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Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Posted on: March 16, 2009 12:48 am


 This is where we just make the selections. If you have any questions please ask on the other blog. 

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Since: Oct 20, 2008
Posted on: July 15, 2009 12:58 am

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

OK, well i guess we're all set. I'll post the matchups on the Chiefs message board on Wednesday. I still don't know what voting you guys want to use on it. Post-votes or poll votes?? I'll wait to hear responses and if nobody really cares then i'll just post the matchups tomorrow evening and we'll just do post votes. I will let the voting run until Sunday evening. Also, nobody in the league gets to vote on any of the matchups. Everything will be decided by Chiefs nation. 

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:12 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

There you are, D2B2. Now you don't have to go digging for the descriptions.

Here is the order that the post belong to.

1. naravenhawk
3. kc69_85
4. Bowe4Prez
5. Death2Broncos2
6. DCN88
7. ShoeShineBoy
8. gi_hoke

(1) gi_hoke vs. (8) naravenhawk
(2) Death2Broncos2 vs. (7) ShoeShineBoy
(3) DCN88 vs. (6) Bowe4Prez
(4) SOSUSAVAGE vs. (5) kc69_85

Btw, are we aloud to vote for all of them, or not? How is that going to work?

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:08 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Fatty Lumpkins

OFFENSE: QB: Steve Bono RB: Larry Johnson WR: Tony Gonzalez, J.J. Birden OL: Dave Szott, Glenn Parker, Frank Winters, Ricky Siglar, Jeff Blackshear
DEFENSE: DL: Vaughn Booker, Darren Mickell, Tank Tyler LB: Derrick Johnson, Chris Martin, George Jamison DB: James Hasty, Reggie Togune, Ray Crockett
(3-3 Defense)


QB Steve Bono has offensive weapons in the likes of Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, and J.J. Birden. Johnson provides the power running game and threat that opens up the passing game to Gonzalez and Birden. A solid offensive line made of all previous starters can give Bono time to find to open receiver or create running lanes for LJ.

QB: Steve Bono 14 years 3 in KC. 6,489 yds, 37 tds, 27 ints, 21-10 as a starter in KC. 1 time pro bowler

RB: Larry Johnson-6 years in KC. 5,638 rushing yds, 4.5 y/avg, 55 tds. 139 rec 1,293 yds 6 tds. 2 time pro bowler, 1 time 1<sup>st</sup> team all pro

WR: Tony Gonzalez-12 years in KC. 916 rec, 10,940 yds, 11.9 y/c, 76 tds. 10 time pro bowler, 5 time 1<sup>st</sup> team all pro.

WR: J.J. Birden-7 years, 5 in KC. 183 rec, 2,820 yds, 16.7 y/c, 14 tds

OL: Dave Szott-14 years in NFL; 11 years, 125 starts in KC, 1 time 1<sup>st</sup> team all pro

Glenn Parker-12 years in NFL, started 41 of 42 games in three years in KC

Frank Winters-16 years in NFL played in 16 games in KC before blocking for Favre for 11 years and 141 career starts. 1 time pro bowler

Ricky Siglar- 7 years in NFL, 50 starts in 66 games in his 5 years in KC

Jeff Blackshear-9 year vet started 96 of his 128 career games, KC landed him for one season in which he started 15 games

15 pro bowl selections 3 first team all pros on offense. 


Two solid 3-4 DE’s anchor the line with a young strong DT holding down the middle. Jamison was a hardnosed fill in player. For as good as Johnson is, Martin was even better. The shutdown secondary allows the front 6 to make plays.

DE: Vaughn Booker- 9 NFL seasons, 4 with KC. Started 34 of his 56 games as a Chief compiling 6.5 sacks, no tackle records are available.

DE: Darren Mickell-9 NFL seasons, 4 with KC a 20 game starter. More than half of his 26 sacks came while he played for the Chiefs.

