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Thoughts on Game 5

Posted on: June 7, 2009 10:58 pm
Well to be honest can i really say anything that hasnt already been said?

Great all around effort tonight by the Red Wings. I, like everyone else, was happy to see Pavel back on the ice playing field general. That guy is magic.

Now, on to a darker subject. The Penguins "antics" after going down 2-0 and eventually losing 5-0. It seems like most anti-penguins fans are screaming as loudly and as often as possible about how the Penguins are thugs. While you have the right to your opinions and whatever makes you feel better, i do not agree. They got frustrated and took some cheap penalties. Thats all it was. Happens almost every night in the regular season. A team gets down big and gets mad. Oh well get over it. Noone was hurt. Move on. Both teams are focused on game 6. Noone is thinking about game 5. I promise you. So the sooner everyone gets over all this hate then the better game 6 will be to watch.

Go Red Wings.
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Posted on: June 9, 2009 6:41 pm

Thoughts on Game 5

The antics whichever way you view them proves one glaring point...the Pens still have a lot to learn. Firstand foremost how to keep your emotions in check when you're against the ropes. I have two index fingers so I'll point one each at the superstars 87 and 71. You can't turn into little bitches on the ice and then go talk to the media and pout and rehearse the losers cliche handbook. If they're as good as billed, show it on the ice. Suck it up and regroup. They have a talented team, but if they let their emotions control them, the Wings will capitalize on every opportunity. They need their superstars to quit giving lip service and lead by example. If winning attitudes are contagious, and losing attitudes are the BubonicPlague. Game 6 in an hour and a half...GO WINGS!!!

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 6:35 pm

Thoughts on Game 5

While it's true no one got hurt, it wasn't from a lack of effort.  I'm pretty sure the slash on Datsyuk's foot by Kunitz was an attempt to remove him from the rest of the playoffs.  That is something the Wings should not try to get past.  As far as Cindy's slash on Zetterberg, the best thing to do is ride this guy like the little Beey**ch he is and just keep rubbing his nose in the fact that he has one doorstop chip-in goal in this whole series (on another note, does he score any other type of goal?  I have yet to see Crosby score a highlight reel goal this postseason, he just sits on the side of the goal and chips it in every time, although we are certainly treated to a replay of THAT goal every single night when they are talking about the series!)  Zetterberg is absolutely choking this guy out for the second straight year in the finals and he lost his cool again, the first time being the slash on Maltby after Game 2.  The Wings need to go out and absolutely smash Kunitz on his first shift, then Datsyuk needs to knock Malkin on his ass AGAIN right out of the gate like in Game 5, and Crosby needs to get slammed into the boards early to set the tone. 

I am really hoping Hossa has a big game tonight.  I want him to be the difference and think he is long overdue for a multi-goal game.  Maybe now that Datsyuk is back he will get set up early often for some chances.

GO WINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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