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Arizona, not deserving just yet

Posted on: March 24, 2009 10:59 am

         I still believe that Arizona’s “success” in the tournament this far does not justify the Wildcats inclusion in this year’s tournament.  Perhaps if the Wildcats had a different draw then I would say they deserved their spot.  However, I believe it is very likely that either Saint Mary’s or Creighton could have gotten to this point with Arizona’s draw (Utah and Cleveland State).  How did Arizona get in the tournament?  Was it their stellar road record (2-9) or maybe it was there 6<sup>th</sup> place Pac-10 finish.  Whatever is was they stole a spot from a deserving Mid-Major team that can win on the road and who most likely would be in the Sweet 16, also.  It is another case of the major conference teams (who may not be as deserving) getting the benefit of the doubt when it comes time to filling the field. People say that Arizona would have the best chance to win, but how do we know when consistently mid-majors get left out. I will change my opinion on this issue, if Arizona goes out and beats Louisville.

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