DT: Tank Tyler-2 NFL seasons. Last year as a first year starter he accumulated 41 tackles. He is expected to be a force in the middle this year as a 3-4 NT

LOLB: Chris Martin-His 5 seasons in KC were the most productive of his 12, accounting for 15 sacks. He also averaged 80 tackles a year while in KC

MLB: Derrick Johnson-In 4 NFL seasons all in KC DJ has racked up 349 tackles (71 a year), 12 sacks, and 20 pDef.

ROLB: George Jamison-12 NFL seasons, 3 in KC 2 in which he played. Jamison had 87 tackles and a sack as a Chief.

DB: James Hasty-14 year vet, 6 in KC. Started 89 of the 94 games in that time. 355 tkl, 6 sck, and 21 int while a Chief. 2 time pro bowler

DB: Ray Crockett-Finished his 14 year career in KC. 79 tackles, a sack and 3 int

S: Reggie Tongue-10 seasons 4 in KC. 47 starts, 215 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 2 int, 8 FF.

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:07 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

OFFENSE: QB: Elvis Grbac RB: Kimble Anders WR: Willie Davis, Marc Boerighter OL: Willie Roaf, Brian Waters, Rich Baldinger, Damion McIntosh, Kevin Sampson
DEFENSE: DL: Eric Hicks, Ron Edwards, Tim Barndt LB: Anthony Davis, Lonnie Marts, Lewis Bush DB: Kevin Ross, Greg Wesley, Jerome Woods

I am only going to give accolades of my players when they were Chiefs in the era (90-present).  My entire team was built with the idea of trying to put together the most balanced team possible.


Elvis Grbac had the single season best mark in this era with 28 TDs in 2000, a season that concluded with a probowl appearance.  Behind him will be 3 time probowler (95, 96, 97) in Kimble Anders who will be called upon to block, catch passes (3 times over 60 catches in the era) and occasionally run... he averaged 6.9 ypa in 95 and 5.0 in 97.  At wideout will be Willie Davis who led the team in receiving 4 straight years (92,93,94,95) and the underrated Marc Boerigter whose 21.0 ypc in 02 ranks highest in the era with at least 20 catches.  The offensive line is anchored by 4 time probowler (02,03,04,05) Willie Roaf at tackle  who was also an all pro selection in 04.  On the interior will be 4 time probowler (04,05,06,08) and 2 time all pro (04,05) Brian Waters.  A starter in 90,91,92 Rich Baldinger will offer versatility to a line that will be completed by 1 year starter Sampson and 2 year starter McIntosh.

The offensive line is as good as you will find in this tournament and will give Elvis plenty of time to find the speed burners on the outside.  If they are not open he has a good dump off option in Anders.  Short yardage situations should be no problem with Anders running behind the best left tackle in the era. 


The defensive line is predicated on size to plug gaps allowing my athletic linebackers to make plays.  Eric Hicks is third all time in sacks and the only one of the top three to do all his work in the era and will provide much of the pass rush.  Next to him will be 2 300+ pounders who both have held the starting job for multiple years in Edwards and Brandt.  The linebackers, particularly Marts and Davis are athletic and were key components on some of the best defenses of the era.   The DBs feature the #1 and #4 best interception players of the era in Greg Wesely and Kevin Ross.  Ross also the Chiefs all time leader in tackles is a good run stopper and a probowler in the era.  Jerome Woods, also a probowler in the era  will provide the intimidation factor for receivers thinking about coming over the middle.

The defense is constructed soundly to take advantage of its strengths.  Two excellent cover corners, a masher at safety, athletes at linebacker and some grinders on the line.

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:06 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team Name: Montana to Paige

OFFENSE: QB: Joe Montana RB: Barry Word WR: Eddie Kennison, Stephone Paige, Jason Dunn OL: Branden Albert, Marcus Spears, Kyle Turley, Adrian Jones
DEFENSE: DL: John Browning, Keith Traylor, Turk McBride LB: Mike Maslowski, Greg Manusky, Demorrio Williams DB: Deron Cherry, Dexter McCleon, Ty Law
(3-3 Defense)

