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Mets for May continued

Posted on: May 3, 2009 12:17 am
Mets fans had a rough day today, the 2nd of May. After taking the lead in the sixth back from the Phillies in what was a see saw scoring battle, the Phillies struck again in the bottom of the sixth to tie it up. the score stayed 5 to 5 for four more innings. When the Mets had runners at the corners in the top of the tenth Carlos Beltran once again failed to drive in a run. the Philies then got a single, hit batsmen and a walk to load the bases and once again were winners when Sean Green walked Shane Victorino to and the winning run walked across the plate. 

There are a few things the Mets need to work on.

1) Fielding - Carlos Beltran is a Gold Glove center fielder and yet he was no where in sight to back up Daniel Murphy when Shane Victorino hit what should have been a stand up double into the left center gap.

2) Plate discipline - Jose Reyes has got to start taking the first pitch. He swings away and for this his strikeout totals keeps rising.

3) Heart - It started when Jose Reyes lagged coming out of the batters box on the first at bat of the game. he could have and should have beat the throw to first but instead ,I can only guess, thought he would be out. The bullpen seems to be working well, lowest ERA in the National League but where is the heart in walking three batters in the bottom of the tenth.

4) Jerry Manuel - He needs to start taking some action. The buck stops with the manager. If he would sit some of these guys until they get their heads on straight it might cost the Mets a few games now but would pay dividends in the end.
Now lets get it together Mets and take the game tomorrow back from the Phillies.
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Posted on: May 20, 2009 12:36 pm

Mets for May continued

this team is running on all cylinders right now.looks like we had one too many cylinders running and de-railed! With injurys to delgado, reyes(kinda) and cora it seems like we are struggling to feild a team. also evidenced by the inexcusable amount of errors and blunders. we all know what they are, and theyre very painful to think about so i dont think i have to get into the specifics. On the upside David Wright is smacking the ball right now. I dont like him in that 4 spot in the lineup but I guess they kinda had to do that. the other positive is that we have an off day. lets take advantage and come back playing the way we know we can!

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 4:02 pm

Mets for May continued

Metro I would love to see the Mets do it every game now that they have found there swings. Like I said before I know they will have some lows but this team is running on all cylinders right now.

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 1:38 pm

Mets for May continued

a make up game for those two losses where santana pitched much better.  funny how that works.  still, its great to see the mets hit behind him.  hopefully they can do it on his better outings as well

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 10:34 am

Mets for May continued

Thank you Clutch I do what I can. I will try and run this through the season, month by month, but I may miss a game here and there and for this I apologize in advance.

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 10:33 am

Mets for May continued

The New York  have been a little slow this year in giving  a few runs to work with. He usually gives them a win anyway. Well tonight  and the gang gave back. Scoring three in the first before Johan even took the mound. The bats are alive and well.  will have to wait now for the magic 300th win of his illustrious career. Johan Santana gets his 5th win of the season. In his worst outing of the year, Santana gave up 11 hits and 4 earned runs, taking is ERA to a still dismal 1.38 while he struck out 7.

 was 3 for 5 with three RBI's and 3 runs scored, he also left not one man on base tonight Beltran his hitting .379. for the season.  watched his average continue to climb, now .270, and had 3 hits in 4 at bats while scoring 2 runs and drawing a walk. David Wright must have been tired, well maybe not. Although he did not steal a base tonight he did go 3 for 5 knocking in 3 runs and scoring one of is own. Wright is now batting .350 for the season. Over all the bats stayed hot. The Mets even tacked on a few when the  seemed to be closing in.

When Johan Santana finally ran out of gas the Mets bullpen came in and lifted him to victory.  and  shut the Giants offense down and Putz walks away with his first save as a Met. 

This is three in the row for the Mets and they have begun a new streak. They can sweep the series tomorrow night on ESPN Sunday night baseball. Stayed tuned tomorrow for the starting pitchers and line ups. Lets go Mets.

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Posted on: May 17, 2009 3:09 am

Mets for May continued

Nice job keeping up on this blog man.  It's great to see updates like this.  I'm totally with you,  They are different this year.  They are winning close games, hitting clutch in clutch situations.  I'm very happy with their performance so far.  Let's hope this keeps up.

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Posted on: May 16, 2009 2:02 am

Mets for May continued

The  Win.

