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Mets for May continued

Posted on: May 3, 2009 12:17 am
Mets fans had a rough day today, the 2nd of May. After taking the lead in the sixth back from the Phillies in what was a see saw scoring battle, the Phillies struck again in the bottom of the sixth to tie it up. the score stayed 5 to 5 for four more innings. When the Mets had runners at the corners in the top of the tenth Carlos Beltran once again failed to drive in a run. the Philies then got a single, hit batsmen and a walk to load the bases and once again were winners when Sean Green walked Shane Victorino to and the winning run walked across the plate. 

There are a few things the Mets need to work on.

1) Fielding - Carlos Beltran is a Gold Glove center fielder and yet he was no where in sight to back up Daniel Murphy when Shane Victorino hit what should have been a stand up double into the left center gap.

2) Plate discipline - Jose Reyes has got to start taking the first pitch. He swings away and for this his strikeout totals keeps rising.

3) Heart - It started when Jose Reyes lagged coming out of the batters box on the first at bat of the game. he could have and should have beat the throw to first but instead ,I can only guess, thought he would be out. The bullpen seems to be working well, lowest ERA in the National League but where is the heart in walking three batters in the bottom of the tenth.

4) Jerry Manuel - He needs to start taking some action. The buck stops with the manager. If he would sit some of these guys until they get their heads on straight it might cost the Mets a few games now but would pay dividends in the end.
Now lets get it together Mets and take the game tomorrow back from the Phillies.
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Posted on: May 7, 2009 10:56 pm

Mets for May continued

Tonight's wrap up of the Mets/Phillies game is done by our esteemed Mets fan DanielMurphy28. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

The  scored first to start the game but the  bombarded  in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd innings to stake claim to a 7 - 1 lead.  hit a single and an ABSOLUTE BOMB to the deepest part of Citi Field and Pulled the Phillies within four runs. 7 - 3 Mets. Things stayed the same until the top of the 8th where the umpires botched two calls.  appeared to strike out but the umpire ruled that he had tipped the ball on his swing. Replay showed he missed it completely. Victorino then hit a very hard ball at  and was on with a very hard hit infield single.  appeared to have hit into a double play but the bonehead umpire at first ruled that Reyes had interfered with Victorino on the basebaths thus negating a double play. Jerry Manuel was ejected shortly after for arguing. He genuinely looked pissed off. Kudos to him. Ryan Howard ground out and Victorino moved to third. The next batter  of course hits a homerun when the inning should have been over and the Phillies pulled within two runs.  pitched the 9th inning and walked one batter but was still able to induce a few fly balls to record the save! Mets SWEEP  (2 GAME SERIES) the Phillies out of town!

All in all the Mets did what they needed to do. They answered right back when the Phillies scored in the 1st and never looked back.  did what he was supposed to do. Although he did not pitch his best game he did understand that he had a six run lead to work with. This might not seem like a big deal but it is. With a six run lead your pitcher can relax and just throw strikes. Pelfrey did that and kept the Mets ahead. He gave up a few hits and a a pair of homeruns but both were solo shots. The bullpen, despite what the box score shows, did their job. Had the 1st base umpire not blown that interference call the bullpen might not have allowed an earned run. 

The last 6 games the Mets have shown signs of life. Signs of passion. They have trailed in a few of those games but still found a way to win. It is this type of play and intensity that the Mets need to hang on to if they plan on playing post season baseball. Jerry Manuel who definitely has his faults is at least getting the entire team involved in almost every game. Though I disagree with some of his bullpen moves I do like the way he gets everyone some at bats. Man was it sweet to watch him unload on that umpire tonight. Finally some heart and passion from this team. Will they keep it up? Who knows. The streak stands at 4 games and the Mets are a 1/2 game behind the Philies for 1st place.

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Posted on: May 6, 2009 7:40 am