My offensive strategy is to pass about 70% of the time. Joe Montana, need I say more. The last time the Chiefs made the AFC championship game they were led by "Joe Cool". Without a doubt he stands atop the list of accomplished Chiefs QBs over the last 20 years. To help Montana I have added arguably the two best wide receivers the Chiefs have had over the last 20 years in Stephone Paige, over 6000 yds receiving and 50TDS (all with the Chiefs) and Eddie Kennison, over 8000 yds receiving and 40TDS (5000 yds and 25TDs with the Chiefs). The line is durable with newcomer Branden Alberts at LT, and Jason Dunn converting from TE to RT. Sandwiched in between them are experienced veterans in Spears and Jones.  And in his brand new role at LG, will be Keith Traylor (all 350 lbs of him). Get ready to watch Traylor move the pack from the other side. Look for Barry Word to find running lanes all day, with defenses preparing for the awesome arial assault of Montana to Paige and Montana to Kennison.

Secondary: This defense will excel at getting turnovers. In the late 80's and early 90s the Chiefs had one of the most vaunted, if not the most vaunted secondary in the NFL. That secondary was anchored by Chiefs hall of famer Deron Cherry who had 50 interceptions over his career. The cornerbacks were not long time Chiefs, but when with the Chiefs had some solid stats. Dexter Mcleon had 10 interceptions in 3 years as a Chief, and Ty Law had 6 regular season interceptions against the Chiefs (over 50 interceptions in his career). But what we will most remember about Ty Law as a Chief was the 2006-7 AFC wild card game where Ty Law single handedly kept the Chiefs in the game by intercepting Peyton Manning twice in the first half. Ultimately the ineptitude of Herm Edwards and his offensive scheme led to a 23-8 loss (KC's last playoff game). 

Linebackers: I like to blitz, and with this group I will be sending one or two LBs on every play. Manusky and Maslowski are two Chiefs that are remembered for their big hits, and their ability to track people down. Demorrio Williams has all the speed in the world and will line up on the outside.

D Line: Solid veterans on the defensive line. Turk McBride will be the NT, and obviously John Browning will be coming off the outside. And also in a new role is Kyle Turley. At 6'5" 300lbs, Turley is still agile enough to get around on the outside and cause havoc as a defensive end. He is also strong enough to stop the run. Even when he was playing for New Orleans, I thought Turley would make a better defensive lineman.

I plan to put up a ton of points, and capitalize on turnovers. A lot of blitzing by Maslowski and Manusky. 


Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:05 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team Name: Real Pleather

Team Motto: "We don't need no stinking motto"

QB: Rich Gannon
RB: Marcus Allen 
WR: Johnnie Morton 
WR: Webster Slaughter 
LT: Victor Riley
LG: John Welbourn
C: Chris Bober
RG: Will Shields
RT: Chris Terry

DE: Jared Allen
DT: Dan Saleaumua 
DT: Lional Dalton
DE: Vonnie Holliday
LB: Scott Fujita

LB: Shawn Barber 
DB: Albert Lewis
DB: Brandon Flowers
S: Sammy Knight

Team Philosophy...........

My team is built with the intent of having a drive sustaining offense complimented by a great defense. With a solid running game lead by Marcus Allen and a very capable Rich Gannon at QB, my offense is designed to wear down the opposing defenses with long sustaining drives. Defensively, my goal is to make the offense 1 dimensional by shutting down the passing game. With the likes of Albert Lewis and Brandon Flowers draped all over the receivers and constant pressure from the d-line with Jared Allen and Saleaumua, my plan is to give the QB hell all game long. Also, helping stop the run are my linebackers (Fujita and Barber) as well as a great run stopping safety by the name of Sammy Knight. 


My offense is lead by QB Rich Gannon. Although Gannon's abilities didn't peak until joining the Raiders, this Chiefs fan favorite showed flashes of greatness wearing Red and Gold. Helping him in the backfield is one of KC's finest RBs in Marcus Allen. We all know what the end result will be when this offense gets down to the goal-line. At the receiver position i have the tandem of Johnnie "electric worm" Morton and Webster Slaughter. These two each have 8,000 yard career receiving yards and combine for almost 90 career TD's. As a member of the Chiefs, Morton posted two 700+ yard receiving seasons while Slaughter finished 2nd on the team in receiving yards in his lone season in KC. The o-line is anchored down by arguably the best lineman in Chiefs history, Will Shields. Beside the 12 time pro-bowler are the likes of Chiefs '98 1st round draft pick Victor Riley and complimentary players like Chris Bober, John Welbourn, and Chris Terry. 