The last two years the New York Mets could not win the close game. The Mets could not count on the bullpen to hold the game or keep a lead. The Mets could not come back in the late inning. Well this is not last years Mets. For the third time in two weeks the Mets come from behind to take the lead. The Mets bullpen hold onto the lead and the Mets win in come from behind fashion.

The Mets bats are officially alive and well.  is on fire. Wright goes 3 for 5 with 4 RBI's and a stolen base. That is five stolen bases for David in two games. When the Mets were down the dugout did not have the dejected look of old. The players seemed to have the , "We are in this and will win look". Mets fans know this was not the case last year. The Mets batted .348 tonight. They Had 14 hits and managed 5 walks. They still left 18 men on base, this is an issue.

The pitching staff had it work to do.  has had better nights. Livan gave up 8 hits and 5 earned runs. The bullpen came in after 5 though and gave up only one run striking out 3 and allowing no walks. in the bottom of the ninth  comes in to get his 11th save on 11 opportunities. 

The bench players for the Mets have had their part in the Mets resurgence.  has been hitting well and not showing the signs of age some thought he would. He hit a double tonight while going 2-4 with a walk and scored 3 runs.  and  both went 1-1 and Murphy had an RBi to go with it.  is still hitting well, going 2-3 tonight.
All in all i would say the Mets are starting to show who they really are. Tomorrow the Mets have  on the mound to face off with . This should be a pitchers duel, but the way the Mets are swinging the bats, this could be the day Santana gets some run support.

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Posted on: May 13, 2009 11:03 am

Mets for May continued

So the Mets had their streak come to an end. Well sort of (See picture)

Now they can start a new one. Last night the Mets took on the Braves once again. After falling behind through 8 inning the Mets showed us that they had a little spark. 

It was not to many games ago that the  bullpen walked in a winning run. It was not too long ago that the Mets would have not shown the heart, yes heart, to pull one out in the tenth. Not to long ago they would have folded up and taken the loss, saying there is always tomorrow.

Not now. Tonight the Mets fought back. Tonight they showed they had heart. Tonight they took the victory instead of conceding the loss. This is not the same old Mets. This team wanted to win, chose to win and won. 

With the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth,  showed patience. He was not trying to swing for he fences. He was not trying to put forth a good effort. He was trying ot get the runner home. In the end it does not matter how they scored some will say, I disagree. this is exactly how the Mets needed to win one. Proving to themselves and to the rest of baseball they have the heart to be winners. 

So to this I say bravo Mets. One game in the win column and tomorrow the get to go for the second win in the new streak. Unlike the above pictured, the streak can only be stopped by themselves.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 11:51 pm

Mets for May continued

Johan Santana

The New York  ace,  has a habit of putting the bats of the opposing team to sleep. His change up has a way of singing a lullaby and the opposition can not find a remedy. This was again the case tonight as he left in the seventh inning with the score tied. He had not given up a run. For a team like the Mets, who are fifth in the National League in scoring, this should mean a win every time. With this in mind you would think that Santana would have a record of 6-0 and be a cinch for the Cy Young.


Well there is one small discrepancy with this. He also tends to put his own teams bat to bed. The Mets can not seem to give him any run support. The team is averages less two runs a game for Santana. When you look at  and his his 5.46 ERA yet he is 4-0 this season. This must make Johan shake his head. Then you look over at and his ERA of 4.54 and yet he is 3-2., again Santana has to ask himself what is going on. 


I am not sure what takes place here. Is it the fact that Jerry Manuel chooses the games Johan is pitching to switch up the line up. Giving some starters the night off? Is it really , who by the way went 2-3 with a base on balls, that throws the team off. Is it the missing first basemen ?  took his place at first tomight and went2-4 and had two RBI's and scored a run. I think not, after all the Mets scored 3 so that means that Tatis had a hand in all of the Mets runs.


I have no idea what it is. I do know that if the Mets do not figure this out, it is going to be a long year for the ace of the staff. He should be well on his way to a CY young, which would be his third, instead he is 4-2 and trying to find a strong energy drink to serve up to the Mets bats before he takes the mound.

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Posted on: May 9, 2009 8:05 am

Mets for May continued


NEW YORK -- Pennants can't be won in May. They can be lost in any month, though, even April. The Mets had looked into that possibility -- unwittingly, of course. Actually, they had looked it straight in the eyes before the final day of April. It turns out they didn't flinch; nary a blink. Instead, they began a U-turn. And now look. A week after a silent Mayday, they are winning with regularity and they're not even playing all that well.

