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Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Posted on: March 16, 2009 12:48 am


 This is where we just make the selections. If you have any questions please ask on the other blog. 

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Posted on: March 16, 2009 1:23 am

Chiefs fantasy football LIVE Draft

Here are some simple things to keep in mind when drafting......

1. The player you pick must have played for the Chiefs for a minimum of 1 season. That doesn't necessarily mean all 16 games, but made an attempt to play in at least half of them. In other words, don't draft Ronnie Lott. 

2. We will assume that the player you draft is only as good as his best years as a member of the Chiefs. In other words, you aren't getting 49er's Montana, but the Chiefs Montana. 

3. Remember that all things will be considered. For example, if you draft LJ and give him a great o-line to run behind, we will assume he will play like the 1700 yard 15 TD RB that he once was. You put him behind an average o-line and we will assume he is the player he is currently. 

4. Know your team's identity. Don't just draft the best players that fall to you. Come in to this draft with a gameplan for your team and draft accordingly. 

5. This is the important one. Keep track of your roster. Remember, we aren't drafting any depth.... only starters. Don't draft 3 WR's or you'll throw everything out of order. 

6. Feel free to make trades and swap picks. Just remember, you have to trade an equal amount of picks and/or players. 

7. Offense: 1 QB: 1 RB: 2 WR: 5 OL ...................... Keep in mind that you can draft 3 tackles if you like and convert one to a guard or center if you need to. Just remember again that all things will be considered. Not everyone will think that plugging Grunhard in at RT will do wonders for your o-line. 

8. Defense: This one is a little tricky. 4 DL/2 LB or 3 DL/3 LB: 2 DB: 1 Safety............ This one is a bit confusing but we can have fun with it. You are basically deciding whether or not you want a 4-3 (4 DL/ 2 LB) or 3-4 ( 3 DL/ 3LB) defense. In this scenario we will assume that the guys you pick will be fine at either/or. In other words, Derrick Thomas will be the same dominant LB in either defense. Jared Allen will be the same sackmaster in the 3-4 as he was in the 4-3. Glenn Dorsey can play NT. So on and so forth. We are basically just looking at the front 6 as a whole and determining how they will play as one unit. The reason i'm doing this is to again even the playing field. 


I know that was a long rules list but it's not that complicated. Don't overthink this. 

Alright fellas, we're ready to get this party started.

And with the first selection in the 2009 Chiefs Fantasy Draft, Bowe4Prez selects.......................

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