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09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

Posted on: March 14, 2009 11:48 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2009 11:51 pm
<h4> #1         Detroit                        QB                  Matthew Stafford                              Georgai</h4>

<p>            Rumors have them possibly taking Jason Smith, but they can get a quality lineman later in the draft. Stafford could be the franchise QB that they are looking for. He has the size & skill set, but can he be succeed in Detroit.</p>

<p><strong>#2           St Louis                      OT                   Jason Smith                                        Baylor</strong></p>

<p>            Head Coach Steve Spagnaula has stated that he wants to run the ball. They picked up center Jason Brown from Baltimore in free agency & will continue to improve the o-line, with Smith. The Rams released Orlando Pace & will draft Smith to be his replacement.</p>

<p><strong>#3          Kansas City                OT                   Eugene Monroe                                  Virginai</strong></p>

<p>           They are clearly rebuilding the offense by trading for Matt Cassel. Protecting their exspensive investment is top priority. He is a dominating tackle, who will help keep Cassel upright.</p>

<p><strong>#4           Seattle                       LB                    Aaron Curry                                        Wake Forest</strong></p>

<p>            After signing TJ Houshmanzadeh in free agency, the WR position is no longer top priority. The Seahawks traded away LB Julian Peterson, to Detroit, and will look to fill the open spot. The 08' Butkus Award winner is a hard hitter, who can rush the passer (7 Sacks) & drop smoothly into coverage (5 INts, 3 Tds).</p>

<p><strong>#5           Clevland                     DE                   Everette Brown                                  Florida St.</strong></p>

<p>            He has very good quickness & can play sideline to sideline. He uses his good moves to rush the passer (23 Sacks) and he closes fast on the ball.</p>

<p><strong>#6          Cincinatti                    OT                    Michael Oher                                      Missippii</strong></p>

<p>            The Bengals have 2 glaring needs after OT Stacy Andrews & WR TJ Houshmanzadeh to free agencey. They picked up Laveranues Coles to fill the WR spot. They could draft a young WR , but if they can't protect Carson Palmer what is the use. Oher is a tall athletic OT, with quick hands & good feet.</p>

<p><strong>#7          Oakland                      WR                  Jeremy Macklin                                  Missouri</strong></p>

<p>           Everyone knows the Raiders love to draft speed & this year will be no different. Macklin can flat out fly & has great vision. He will instantly improve both the passing and return games. He was a versatile scorer in college with 33 total tds(16rec, 6rush, 3pr, 2kr).</p>

<p><strong>#8          Jacksonville               WR                  Michael Crabtree                               Texas Tech</strong></p>

<p>           Free agency changed his draft position, not his foot injury. The Jaguars need aplaymaker at WR and Crabtree is to good to slide any farther. The 2x Biletnikoff winner had surgery on his foot & will be ready for the start of the season. He has terrific speed and great hands.</p>

<p><strong>#9          Green Bay                   DT                   BJ Raji                                                Boston College</strong></p>

<p>            The Packers will draft Raji to be the NT in their 3-4 defense. He will be a disruptive run stopper. He has very good speed for a man his size.</p>

<p><strong>#10        San Fransisco            CB                    Malcolm Jenkins                               Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>           The secondary is in need of a big upgrade. Jenkins is a lockdown corner who is very physical, closes quickly and makes sure tackles.  They may also look at Mark Sanchez here as well.</p>

<p><strong>#11       Buffalo                         DE                    Brian Orakpo                                      Texas</strong></p>

<p><strong>                </strong>The Bills need to upgrade the d-line. Kelsay and Schobel are getting older, so adding depth and talent here is a must. He is very good pass rusher (21.5 Sacks).</p>

<p><strong>#12        Denver                        LB</strong>                <strong>Rey Maualuga                                   USC</strong></p>

<p>            He is the LB they have been looking for ever since they let Al Wilson go. He has that same kind of intensity. He plays aggressive and has a knack for finding the ball.</p>

<p><strong>#13        Washington               DE                     Aaron Maybin                                   Penn St.</strong></p>

<p>            After releasing Jason Taylor, the Skins need a DE. He is long and gets off the ball quickly. He will also help them get younger.</p>

<p><strong>#14         New Orleans              CB                     Vontae Davis                                    Illinois</strong></p>

