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TUF 9 Episode 4 Mark VS Nick

Posted on: April 24, 2009 2:11 pm

So here we are at episode 4. This was the 1st episode where both teams had all 8 members decided,  training began in earnest and the true competition started.  Team USA won the original coin toss which decided which team would choose the first fight and from then on each fight alternates between the two teams. Coach Henderson asked us who wanted to fight first and what everyone's weight was at.   He decided to go with Mark Miller against Nick Ocispcek. Mark was happy to accept the fight and immediately began preparing during training.  One of the things the coaches worked on with Mark was him standing and trading with a southpaw.  I was surprised to see Nick come out in a conventional stance during the fight.   So chalk 1 up to Nick for a little tomfoolery.

A comment on the house antics.  They started out when we were just sitting around the house, bored out of our minds, and Demarques found a Team UK t-shirt left out.  We got together and decided that we would start a lil battle between the teams by marking any clothing articles that were left in common areas.  Honestly, we weren't doing it to be pricks to the UK guys. It was meant as a friendly game and also as a way to break the monotony of the house when we were not training. I am very hyperactive and being in the house with absolutely nothing to do almost all day, other than to train, became very frustrating.    Everyday we were in the house it seemed to become smaller and smaller.

For those of you who didn't understand me when I looked into the camera and began speaking in my "bisping" accent. I was saying "too much spotted dick for Michael Bisping" I was referring to his weight. (Spotted Dick is a suet pudding popular in Britain).  Michael was walking around at about 220lbs while he was on the show.  We gave him crap because during a photo shoot he refused to take off his shirt.  That's why in the team pictures both coaches are wearing their jerseys. Plus, I JUST LIKED TO DO ANYTHING THAT WOULD PISS "Michael Bisping" OFF.  I tried to talk as much sh-- as I could to him, as often as I could, because he never let up for a second about how "his" team was gonna whip our asses!  Another thing and I would never admit this to him, I gained a lot of respect for him over the course of the show.

Mark and Nick's fight was a tough one. Both of them showed tremendous heart throughout the entire fight. Mark landed some big punches on Nick, but Nick always seemed to have an answer. I hadn't seen Nick or Mark's fights to get into the house so this was the first time I had the opportunity to watch them both fight.  I was impressed by both of them.  I truly believe that Mark is a great fighter and that he will continue to have a great career in MMA.  However,  I think he should consider dropping to 155lbs.   He can handle most 170lbs fighters, but I believe at the top level in this sport he may be at to much of a height and reach disadvantage. That's just my opinion.  Mark has a great record at welterweight, so staying at 170 is a legitimate option as well.  Nick, on the other hand, is tall and lean at 170lbs.  He may look skinny, but I believe he has a perfect combination of size, height, and reach to do really well at welterweight.  Nick's a tough guy, and at only 24 years old you can tell he's gonna do great in MMA.

The competition really started to build up after we were handed our 1st loss.  Also, we were dealing with a lot of different personalities inside the house and different responses to the result of the fight.   I believe it will make for interesting viewing in the next episode!



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Posted on: May 14, 2009 1:53 am

TUF 9 Episode 4 Mark VS Nick

Dude, you downrated me because you weren't here when Lawlor stopped writing his blog. I didn't wanna straight call him out so I wrote a comment that longtimers would get.

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 10:57 am

TUF 9 Episode 4 Mark VS Nick

Marks my cousin and use to be 240 pounds in highschool. He'll never make to 155lbs. He doesnt have 15lbs to lose.He'll be fine, just watch in the future. Everybody loves a great striker.

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Posted on: April 27, 2009 1:07 pm

TUF 9 Episode 4 Mark VS Nick

I'll keep reading if you keep writing. Deal?

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Posted on: April 25, 2009 1:54 pm

TUF 9 Episode 4 Mark VS Nick

I enjoyed your thoughts and am looking forward to the two fights next week. I agree both fighters showed great heart.  It was a hard fought contest.  I think Mark had it right in his post fight interview where he stated his mistake was letting his hands and guard down. Nick had his opening and took it.  Congratulations to Nick on his win and best wishes to Mark.  I think he should give serious consideration to dropping to 155lbs.  He could have great success at that weight class.

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