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NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

Posted on: April 20, 2009 1:04 pm
  1. Detroit Lions- QB Matthew Stafford- They need a face of that franchise. Makes sense to take Jason Smith, but Stafford is too good of a talent to pass up. QB should be their biggest need right now. They are negotiating with Stafford, Smith, and Curry, but are being very secretive.  Tom Condon was in Detroit, but it has to be difficult negotiating with an agent that represents two of your targets.
  2. St. Louis Rams OT Jason Smith- Last year they addressed the defensive line, this year they will go offensive. Losing Pro-Bowler and Future HOF LT Orlando Pace leaves a glaring hole on the left side to protect Mark Bulger and get the running game going for one of the top backs Steven Jackson.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs LB Aaron Curry- Overall the best talent in the class in my opinion. Always around the ball, and will be a Patrick Willis type of LB. Has all the tools to be a Super Star in the league for years to come.
  4.  Seattle Seahawks DT B.J. Raji- A lot of talk about maybe drafting Michael Crabtree, or Mark Sanchez with Matt Hasselback getting up there in years, but Raji is a once of a kind DT. They are rebuilding, they can get a QB in a later round, or next year. Reports that surfaced weeks ago about Raji testing positive proved to be false, so his stock should not plummet.
  5.  Cleveland Browns QB Mark Sanchez- All indications are that Mark Sanchez or Michael Crabtree will be drafted at #5. They are actively shopping Brady Quinn and Braylon Edwards, and a deal should be reached on draft day, the only question now is to who?
  6.  Cincinnati Bengals DE Brian Orakpo- DE is a desperate need for the Bengals. They can also use a WR if talks are true about Chad wanting a trade (according to TJ). But Orakpo is a can miss guy.
  7. Oakland Raiders OT Eugene Monroe- Todd McShay of ESPN reported on Friday that the Raiders WILL select an offensive tackle with their first pick. The only question is who. They may also go with Andre Smith. Michael Crabtree is solid pick, but does he really fit the offense? I think Maclin would be better for them.
  8.  Jacksonville Jaguars WR Michael Crabtree- Supposedly Tory Holt and the Jaguars have began negotiations on a contract, and a deal should be done before the draft. They got Tra Thomas to shore up the line for a few years, which gives them flexibility to trade out of take the best available player. Which is clearly Crabtree.
  9. Green Bay Packers LB/DE Aaron Maybin- Would love BJ Raji here, but Maybin is an ideal fit for a new 3-4 defense. Can’t go wrong with a LB from LB University Penn State
  10. San Francisco 49ers OT Andre Smith- Has a few character issues, but when you turn on the game film, there is no issue there. One of the better raw talents in the class. QB is also a need that will be addressed should Sanchez falls to them, and don’t sleep on them trading their second round pick for Brady Quinn.
  11.  Buffalo Bills DE Tyson Jackson. Offensive Line is a need, but they will not reach for one, Oher isn’t a top 20 talent in the class, defiantly not 11.
  12. Denver Broncos DE Everette Brown. They MUST go defense with their picks. LB and DE are the two obvious needs. They may also package some picks to move up. Maybe to 3 with Kansas City, or 8 with Jacksonville
  13. Washington Redskins OT Michael Oher- They need a OT. There is no question about that. They would also LIKE a QB, but I think Jason Cambell is a solid young QB. Offensive line is a bigger need when you play the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys twice a year.
  14. New Orleans Saints RB Chris Wells- I think everyone is pretty certain that Reggie Bush is NOT an every down back. They need to pair him with a bruiser, and Wells is just that. Had he not been hurt last year, he could have been a top 10 pick.
  15. Houston Texans DB Malcolm Jenkins. Speed is a big concern for Jenkins, but I think the Texans would love if Jenkins fell to them at 15. He is solid, and fundamentally strong. Will lock down a WR for enough time to let Mario Williams get to the QB.
  16.  San Diego Charger DE Robert Ayers- A lot of people were saying RB, but I think Darren Sproiles and LT are good enough of a 1-2 punch. They are especially thin in the depth chart at DE.
  17. New York Jets RB Knowshan Moreno- They really need a QB, but I don’t think Josh Freeman is really who they want. Could jump in the mix for Brady Quinn, or always a favorite to move up and get one of the two big name QB’s.
  18. Denver Broncos LB Rey Malaluga- Addressed DE with the first pick, now they will go to LB. Malaluga is clearly a leader, something this defense needs in the front 7.
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman- With Gruden gone, the Bucs will finally look at developing a QB. They would obviously love to get Sanchez for the West Coast offense, but Freeman is a solid young guy.
  20.  Detroit Lions (via Cowboys) LB Clay Matthews: Got a QB and face with the 1<sup>st</sup> overall pick, could look at OT, but don’t really see any that would merit the 20<sup>th</sup> pick. Clay Matthews is a solid pick, even with his recent Red Flags on his Face Book Page (pathetic)
  21. Philadelphia Eagles TE Brandon Pettigrew- They need a TE. They have Jackson to stretch the field, now they need the big guy that can go 5-10 yards down in the middle of the field. Clearly the best TE in the class.
  22. Minnesota Vikings WR Jeremy Maclin. This year’s man who slips. Good thing he won’t have to endure it since he was not invited to the Draft in New York. 
  23.  New England Patriots LB Brian Cushing- The 3<sup>rd</sup> USC LB to be chosen in the drafts drop 23 picks. Would be a good fit in the defense, and would suddenly turn an old LB core to a young one paired with second year LB Mayo.
  24. Atlanta Falcons DB Vontae Davis- They would like the get TE Pettigrew, but I think the Eagles will beat them to him. Still a player to trade for Tony Gonzalez.
  25. Miami Dolphins DB Darius Butler- They would prefer Davis, but Butlers stock is rising. They need a DB, and Bill Parcells will look at DB. There is also small chatter of them trading Ronnie Brown. Maybe a package deal with the pick to move up?
  26. Baltimore Ravens WR Darius Hayward-Bey- One of the more impressive performances at the combine in recent memory for a WR. He defiantly played himself into a solid first round selection in Indianapolis.
  27. Indianapolis Colts DT Peria Jerry- I think this pick is pretty much set in stone. DT is a glaring hole. They have dominant pass rushers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, now they need someone to plug the holes in the running game.
  28. Buffalo Bills (via Eagles) DE Larry English- They got one DE earlier in the draft, now they will get excellent value for their pick here. If somehow Pettigrew slips past the Eagles and Falcons, the Bills will jump on him
  29. New York Giants WR Percy Harvin- Could be players for Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin. Either way they are going to need a WR. With Burress off the team, it seems to be one of the only needs.
  30. Tennessee Titans DB Sean Smith- They can also use a WR, but if Bey and Harvin are gone, I don’t see them reaching for one. Especially with a need a DB. Smith is versatile and can player safety as well.
  31. Arizona Cardinals RB Donald Brown- RB is a big need. Brown at 31 fills a need, and is good value. He is one of the more under rated players in the class.
  32. Pittsburg Steelers C/G Alex Mack- If there is a weakness on this team it is the offensive line. Interior Line to be more specific. Alex Mack is a versatile line men, and would be a perfect fit for the Super Bowl Champions.

