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74 days and counting....

Posted on: June 23, 2009 5:12 pm

College Football is my first love.  I take it for granted when the season is on, constantly looking forward till the big games instead of just sitting back and soaking it all in.  oh well, thats just what fans do.  off season is a b*tch.  everyday I go through my favorite blogs like espn's college football nation, bulldog blog, rivals, AJC, and dogbytes just hoping to see something new, but no.  I continue to read about how good players are expected to do this coming year and it seems to never get old.  ok, Im bored so Im gonna name my top 10.  UGA, UGA, UGA, UGA,....  ok just joking.  I dont have a top 10, to early.  here comes the boss, gotta go. 

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