My defense is lead by NFL sackmaster Jared Allen. Allen, who averaged just over 10 sacks a season with the Chiefs, is joined by Pro Bowler Dan Saleaumua who totaled 30 sacks in his 9 years with the Chiefs. Completing the D-line is Lional Dalton and Vonnie Holliday. At linebacker i have the Chiefs leading tackler during the '03 and '04 seasons, Scott Fujita. Paired with him is Shawn Barber. Barber was a stud in his first season with the Chiefs accumulating 112 tackles and 5 sacks, but his stats dropped off every year after wearing a Chiefs uniform. He actually sent me a text last night informing me that he's really excited about this tournament and will play like the '03 Barber instead of the '04 version. In the secondary i have the feared trio of Albert Lewis, Brandon Flowers, and Sammy Knight. Chiefs Hall-of-Famer Albert Lewis had 20 interceptions in his first 4 seasons with the Chiefs before the defenses started to avoid him. Side note: Chris Carter claims that Lewis was the best DB to ever cover him... and he didn't even play in the AFC. Alongside Lewis is an up and coming star by the name of Brandon Flowers. Although only having one year under his belt, he's already showed flashes of brilliance and could possibly be the next stud the Chiefs have at secondary. Finally, the field general Sammy Knight. Finished his 2 year campaign as a Chief with 172 tackles/ 4 sacks/ and 3 interceptions.

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:04 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team: Cottonmouth Monsters


This side of the football is built around the offensive line. All 5 players are former, or current starters. Alt and Tait are bookending the o-line. With Niswanger and Lutz next to them, and the small, but very physical Webster hiking the ball; in the middle. Niswanger is without a doubt the weak-link, but Alt and Webster will help him out greatly. Thigpen was chosen as the QB, because of his ability to throw, run, and catch. He is a versitale athlete running the offense. His weapons are the physical-built; fast Dwayne Bowe, and the speedy (Mr. Irrelevant) Emile Harry, on the outside. In the backfield, there is the speedy Jamaal Charles. Charles is in the new-millennium-RB like Reggie Bush. He has speed, can run, can catch, can return, and is a guy that you just want to see have the football in his hands. John Tait will be playing as a trickster some. He has ran the football once, and it went for 28 yards. So will find out, at least once this postseason, if that was a fluke, or an untackable big guy. This will be tried at least once down at the goalline. If it works, will try it maybe once a game. If not, that is the end of it. For the most part it is a balance offense; with a physical offensive line; that could beat you with the passing or running game. So the offense will be playing to my opponent's weakness. PHILOSOPHY: BALANCE OFFENSE

QB: Tyler Thigpen: 2yrs in NFL (2 with KC.) Passing: 2648YDs, 18TDs, 13INTs, 1-10 starter (With Herm, and horrible o-line.) Rushing: 386YDs, 6.2 Y/A, 3TDs Receiving: 37TDs, 37.0 Y/A, 1TD Awards: Rushing Leader for QBs in 2008.

RB: Jamaal Charles: Rushing: 1yr in NFL (1 with KC.) Rushing: 257TDs, 5.3 Y/A, 0TDs Receiving: 272YDs, 10.1 Y/A, 1TD Awards: Rushing Leader for KC rookies in 2008.

WR1: Dwayne Bowe: 2yrs in NFL (2 with KC.) Receiving: 2017YDs, 12.9 Y/A, 12TDs Awards: Receiving Leader for NFL in 2007.

WR2: Emile Harry: 7yrs in NFL (7 with KC.) Rushing: 36YDs, 18.0 Y/A, 0TDs Receiving: 2011YDs, 13.4 Y/A, 9TDs Awards: Mr. Irrelevant in CFFL Draft.

