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juventus what does it take

Posted on: March 29, 2011 11:56 pm
well juve we all tried hard but now it is time for the team to prove itself , we need a team that not only plays well and better but for the health of its new stadium wealth- first mangement must use trust and determination to propel the squad in root of its capacity, clean the rules for the young players involved , give the valuable older players careful room to expand upon , grow within the organization and improve play by determinazation and well ware-  then we need to buy quality players with a future worth , not just farm but potent international jocks who will outplay and chemically bond effectively and fast.  we should start not just with experience and measure in the company but a round education , we need a goaltender to replace buffon with experience, we need a player to attack fiercely and contend in europe where it counts as well as the a league where it hurts - we need a player on defense who knows the rules and takes the mind on the backfield- we can find these such players and pay well to satisfy the hunger in this 21st century market , and the place to search is as such to make an example - portugal spain france and then such a team as bologna, under 21  who contend - we use eleven players then that it should be.
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