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Who's Who With Duke Ed. 3 Duke Daily 8/04

Posted on: August 4, 2009 4:46 pm
Last Kyle Singler was Duke's star at the power foward position... but how will he do this year?

Player Profile: Singler can play guard and foward, but he mostly plays at the foward position, he may see minutes at the two guard this year.  I actually thinks he will be the Duke starting small foward.  Coach K knows how gifted this player is being able to score anywhere on the court, you want to play him tight so he doesn't pull up for the three, but if you play him tight he'l beat you on the low post, Singler will make your head ache.  He is only average in man coverage, great in the defensive zone where his strong point is in hepl defense.  He is one of Duke's clutch players, fearless when its an important game, or in the last few minutes.  We may see a little bit more of posting up this year as he grew and added more muscle to his upper body.  He can lead the Duke in every category as he almost did last year, and is probably the most well rounded power foward in the nation.

So how will Singler do for Duke?  Well only time will tell albeit, Singler may be averaging 20+ points per game and around eight rebounds, to solidify his game he may average five assists a game.  Singler will either be the starting small forward of the starting power foward.
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