LT: John Alt: 13yrs in NFL (13 with KC.) Starts: 149 starts out of 179 games Awards: 2 Time Pro Bowler, 3 Time 1st-Team Selection, 2 Time 2nd-Team Selection, 2002 KC Hall of Fame

LG: Rudy Niswanger: 3yrs in NFL (3 with KC.) Starts: 15 starts out of 31 games

OC: Mike Webster: 17yrs in NFL (2 with KC.) Starts: 217 starts out of 245 games Awards: 9 Time Pro Bowler, 5 Time 1st-Team Selection, 4 Time 2nd-Team Selection

RG: David Lutz: 12yrs in NFL (9 with KC.) Starts: 170 starts out of 187 games Awards: Ed Block Courage Award

RT: John Tait: 10yrs in NFL (5 with KC.) Rushing: 28YDs, 28.0 Y/A, 0TDs Starts: 139 starts out of 148 games Awards: 2 Time Pro Bowler

Total: 13 Pro Bowls, 8 1st-Team Selections, 6 2nd-Team Selections, 1 KC Chiefs HOFer, 1 NFL HOFer, 1 CFFL Mr. Irrelevant


This is a big; physical defensive that will be doing a lot of pass/rush/combo blitz. All 9 player are 6'0, or taller. Up front, we have a big physical defensive line. Was able to make a perfect 3-3 defense because three of the players come from the Levy-Mackovic-Gansz Eras, or were in their primes in the 1980s; in Mike Bell, Louis Cooper, and Lloyd Burruss. Thanks to the fact they were all three holding by their last fingernail onto their roster spot by 1990; was able to save later picks on them. Giving me a dominating defense. With none of the defensive linemen below 6 foot 4 and around 250-300lbs; this is a physical group up front that will give any RB, and OL a hard time. Mike Bell, in Jared Allen's former spot, has great pass rushing ability. On the second level, we have #1 overall pick Derrick Thomas, joining Mike Bell to frustrate the left side of the o-line. If the line gets too busy on that side, the very underrated Louis Cooper, who had 4.5 sacks his only season as a full-time starter, and Duane Clemons will be ready to take advantage. In the middle, the most complete LB of the last 20 years roams either in the offensive, or defensive backfield; playing coverage, or blitzing. Derrick Thomas and Donnie Edwards were a force in the late-1990s. They will be a force, yet, again. On the third level of defense. We have the most physical group of DBs in the league. Cris Dishman spent 1 season in KC, and posted what should have been a Pro Bowl season, but was let go for some questionable reason by Carl Peterson and Gunther Cunningham. Now this physical, interception machine of a DB is back for revenge. On his other side, is one the most physical, if not, than most physical DBs of the 1980s in Lloyd Burruss. In the middle, the Bonecrusher is getting ready to strike. He is the worst of the three DBs in coverage, but one of the physical DBs in the league. With Burruss, Dishman, and sometimes Edwards back there; Pollard's main job will be to clean up the mess left by the other three. Just ask Tom Brady what that feels like. Dishman will cause more interceptions, Lloyd Burruss will cause more dropped balls, and Pollard will cause more bones to be crushed. Watch out for the most physical defense in this league. PHILOSOPHY: AGGRESSIVE BLITZ

LE: Duane Clemons: 10yrs in NFL (3 with KC.) Starts: 85 starts out of 142 games Defensive: 338TACs, 49.5Sacks, 0INTs

NT: Joe Phillips: 14yrs in NFL (6 with KC.) Starts: 152 starts out of 200 games Defensive: 399TACs, 24.5Sacks, 1INT

RE: Mike Bell: 13yrs in NFL (13 with KC.) Starts: 100 starts out of 135 games Defensive: ???TACs, 51.0Sacks, 0INTs Awards: 2 Time Pro Bowler, 1 Time All-American

LLB: Louis Cooper: 9 yrs in NFL (6 with KC.) Starts: 23 starts out of 102 games Defensive: ???TACs, 7.5Sacks, 1INT Awards: 2005 Western Carolina Sports HOF