Mets for May continued

  This was a game that I enjoyed watching. I know, I know  fans you are asking yourself why. I loved it. The MEts took a lead into the ninth and then Fransico Rodriguez came in to get the save, this is where I loved it. For the last two years the Mets closer has been , a great closer, but not Rodriguez. Here is why.When something happened while Wagner was on the mound he would flip out. He would lose his temper and rant and rave. I know that most closers do this and are a little bit cocky and it has always been seen as okay. Here is where we see the difference with Rodriguez. Instead of losing his cool and yelling at  when he dropped the routine pop up, he just told every one to calm down, "We got this". I love it, this team needs a leader like this and now maybe the Mets have found one.
    I know that this is only one game but that is how it starts. One game at a time. Last night the Mets showed something that they have been lacking and for the second day in a row, WON. The first time they have had a sweep of the in over two years. That is a big plus and gives the Mets a little steam to take into the  series starting tonight at Citi Field. The Mets will have  on the mound to face . Santana has been lights out and was the NAtional League pitcher of the month. His 1.10 ERA is right up in the top five. It should be a good shortened series. Lets go Mets.
  So the Mets now are 11-12 and 2 and a half out of first. With the next eight games at Citi, if the Mets just go 5 and 3 they would be above .500 and really have a momentum swing. Getting hot in May does not make or break a season but it sure could not hurt. It seems that Jerry Manuel is starting to get a bullpen feel and now has the group in the order he wants them. David Wright and Carlos Beltran are swinging the bat well and if Jose Reyes can get hot this team will be moving in the right direction.

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 11:34 pm

Mets for May continued

Lemur, you and I are on the same page. I think that Jerry Manuel needs to step up.That again goes back to the manager.You need to step up and say "Get your butt into shape or you can warm the bench for me".The rest of the team, with the exception of a few players, are playing better the last three games. With Carlos Beltran finding his stroke today and David Wright seeming to be cutting down on his swing and not swinging for the fences he too knocked one out today. The defense is steading itself and Daniel Murphy is figuring out the whole left field thing.
   The Mets won today 6-4 over the rival Braves and to me that is a great place to start. John Maine was not perfect but he was effective. If he would cut down on the walks he will be fine this year. The Bullpen bent a little but did not break and as was stated in another post by danielmurphy, the MEts came back form behind and held the lead once they took it.
   All in all it was a good day for both the Mets and their fans. Tomorrow the Mets throw LEvon Hernandez against Kenshin Kawakami and with his 7 plus ERA it should give the boys another chance to let the bats do the talking.

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 11:25 pm

Mets for May continued

It's very easy to say "The manager/coach needs to take action.Bench these guys so they realize their jobs aren't safe.Then they'll start working harder", but doing it is another story.I see it every year in almost every sport.There's someone that should be benched because of their performance or lack thereof, and it doesn't happen.I always think to myself "An idiot could see that this guy needs to be benched, if for no other reason than to send a message", but then I realize that most of these guys are less than Einstein's, so it doesn't surprise me that they rarely bench the guys that deserve to be benched.I do agree that, with the Mets, Jerry Manuel needs to bench some of those guys until they get their game together.He has to do something, because what he's doing now clearly isn't working.

As for the heart not being there, you said it perfectly.Even if it's clear that you're going to be out by a mile, hustle.Jose Reyes is fast enough to beat some throws, but he shows that lackadaisicle approach occasionally.That again goes back to the manager.You need to step up and say "Get your butt into shape or you can warm the bench for me".

I could go on further, but you get the point.Every issue you brought up for the Mets comes down to heart, and the manager speaking up.There's one word that the Mets clearly need Jerry Manuel to start using and enforcing a policy on: Accountability.I'm no Mets fan, but it always bothers me to see teams that have problems that shouldn't be problems in the first place.If Jerry Manuel steps up and starts getting in someone's face, holding them accountable, it will quickly pay dividends.He has to send a message."If you're going to be lazy, you can sit on the bench.You have to play hard to be on this team.You have to want it."

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Posted on: May 3, 2009 3:59 pm

Mets for May continued

I am 100% behind you on this one. Oliver Perez has the arm, no question, just not the mental toughness to go with it. I do not think the bullpen is going to fair much batter though for him or the Mets. Who knows though, maybe it will light a fire under him and show the other players, Carlos Beltran, that anyone can lose their job.

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Posted on: May 3, 2009 3:07 pm

Mets for May continued

walking in the winning run will probably happen sometime(s) during the season. if it happened against anyone but the phillies id be upset, but get over it. i think this is inexcuseabe. challenge the guy and make him beat you. at least he will earn it, and at least theres a chance the ball will fall into someones glovein other news perez should be sent down as im pretty sure he will be.  give the guy some time to get his head together. i think hes a pretty good pitcher, but the more pressure hes under to preform the more he seems to implode (big contract and then threat of being sent down). hopefully he will settle down and develop into the pitcher he can be. in the meantime, keep him away from the rest of our pitching staff. sterilize his locker and definately dont let him cough on santana...

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