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Posted on: April 21, 2009 10:34 am

NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

That has been their problem: image, style over substance.  I can gaurantee that Millen would have taken Stafford.   If this team is to ever turn it around, they need to start with the lines.  They have a chance to upgrade their line and solidify their defense this weekend.  My fear is that they draft a mediocre college QB (Stafford never wowed anyone while at Georgia) at the #1 spot and a probable starter OT at #20, cuz "you would have to protect him".  Please Lions, draft some football players, not "new faces for the organization."  Can you imagine the defense you could throw on the field if they went defense on the first 5 picks?  Remember, the Lions had the 2nd worst scoring defense in NFL history.    That being said, I'd probably draft J Smith, then 4 defensive players in a row, and at least 3 of those for the front 7.



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NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

 I don't know bro, I still think they will go QB. If they pass on a QB and he is stellar they will get mocked like nothing else, even if the OT is very good. But the other way around, they look a lot better. It's all about image to them right now. They want to look like a winner in everyones minds, thus the entire identity change. New logo, new jerseys.

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Posted on: April 21, 2009 1:57 am

NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

Monroe or Smith is going number one to Detroit.

Detroit will not take Matthews over Cushing, but it doesn't matter because they are taking a big ol' dlineman with that pick anyway and waiting for James Lauranitis at #33 

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Posted on: April 20, 2009 8:07 pm

NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

Good analysis, and I agree with your some of your points. I still Raji with Redding win Seattle. Maybe it is wishful thinking so that Crabtree continues to fall to JVille? As for Quinn rumors, I think they are still shopping A QB, either it is Quinn or Anderson. 

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Posted on: April 20, 2009 6:56 pm

NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

Good mock draft except for a couple of picks:

#4-They just traded for a DT in Corry Redding and stil needs a LT and a WR

#5-They just shot down the rumors of Brady Quinn getting traded...check out

#9-Way to high for Maybin i would say it is a good spot for everrete brown

#16- I think a little too high for Ayers but it is not unrealistic

#17- I would usually like this pick except for the fact that Maclin is still on the board so that is a definite pick



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Posted on: April 20, 2009 5:08 pm

NFL Mock Draft 4.0 (Final)

 Jets definetely take Maclin if he is there.

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