MLB: Donnie Edwards: 13yrs in NFL (8 with KC.) Starts: 180 starts out of 197 games Defensive: 1498TACs, 23.5Sacks, 28INTs Awards: 1 Time Pro Bowler, 2 Time 2nd-Time Selections, 20/20 Club, future KC HOFer

RLB: Derrick Thomas: 11yrs in NFL (11 with KC.) Starts: 157 starts out of 169 games Defensive: 642TACs, 126.5Sacks, 1INTs Awards: 9 Time Pro Bowler, 7 Time 1st-Team Selection, 1 Time 2nd-Selection, 1988 Dick Butkus Award, 1989 DROY Award, 1993 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, 1990 All-Decade Team, NFL record for most sacks in 1 game, former single-season-sacks leader, 41 career forced fumbles, 2001 KC Hall of Fame, 2009 NFL Hall of Fame, #1 Overall Pick in the CFFL Draft

CB: Cris Dishman: 13 yrs in NFL (1 with KC.) Starts: 165 starts out of 199 games Defensive: 739TACs, 1.5Sacks, 43INTs Awards: 2 Time Pro Bowler, 1 Time 1st-Team Selection, 2 Time 2nd-Team Selection, 1 Time All-Pro

CB: Lloyd Burruss: 11 yrs in NFL (11 with KC.) Starts: 103 starts out of 145 games Defensive: ???TACs, 2.5Sacks, 22INTs Awards: 1 Time Pro Bowler, 1 1st-Team Selection, 1 2nd-Team Selection, 1999 KC Hall of Fame, Most Non-Offensive TDs in 1986, Tied for Most Non-Offensive TDs in 1 Game with 3

S: Bernard Pollard: 3 yrs in NFL (3 with KC.) Starts: 31 starts out of 48 games Defensive: 199TACs, 1.0Sacks, 3INTs Awards: Tom Brady Rule

Total: 15 Pro Bowls, 10 1st-Team Selections, 6 2nd-Team Selections, 2 KC HOFers, 1 NFL HOFer, 1 CFFL #1 Overall Pick

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 10:59 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team Name: The Blue Ryders

QB: Damon Huard
RB: Christian Okoye
WR: Joe Horn
WR: Dante Hall
OL: Casey Weigmann
OL: Jeff Criswelll
OL: Jeff Smith
OL: Donald Willis
OL: Willie Jones

DL: Leslie O'Neal
DL: Tamba Hali
DL: Chester McGlockton
LB: Marvcus Patton
LB: Kawika Mitchell
LB: Monty Beisel
DB: Mark McMillian
DB: Patrick Surtain
DB: Jarrad Page

Team Philosophy:  
I plan on running Okoye down your throat and wearing out your D with the underrated Huard making all the right throws either underneath to the speedy Hall or over the top to Horn. Defensively my team will over power your OL with speed from the ends Hali and O'Neal and power from the middle with Chester "the Molestor".  The DBs will not only have blanket coverage because of the the great Surtain and Mighty Mouse but Page will come up and smash anyone coming across the middle. My LBs are all smart and quick making few mistakes and are led by Marvus "the general" Patton. 

My offense is led by Huard a QB that was a backup for Dan Marino and Tom Brady before coming to KC.  He was never a Joe Montana but he didn't make stupid mistakes and could make the throws you needed him to make. With a power running game in Okoye, I can rely on a strong left side of the line in center Casey Weigman and lt Jeff Criswell to open up the small holes I need for my running game to flurish.  After getting the opposing D to cheat up on the line I can either throw it underneath to the speeding Dante Hall, who could take it all the way anytime he touches it, or throw it over the top to Joe Horn.

My defense is the key to my success. The secondary is gonna shut down your wr with Surtain and McMillian and hit you in the face with Page. My LBs led by Patton not only have the speed to blitz and get to you, but they have the intelligence to be able to cover your rb coming out the backfield or the wr cutting across the middle and not just bite on every play. But the bread and butter to my D is my Line.  With the power of McGlockton in the middle your gonna have to double on him, so the quickness of Hali and O'Neal off the ends is gonna destroy your o-line.

