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10 days Later, I still remember...

Posted on: March 15, 2009 1:48 pm
Edited on: March 15, 2009 2:19 pm

 I must admit the way I awoke at 9 am Wednesday March 4th, 2009, will stay in my memory banks for years to come.  My phone erupted and vibrated across my night stand.  Wide eyed and full of energy I knew this could only mean one thing... I had already prearranged my room before I hit the hay, with my computer and 2 televisions in one quick sight, 2 big bags of chips, 2 - 2 litres of Diet Pepsi, a reachable microwave with pizza pockets and of course my "always readily available to bark transactions" cell phone beside me.  Today was the NHL Trade Deadline... My first message that made my phone dance across my nightstand, passed the dancing theme to me as i leaped out of bed flipped my phone open and saw Filip Kuba signs a 3 year deal with Ottawa Senators.  Now being an Ottawa fan, this was exciting, but nothing prepared me for the text I received while taking my morning urination session.  The phone vibrated across the bathroom counter and and with one hand available I reached over and flipped open my cell to see the unthinkable:  Antoine Vermette traded to Columbus Blue Jackets for Goalie Pascal Leclaire.  Of all the goalies available and the vast amount of players Ottawa had available to move it made me shout at the top of my lungs Damn you MURRAY!  I slumped back to my room, sat on my couch and sulked!   

The day was uneventful there after for me.  As I sat droopy eyed watching other teams such as Calgary beefing up with the aquiring Jokinen and Leopold, I began to feel Calgary has a shot at the cup if everyone can get healthy.  Its now 12 pm and I am 3/4 done a bag of potato chips, and on my second bottle of Diet Pepsi. 

I began texting friends who were at work asking them to amuse me with random trade rumours.  I think at one point we had Lupul going to Florida for Bouwmeester, while Neil and Fisher of Ottawa was going to Nashville for a 2nd round pick.  We also dreamed of Pronger in New Jersey so that Brodeur would have his power defense back in exchange for its first round and a 6th round in 2011.  Oh we can only dream. 

So 3 oclock EST came and the chip crumbs and pizza pocket stained plates surrounded me.  Dumbfounded I asked outloud to my dog in the corner "Is that it?  Did I waste my whole day?"  How freaking boring is it to watch Nik Antropov for a 2nd rounder, Dominic Moore for a second rounder, Ales Kotalik from Buffalo for a second-round pick...

Whatever happened to the blockbuster trades "people for people"? 

  • Ricci, Forsberg, Hextall, Dueschene, Simon and 15 Million + 2 1st rounders for Lindros
  • Gilmour, Macoun, Nattress, Wamsley, Manderville for Leeman, Petit, Reese, Berube, Godynyuk
  • Thornton for Sturm, Stuart and Primeau (Maybe not a blockbuster but it was in 2005-06) 

When all was said and done, 47 players were moved in 22 deals, and if I remember correctly my phone was vibrating from 3:45 pm steady till  5:30 pm with updates and new transactions that they didn't catch earlier on trade centre shows or websites.  

Where does that leave us?  Seriously nothing changed really other than team unloading money for the 2010-2011 anticipated Salary cap reduction.  The big winner has to be Calgary Flames, for what they received and what they dished out as far as players only Lombardi.  Philladelphia I have no idea why they picked up Carcillo... Scottie Upshall was worth more.  My Ottawa Senators are unfortunately showing a too little too late drive, with the same goalies, and up till last night Martin Gerber was in Toronto Maple Leafs boasting his average 6 goals against wearing an Ottawa Senator helmet.  Seriously could he not wear a different helmet while playing for the buds?  

So here is my playoff predictions from Semi Finals on...

  • East Semi:  Washington Capitals vs. Philladelphia Flyers
  • East Semi: Boston Bruins vs. New Jersey Devils
  • East Finals: New Jersey Devils vs Washington Capitals
  • West Semi:  San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks
  • West Semi: Calgary Flames vs. Edmonton Oilers
  • West Finals: Calgary Flames vs. San Jose Sharks

The Big Show: Calgary Flames vs. Washington Capital Calgary wins 4-2

Thats right I said it... as we get closer i will make modifications but these are my picks for today!  See ya next time friends!

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10 days Later, I still remember...

Colourful blog!  You write with a lot of humour!

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