<p>            Because of the their defense the Saints are forced to out score everyoned, so they will look to improve the defense. Davis is a fast , strong & very athletic playmaking corner, who makes good reads and gets to the ball.</p>

<h4>#15         Houston                     LB                     Brian Cushing                                     USC</h4>

<p><strong>                 </strong>They will be looking for someone to pair with Demco Ryans. Cushing gets to the ball and makes big plays. He is very talented and will learn alot from Ryans.</p>

<p><strong>#16         San Diego                  RB                     Knowshon Moreno                          Georgai</strong></p>

<p>             The Chargers need to find LTs' replacement. Sproles is a spot starter/3rd down back/returner, his main value. Moreno is an every down back, who is very good catching the ball as well. This would be a perfect fit for both.</p>

<p><strong>#17         NY Jets                      QB                      Mark Sanchez                                  USC</strong></p>

<p>             The Jets can't count on what they have at QB, so grabbing Sanchez is a must. He can make all of the throws and has a big arm. The Jets may have to trade up to get him, as other teams (CHI) may try to do also.</p>

<p><strong>#18          Chicago                     WR                     Darius Heyward-Bey                    Maryland</strong></p>

<p>             Considering Sanchez is gone, the Bears will look to add weapons on offense. He has good hands and speed, plus he will get a chance to start right away.</p>

<p><strong>#19          Tampa Bay               LB                       James Laurinatis                          Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>             They have to get a LB after releasing Derrick Brooks & Cato June. He is the best available LB left on the board. His stock has dropped some since last year  and Tampa will get a good player, with a high motor.</p>

<h4>#20          Andre Smith             OT                      Andre Smith                                  Alabama</h4>

<p><strong>                 </strong>Talent wise he should not fall this far, but his questionable actions at the combine, have hurt his stock. Detroit needs a lineman and should cease this oppuritunity to get such a quality OT. He could be a big key to Stafford having a good year.</p>

<p><strong>#21          Philadelphia              RB                       Chris Wells                                     Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>              They lost Correll Buckhalter to free agency and need to fill the void. Wells size makes him good at short yardage and goal line chances. He could eventually replace Westbrook in 2-3 years.</p>

<p><strong>#22          Minnasota                  CB                       Darius Butler                                Connecticut</strong></p>

<p>             Butler is a quality CB, who is a ballhawk (10 Ints). The NFC is loaded with good WRs, so getting someone to cover them is a must.</p>

<p><strong>#23          New England             LB                         Clay Matthews                              USC</strong></p>

<p>             After trading Mike Vrabel to Kansas City, they need a LB. Matthews has alot of potential & is movimg up the draft boards. He and Mayo, last seasons DROY, would pair up well together & give the Pats the younger look they want at LB.</p>

<p><strong>#24          Atlanta</strong>                 <strong>LB                        Larry English                                 N. Illinois</strong></p>

<p>              Like Tampa Bay, after losing their top 2 LBs (Brooking & Boley), they need a LB in the worst way. English is a very active and agressive player. He should fit well, into Atlanta's defensive scheme. If they don't like him the they will have to trade up to get one they do.</p>

<p><strong>#25          Miami                         CB                          DJ Moore    </strong>                          <strong>Vanderbilt</strong></p>

<p>             With all the top flight talented WR's in this division, the Dolphins can use all the help they can get in the secondary. He has some experience as a returner as well.</p>

<p><strong>#26          Baltimore                   WR                      Percy Harvin                              Florida</strong></p>

<p>             Derrick Mason is getting older, so they need to find his replacement. Percy is a big time playmaker and the Ravens need that. He has blazing speed and is a scorer. He will also be very valuable to them as a returner. He will get planty of chances to be on the field.</p>

<p><strong>#27          Indianapolis              WR                      Hakeem Nicks                             North Carolina</strong></p>

<p>             They need to add depth after cutting HOF Marvin Harrison. He will get plenty of chances to catch the ball, in Indy's pass heavy offense. He has terrific hands (181 receptions) & can find the end zone (21 tds). He will benefit from watching Reggie Wayne as well.</p>

<p><strong>#28         Philadelphia                TE                        Brandon Pettigrew                    Oklahoma St.</strong></p>

<p>             They solved their o-line needs, by signing Stacy Andrews away from Cincinattii. Finding a replacement for LJ Smith & keeping Mcnabb happy is top concern now. At 6'6" he would be a big target to throw to and can help in the run game as a blocker.</p>