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 10:57 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team Name: Steve DeBerg's Sarasota Superstars

QB-Tren Green, the highest rated qb for 2002-2005, 3rd best Chief Qb behind Len Dawson and Matt Cassel, Pro bowler in 03' and 05'

RB-Priest Holmes, a dual threat who overcame an injury proned start to be a 3-tiem pro bowler with three straight seasons of 2000 yds or more total offense, plus scored 83 tds from 2001-2005, heres hoping another ut rb (Jamaal Charles) follows in his footsteps

FB/Blocker-None of the above would be possible without Tony Richardson, the best blovking fb (sorry Lorenzo Neal) this decade, sinc eh ehleft KC the Chiefs have averaged 17 pts a game, with him as starting fb leading the way for Priest and LJ we averaged 27 pts a game, next to Jared Allen letting go of Richardson was the 2nd dumbest player decision of the Herm&Carl era

WR-Derrick Alexander, gets overshadowed because his era the Chiefs were consistently striving for .500 and he got hur and ended his career right as Vermeil came on board. Who could could forget the 82-yd reverse against the Steelers? How about in 2000 when he had 78 catches for 1391 yds/10 tds, 

WR-Chris Penn-A servicable wr who had the misfortune of playing with Steve Bono. Did lead the Chiefs in receiving in 1996 with 49 cathes 628 yds 5 tds, I watched him play in college, decent possesion receiver

C/OL Tim Grunhard, solidified the center of the o-line for a decade, somethign the Chiefs hadn't had since Jack Rudnay, Casey Weigemann was a decent replacement, just wish we had done better than Rudy Niswanger

G/T/OL-Derrick Graham, solid if not spectacular, played from 90-94 and was the starting RT in 94', then he looked mediocre on Marty's teams, today would be a shoe in over Damion Sackintosh

T-Jordan Black, struggled at first to adjust to LT, heir apparent to Willie Roaf, started playing well in 06', them big dumby Carl Peterson let him walk as a fa to Houston where he was injured in OTA's and ended his career, replaced by Damion Sackintosh, a huge downgrade

G/T Herb Taylor-Like an X-files mystery why does this guy sit on the bench behind Damion Sackintosh and Adrian Jones? Played against Denver home game in 08' in place of Branden Albert and Chiefs run for over 200 yds in a win, replaces Sackintosh at RT late in Denver game on road in 08' and Chiefs drive for 90+yards but spends rest of season on the bench.

DT/DE-Dan Williams, former Bronoc 1st rd draft pick played three seasons in KC and collected 22.5 sacks, injuries slowed his career, far superior to the Ryan Sims/Juniior Siavii that followe him

NT/DE Leonard Griffin, racked up 3.5 sacks in 1990, solid if not spectactular player who was good enough to start for a playoff team

NT/DE Derrick Ransom, ok I took every Chief player named Derrick, ok player, had 3 sacks in 01', oh how the Chiefs have fallen

LB-Gary Stills, last Chief lb to make a pro-bowl, decent player was a role player/special teams guy ala Monty Beisel, had 3 sacks in 2003

ILB/MLB-Tracy Simien arguably the best ILB/MLB the Chiefs have had in the last 20 yrs, i met him at the airport in Tulsa, would fly home on Southwest airlines and the wright amendment forced layovers in Oklahoma, big massive bone curshing dude

MLB-Napoleon Harris, he sucked so bad we decided to downgrade and bring in Pat Thomas, could have traded him for a late pick but Carl was too stupid to do that.

