is less polished, as he should be, he is a converted TE.

As for Jay Cutler, don't see him as a Lion. I think it would be good for them, but I don't see it. There is the Buccs, Jets, 49ers, Bears all ahead of them I think.

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Posted on: March 16, 2009 7:16 pm

Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Like the draft, especially the cowgirls part. One questions though, if the Lions end up trading for Cutler or maybe just don't take Stafford who do you think they take? Smith or Monroe? of even Curry?


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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Lovely King. I wouldn't mind the Cards picking up Moreno,or any one of the SC LB's. Don't know if one will fall to the bottom of the first round. RB is a major need though and Moreno makes sense.

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Post-Combine NFL Mock Draft 3.0

Thanks. Whatever the Seahawks decide to do at 4, they can't go wrong really. I think Davis is one of the most under rated players in the draft. 

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