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Happy St Patty's day!!

Posted on: March 17, 2009 12:19 pm

 Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.  I figured I would write my thoughts of the day before they get absorbed with the green flowing beverages consume my attention.  Lets start first of all with Happy Birthday yesterday Donna, you are a beautiful compassionate mother, with the most dedication to helping others and putting yourself second!

That said lets look around the NHL and see others helping others...

Kari Lehtonen 49 saves last night against Washington Capitals, WHAT?  49 saves in any game is great, 49 saves against a sniping team like the Caps is PHENOMENAL!! Ovechkin with 10 shots, and Semin with 7... SNIPE!!!But on the other hand with Atlanta's late attempt to win games (6 straight now) is it not hurting their draft pick selections?

Glen Sather, a friend in deed to a friend in need, Peter Pocklington.  Not that the past was ever behind them.  A dynasty I beleive stays united forever.  I have always admired the Oiler organization and this past year I see those characteristics being shown by a young and up and coming team Chicago Blackhawks.  It takes a special bonding force to be able to gel an organization, and once the Blackhawks experience a cup run they will have that fire as the Oil did in 1982-83.

Some teams have already shined their golf clubs for the off season, yet we are still seeing exciting hockey.  New York Islanders are beating top seeded teams such as the Bruins, Devils and Blackhawks? 

Today we tip our glasses to the Irish, 22 teams playing tonight.  Will the Irish fury be unleashed tonight at the rinks?  Will Andrew Peters and Jarkko Ruutu bite each others thumbs off?  Or better yet will we see a bench brawl?  With only 26 days left in the season the average team having 10 games remaining, anything can happen.  Expect new teams in the playoff hunt this week and teams that have floated in the 6th 7th or 8th seed to be washed away like the spring run off. 

Please don't drink and drive... Tip your servers and have a great St Patty's Day!!!!


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Happy St Patty's day!!

Yes don't drink and drive!! 

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