Witness their drubbing of the stumbling Pirates at Citi Field on Friday night. The Mets played unremarkably for most of eight innings and won handily, nonetheless. Before they scored five times in the eighth, they seemed to have borrowed from the undistinguished April, playing poorly in the field and barely mounting a resistance against a pitcher, Jeff Karstens, who was in jeopardy of losing his place in the starting rotation.

Ultimately, the Mets emerged with a 7-3 victory against the perpetual have-nots of the National League and came away looking like a have-lots team. Carlos Delgado delivered a long three-run home run after Carlos Beltran had provided a go-ahead single in the eighth, and the Mets took their fifth successive victory, the sixth in seven games and another step toward becoming whole.

"To continue winning games when you're not playing well," manager Jerry Manuel said, "it's a good way to go. You'd rather be playing well, but this is good -- for now."

The manager had characterized his team's performance as "very sloppy," and no one had come to its defense. The Mets were charged with one error, one that had no bearing on the Pirates' run total. But they made four other plays that made a fifth straight victory seem unlikely.

But Delgado's five RBIs and six innings of effective pitching by Oliver Perez's replacement, Jon Niese, were more than the Pirates could handle. They lost their sixth straight game, their 10th in 11 games and their 10th road game in 15 tries.

Delgado drove in two runs in the first inning with a single that evaded the overshift defense. The ball he hit against left-handed reliever Sean Burnett in the eighth, his eighth hit in 17 at-bats, evaded all defenders and became his fourth home run this season and the 473rd of his career. The five RBIs increased his career total to 1,512, the 48th most in history. He passed Mickey Mantle on Friday night.

"That's very flattering," Delgado said.

Niese's performance in his fourth big league start belied the 6.55 ERA he produced in 22 Triple-A innings before his recall on Thursday. He surrendered two runs, seven hits and -- attention please, Ollie -- no walks. He struck out five, throwing 67 strikes among his 95 pitches. The left-handed rookie pitched well enough, but not long enough to win.

Bobby Parnell, the third of four relievers, was the winning pitcher. His first big league victory prompted a dozen text messages and obligated him to make at least that many calls.

"I'll take it," he said.

Manuel was quite taken with the command of Niese -- it had been a problem in four of his five starts with the Mets' Triple-A Buffalo affiliate -- and his composure which was tested by the defense.

"We didn't defend as well as we could have for a young pitcher," the manager said.

Delgado's hit in the first against one-time Yankee Karstens scored Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo and reinforced the Mets' reputation as a first-inning team. They have outscored their opponents, 32-14, in the first, and 26-5 in their 15 home games.

The Mets might have scored before Delgado's swing. With Beltran batting and Reyes on third base, Castillo stole second base, beating a bounced throw from Robinzon Diaz that shortstop Brian Bixler barely handled before he landed on the seat of his pants behind the base. But Reyes never broke for the plate, a mistake that loomed larger when Beltran popped out. But Delgado made it a non-issue.

Niese had allowed two hits in the first inning before retiring the side in order in the second and being undone by the defense in the third. Bixler led off with a single past Reyes, a ball the shortstop could have handled. He moved to second on Karstens' sacrifice bunt. Nyjer Morgan followed with a clean base hit to left-center. Chances are Bixler would have scored no matter what. But Beltran kicked it away, and Bixler scored easily.

Niese retired Freddy Sanchez on a ground ball that advanced Morgan, and he appeared to be out of the inning when Nate McLouth hit a routine fly ball to right-center that either Beltran or Ryan Church could have caught without extraordinary effort. But neither saw it against the sky and neither laid a glove on it. Instead, they converged with Beltran overrunning the fly ball for about five feet before Church reacted to the center fielder's misjudgment. Morgan scored.

"He never called it, and when that happens," Church said, "I let him take it. I saw it off the bat, but then I look to see Carlos, and when I looked up, I couldn't find it right away."

Niese put the defense aside and retired 10 of his final 13 batters, one reaching on an error by Reyes.

"Can I pitch better? Probably," Niese said. "I just pounded the zone and kept the ball down. I was told this place was a graveyard, so pound the zone and good things will happen. Let 'em hit it, just don't leave it over the middle of the plate."

It should be noted that the Pirates began the evening having batted .188 in their previous 10 games, and they had been opposed by only three left-handed starters in their first 28 games. Still, teams that aren't playing well have to be beaten by teams with October aspirations. And the Mets have done that so far this month.

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