CB-Maurice Leggett-FA cb recorded 2 td's in 08', will be a great nickel back and provides depth, on eof the few positive moves of the Hemr era

CB-Mark Collins, ran back a pick for a td against the faiders in 94' sreason finale that ended the faiders playoff hopes and their stay in LA, solid player later converted to FS, didnt like it in KC said team was too thug like. Had 6 picks in 96 and 3 sacks in KC, went to three SB's (2-Giants, 1-packers) a Parcells player

SS-Brian Washington, also ran back a pick to defeat the faiders (1995 road game 29-23 win) solid but not spectacular, better run stoper than pass defender

Team Philosophy-AGGRESSIVE!!!! Our offense is the Al Saunders verson from 2001-2005, our defense a hybrid 3-4 ala the Falcon from 1995-1999 with Gunther Cunningham, this is an ANTI-HERM team, play to win let the consequences be damned, no playing to hold a 17-14 lead in the 2nd qtr here.

Since: May 30, 2008
Posted on: July 14, 2009 10:57 pm

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Team: Raven's Rook


There is no tougher NFL QB that put on a Chiefs uniform than Steve Deberg. Throwing for 3444 yards with 23 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and a 96.3 QB ranking. The offensive line is solid with 3starting tackles 1 guard, and one backup tackle. It is much easier to convert a Tackle to a guard(but isn't practical today as it can be expensive). Barry Richardson should make the left side extremely solid with Irv Eatmand and Kendall Gammons by his side. Danny Villa was a starting guard that was used in passing situations(scoring multiple td's). Joe Valerio solidifies the right side of this offensive line.

With that said this offense is primarily going to be passing offense with Todd McNair changing things up with his running game. Many screen passes will be seen. Andre Rison will be burning DB's and scoring TD's left and right as he is the best wide reciever to ever play the game(just ask him). Lake Dawson brings speed to the table and watch for the occasional long bomb thrown his way.

Another trick aspect of this team is lining up Dale Carter as a reciever which is good for at least one TD. ;)

QB Steve Deberg
RB Todd Mcnair
WR Andre Rison
WR2 Lake Dawson
LT Irv Eatman
lG Barry Richardson
C Kendall Gammon
RG Danny Villa
RT Joe Valerio


Wearing the offense down, providing nice solid tackles is what this team does. Causing turnovers and grind it out play is what this team strives for each and every play. The Defense is the heart and soul of the team. The energy and excitement of the big hits, and big plays causes the offense to step up thier game.

If you are going to play in the 3-4(i.e. 3-3 in our case) you have to have a solid NT. Some may argue that  Dan Saleaumua is the best NT to grace the Chiefs uniform. Yet they are wrong as Bill Maas is the BEST NT to play for the Chiefs and is the one that taught Big Sal everything he knows. Big Sal isn't a bad #2 to have.

At LE I have, Neil Smith, the best LE to play in a Chiefs Uniform. With 15 sacks, 1 interception for a touchdown, and 5 turnovers the defense is going to be pretty solid. The weakness in this line is going to be Glen Dorsey. He is unproven on the DE position, but his athleticism and elusiveness should prevail.

Unless you are Christian Okoye you are not going to want to make it past the defensive line. Dino Hackett, and Percy Snow are the hardest hitting LB's to play for the Chiefs in the past 25 years. With 3.5 sacks Wayne Simmons is a LB to watch out for coming out of the OLB position. While this may not be impressive he was solid at shutting down TE's, and Wide Recievers.

If you are looking to throw past the LB be careful because Bennie Thompson is right there waiting for you. Bennie has given up many more hard knocks than Jared Page, or Bernard Pollard(Yet Bennie never took out a #1 QB before). Bennie brings 1.5 sacks and 4 interceptions(not being a starter). Put him in a starting position and he makes even more big plays. Dale Carter and Brandon Car finish up the corners. This could be one of the best combo of corners and will setup many interceptions with the solid defensive line play. Dale Carter brings in 7 interceptions with one of them brought back for a touchdown. Only problem is Dale Carter has a tendency to have fumblitis.

Dale Carter also bring in special teams play where he has scored 2 TD's on punt returns.

LE Neil Smith
NT Bill Maas
RE Glen Dorsey
OLB Dino Hacket
ILB Percy Snow
OLB Wayne Simmons
CB Dale Carter
CB Brandon Carr
SA Bennie Thompson

These are my Kansas City Chiefs.

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