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Episode 5.. The Ultimate Fighter 9

Posted on: April 29, 2009 7:55 pm

Welcome to episode 5!!  Its starting to get interesting now!! Note how they start the episode showing Jason Pierce saying "Since the UK won the 1st fight, It's really opened my eyes!" Also, soon after the episode starts Jason is seen inside the confessional booth talking about how he's been hanging out a lot with Team UK.  He says that David Falkner and him are friends and that they will continue to be long after the show is over. I consider his blathering just a bunch of  bull----!  Jason Pierce was scared shitless to fight any of the Brits. He was constantly saying that he doesn't do well against short stocky guys. Coach Henderson told us at the park what match-ups he thought were the best for us as a team: Demarques vs. Dean, Me vs Wilkes and Pierce vs Falkner. As soon as Jason P. heard that, without even considering Hendo's advice, he immediately dismissed it as an option! I don't know what to say about Jason Pierce. I will express my feelings
more on this subject as the season progresses. Also, I will be interested in hearing the views of others.

Lets get to the 1st fight selection.  Team UK decides to put Andre Winner up against one of our light weight veterans Santino Defranco. Santino was a huge mentor to me in the house. I always went to him when I needed advice about anything that was going on or for encouragement. Santino is a true survivor in life, as well as in this sport.  He was always optimistic and an outstanding teammate and friend to everyone on Team USA.  I can't say enough about what an awesome person Santino Defranco is. 
Santino was calm and composed  preparing for the fight against Andre.  He doesnt have any issues making weight at 155lb and was able to eat all the way up to weigh-ins. We spoke the night before and he felt good about the match up. Santino in training is one of the most technical and experienced guys I have had the chance to work with. He has great skills in training, but it seems to take him awhile to apply them during his fights. We all saw his fight to get into the house. He took a real beating the entire 1st round before taking over the fight in the second round.  Santino never really seemed to find his rythem against Andre.  That's what I find disappointing about his loss. Not the loss itself, but that Santino didn't trust his stand-up (which is AWESOME) and throwdown until someone got knocked out.  Santino has been through a lot in his life and has dealt with having brain surgery.   Just the fact that he is fighting again is a victory for
him and an inspiration to me.    I think Santino needs to work on his mental preparation leading up to his fights and to figure out how to overcome his slow starts.  I love and respect Santino and it was very hard to watch him lose the fight the way he did.  However, I know he will be back. Nothing can keep him down.  

We were down 0-2 to Team UK after Santino lost.  I can't describe to you the feeling of anger and frustration I felt being down like that.  Bisping, added to the frustration,  by screaming " 2-null boys- how do you like that" immediately after the referee stopped the fight.  I was burning hot.   I was sad to see Santino get beat and it seemed like our team was starting to unravel.  

Coach Henderson had the next pick and decided that he liked Demarques vs. Dean. Dan swore that it was a guaranteed win.  It didn't matter who Hendo said he was fighting, Demarques would've smiled and said "Ok, lets do it!"  Demarques is a true warrior and a f--king tough bastard. He will fight anybody at anytime. 

DEAN! Mr.T!! The black guy with the mohawk with a bald spot as Demarques so elegantly puts it in his pre-fight interview. We all called him Dean-o in the house. Dean is a super cool guy.  We are the same age and seemed to get along quite well inside the house. I felt you can be friends with the Brits and still keep your desire to fight them hard. MMA is a sport, but not a f--king bloodsport! Dean-o is a very big welterweight and the only problem I thought he could possibly offer up to Demarques was his strength. However, I knew Demarques was gonna win the fight. 

Demarques and Dean came out and engaged each other immediately.  Dean landed a very big leg kick and then went for another. However, Demarques caught it and Dean was quickly on his back.  Demarques couldn't keep him down  and Dean was back on his feet and landed a good knee.  Dean decided he didn't like the stand-up that was going on and took Demarques down with a decent single leg and ended up in guard. Demarques immediately grabbed the kimura and seemed to have it, but Dean muscled through it and went back to guard. Then in a blink of an eye, Demarques locked in a triangle.  Dean tried to pick Demarques up and slam him, but it didn't work. Dean tapped soon after that.  Dean fought hard, but Demarques completely took over the fight when it hit the ground. Demarques has great BJJ skills and he demonstrated them during this fight. 

The day ended with UK 2 and USA 1.  Inside the house, our team was struggling.  Myself, Demarques, Mark Miller and Cameron were all in one room with Richie and Santino in the room next door.  The six of us got along great.  Pierce and Dent were upstairs in a room together.    The two Jason's were developing their own little f--ked up world inside the house. They were becoming pessimistic and negative and isolating themselves. The rest of us were loving our experience in the house and were grateful for the opportunity.  You will see over the next several weeks how this situation develops. I will be interested in hearing your thoughts and comments.

Until next week guys, Im signing off. Keep WATCHING! THIS GETS BETTER AND BETTER AS IT GOES ON!! 

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Posted on: May 25, 2009 3:16 pm

Episode 5.. The Ultimate Fighter 9

I disagree.  Cameron is young and immature but displays heart.  I think he is probably a good guy showing some strain being in the house.  He fought an awesome fight.

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Posted on: April 30, 2009 11:36 am

Episode 5.. The Ultimate Fighter 9

Cameron is a total dweeb. With how is portraying himself on camera I can’t see how anyone would get along with him. Hump? Really I haven’t heard that word since I was 6 years old. And as soon as you start bragging about the number of chicks you have been with, its makes you look so desperate and retarded. And then to say you did your friends wife. Give me a break, that’s enough info that anyone needs to know that this dude is a total jackhoff. He officially has zero fans now. And then how he disrespects everything dude says. I mean he made a very valid point about not looking like punks after the loss and Cameron basically says you do what you want and I’ll do what I want. That’s because aint no one telling Cameron to not be what he is. And that’s a total punk. I would disassociate myself with him because this is an entertainment industry and what makes the UFC a money maker while others are failing is because they open up the lives of their fighters to the fans so the fans feel like they know and like their favorite fighters as a person. No one will like this dude if he keeps going this way and he will be useless to the UFC. That’s one aspect of being on this show that so many fighters don’t get. Look at Junie. The only reason Dana is putting this dude on TV is because he knows people hate him and he can really help build the fan base of any one who beats him down. Junie will get no favorable matchups in the UFC and will be dropped after a few fights.

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