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keeper trade scenario...

Posted on: March 16, 2009 5:56 pm

 How do you guys feel about trades that occur in keeper leagues between an owner making a push for the title and one throwing in the towel so to speak and building for next year and beyond?

I have seen plenty of "on the surface" deals that would have you scratching your head but when the keeper part of the equation is factored it than everything is alright... or is it?

Let me know some of your experiences and how you feel overall when you see these deals.

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Posted on: April 17, 2009 8:11 pm

keeper trade scenario...

I have seen plenty of deals like this in my time. In most of the leagues I have been in draft picks are the prize for the bottom dwellers. If you get into a dynasty league then long term prospects have more value.

One year this guy took over a pretty bad team and he got rid of about 8 solid players for a collection of draft picks.

I had a bad year of injuries and started planning for the next season by late June. Anything that was not a bonified keeper was traded for guys that I thought might develop by the end of the year, or draft picks.

In one league we ended up limiting the number of draft picks one team could accumulate, but for the most part I believe in a free market fantasy economy. I usually set the veto policy to commissioner approval, and any owner that wants to object has to do it on the message board. That usually eliminates the ,"that trade is not good for my team," objections, and if any were made like that they would not be counted.


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Posted on: March 17, 2009 5:13 pm

keeper trade scenario...

I would have to agree on all accounts Joltin Joe.

So as a participant in keeper leagues give some examples of trades for everyone that you have seen.  Maybe some that at the time were fine because of the keeper aspect and then those guys washed out and amounted to nothing.  Or perhaps a deal where at first even with the keeper aspect you might have thought the team getting the proven talent was the clear cut winner however it turned out to benefit the owner getting the youth.

Let's hear some examples guys... they are easier to comment on and provide chat material for everyone else.  Here is one to get it started.

In one of my leagues last season with a month to go in the season I was presently in 3rd and in a position to make a realistic move at 2nd with an outside shot at 1st.  I dealt away Kershaw, Carpenter and Bradley for Ichiro and Peavy.  I can see how on the surface this deal seems one sided for the Ichiro/Peavy recipient.  However it was only the case for one month.  Our league is a contract league and both Peavy and Ichiro had to go back into the draft so they were essentially acquired for one month of service.  Where as I gave up 4 potential years (max contract length allowed) of Kershaw, Carpenter and Bradley.  Each came with potential risk but I know from Kershaw's talent and reading what most of you guys have written that most people love this kid in keeper leagues.  Carpenter while probably not a wise guy to save for the full 4 year term is having a nice spring and even if he posts one solid year for the guy at where he can save him (28th round) he could be huge himself.  Bradley was a throw in and due to his injury history probably not really going to be saved but he did have a better than average year last year which helped that team cushion the blow of losing Ichiro.  Our Commish went nuts when seeing the deal and cried foul (he was in 2nd place at the time) but in all honesty I feel I may have even given up too much when you take in to account it was only for one month of Ichiro and basically what amounted to 5 starts from Peavy.  The reason I don't regret the decision too much is it did catapult me into 2nd place and a higher money spot.

Let's hear from you guys!    

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Posted on: March 17, 2009 2:05 pm

keeper trade scenario...

As long as the trade seems to make sense in the long term than I believe that it's okay. Trading a veteran stud player for an up and coming future star may not seem like a fair trade and wouldn't be if not for the keeper league factor. How good will Price or Kershaw or Matt Weiters be and what value do they have in a trade? As a keeper league player the sky could be the limit and these three players could surpass the value of guys clearly having more value at this time. The parameters of the league rules can help define the quality of a young player with projected upside in a trade for a known commodity. For instance the number of years a player can be saved would inflate or deflate the value of any possible future star combared to a player that has already attained such status.

Since pitchers are much more fragile than hitters I would say that a future star as a hitter has more value than a bright young pitcher. As long as trades are made that aren't clear out and out dump trades than I say latitude should ge given when reviewing a trade. Because of the keeper aspect trades do become harder to judge and determine if they where made in good faith.

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