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Re: More Heartbreak in Cleveland

Posted on: June 5, 2009 8:21 am
To make a couple of additional comments:

The whole reason you play sports is to win.  Okay, professionals play sports to make money, but even they'd rather win then lose.  The city of Cleveland has had some pretty good teams in the past 25 years (part of my life I can remember).  From the Browns of the 80's, the Cavs of the early 90's, the Indians in the late 90's, and in recent years the Cavs with LeBron.  But it always comes down to they don't win championships.  Whether its The Fumble, the Drive, Jose Mesa in the 9th, Jordan over Elow, or whatever else - teams from Cleveland always lose when it counts.

I know its just sports, but after this years sports (Browns 4-12, Indians off to an awful start, Cavs disappointment) I asked myself, "Is it even worth watching?"  I really got into the Cavs team this year.  They were great.  Only 2 losses at home all season, tough on the road, players other than LeBron scoring.  All the talk about "ONE GOAL" and  "BRING A CHAMPIONSHIP TO CLEVELAND."  So I got into it.  I watched a lot of games this year - more than normal.  Every playoff game. (that doesn't sound like much, but I travel a lot for work.  so I'd scout out a local bar and beg them to put the game on or listen to it on the internet or ask my buddy for text message score updates.) 

Did I think they were a shoe-in for the championship?  No.  But I  thought they would get to the finals.  Then if they lost to the Lakers (who are by far the best team in the West) I could handle it.  Instead they got white-washed by the Magic.  A team that probably will get swept by the Lakers.  They looked horrible in the series and if LeBron missed that 3 pt shot with 1 second left, they would have gotten SWEPT.

Now in general, I'm a football first guy.  I've always been a Browns fan...sadly probably always will be.  Its probably because the Indians were so horrible when I was young and I wasn't much into basketball as a kid either.  I was really bummed when they left Cleveland and was really excited when they came back.  But what a disappointment that has been.  1 playoff apperance in 10 years.  2-18 against the Steelers - that not even a rivalry anymore.  2 winning season.  I starting to hate my Sundays.  Its not going to be any better next year.  Its constant rebuilding in cleveland.  and its going to happen again.  3-4 years with Mangini and he'll be out for the next moron to come in and start "rebuilding" all over again.  What a joke.

Don't worry, I'm not going to jump out a window or anything, but for the next few weeks I won't be watching any sports.
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