<p><strong>#29          NY Giants                   DE                        Michael Johnson                        Georgia Tech</strong></p>

<p>             The Giants like to stock up on DE's and LB's. Johnson is tall & has long arms (2 BK). He is a very good pass rusher (19 Sacks). He would fit nicely into the rotation.</p>

<p><strong>#30           Tennessee                 DE                       Robert Ayers                              Tennessee</strong></p>

<p>              They lost Albert Haynesworth to free agency & will add depth along the defensive line. He is a disruptive playmaker (15 Tfl & 3 Sacks last season). The Titans would win some style points with fans for drafting a home grown guy.</p>

<p><strong>#31            Arizona                     RB                        Donald Brown                             Connecticut</strong></p>

<p>               Edgerrin James wants out of Arizona and will probably get his wish. With both Moreno and Wells off the board, the Cardinals will take the versatile Brown. He is fast, durable, has good vision & hands. His recieving abilty makes him avery good fit in this offense.</p>

<p><strong>#32           Pittsburgh                 OT                        Eben Britton                                Arizona</strong></p>

<p>              The defending Champs are pretty set on both sides of the ball, so they are basically drafting for depth. They need to start looking at getting younger along the o-line. Britton Is a massive OT, with very good skills. This to good of a value to pass up at this spot. They may also look at defensive depth as well.       <strong>          </strong></p>

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Since: Mar 3, 2009
Posted on: March 19, 2009 9:37 pm

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

There was a lot of work put into this but there is no way the New York Giants will draft a DE with the #1 pick this year. The Giants will draft a WR, CB or S with the #1 pick in my opinion, with a better chance of drafting a OL then a DE. This may have been the case prior to free agency as a targeted need but no longer is DL an issue.

Since: Mar 19, 2009
Posted on: March 19, 2009 4:54 pm

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

I don't see Michael Johnson falling to the second round. He's too talented to pass up. Teams are not going to want play against him. I think that he will go somewhere from 10-20 first round.  

Since: Mar 19, 2009
Posted on: March 19, 2009 10:28 am

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

Dude -- After pick 3, you've gone crazy. 

** Maclin in front of Crabtree -- NOT!!!

** Vontae Davis at 14 -- NOT!! That guy is a late 1st, maybe.  He is a project, and New Orleans is not going to want to wait for him to develop while their watching Atlanta's WR's and Carolina's WR's run past him.

** Oh, and this is coming from a Bears season ticket holder -- IF the Andre Smith is available at 18, there is not a chance that he'll slide past us .. NOT A CHANCE!  The Bears only have 2 OT's right now, and our 14th pick last year (Chris Williams) saw the field for about 50 plays all season.  The red light is on and blinking...there are severe problems with the Bears O-Line!

Since: Apr 4, 2007
Posted on: March 18, 2009 11:54 am

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

if Crabtree falls to the Jaguars I'm going to be pissed !!!

Since: Dec 24, 2008
Posted on: March 17, 2009 10:46 pm

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

Im pritty sure that Seattle is gonna take crabtree or at least they should ... But if anything i dont think they are gonna draft a line backer as they allready have a young and deep core there .  I know you say the due to signing TJ they no longer have a need a WR but i think ur wrong i think TJ has maybe 2 more solid year left in him and is the perfect player to help Crabtree grow . By the time Crabtree hits his prime TJ's age will be catching up with him and the will have Michael ready to step in and take his place as thier go to guy .

Since: Sep 19, 2008
Posted on: March 17, 2009 9:10 pm

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

 I like your Draft makes as much sense as Mel Jr!! Good Job!!!

Since: Jun 30, 2008
Posted on: March 17, 2009 1:00 am

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)


This isn't too bad. I can understand or agree with every pick except my Browns at 5. There's no way we pass up B.J. Raji in favor of an unproven tweener of a pash rusher.

Also, I'm not sure if Crabtree is drafted after Maclin.

Since: Nov 16, 2006
Posted on: March 16, 2009 6:52 pm

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

Ther 49ers need help at safety. jenkins said he didn't want to play safety. The 49ers have their eye on Andre Smith. Not bad though. At least you didn't put a QB there. 

Since: Mar 11, 2009
Posted on: March 15, 2009 10:17 am

09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

i like this draft........i hope micheal jhonson falls to the second round and the pack pick him up. I always thought that he was a top 15 kinda guy. Anyway good draft. 

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