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My Fight versus James Wilks

Posted on: May 8, 2009 6:00 pm
The episode starts off with Dean & Cameron in the kitchen talking over Dean's fight. Jason Pierce is also in the kitchen and over hears their conversation. Jason waits until Cameron leaves the area and begins talking shit about him to Mark Miller. In my opinion, Jason Pierce is a complete waste. The guy would never have said that to Cameron's face. 

After Demarques beat Dean it was Team UK's turn to pick the next match-up. Bisping chooses Martin Stepleton versus Cameron Dent. I knew from the very moment the fight was picked that Cameron would win that fight. Cameron has a really good ground game. People think he is not very good on his feet, but he is extremely strong. Also, his awkward style is hard to adjust to. His combinations aren't always the greatest, but when he connects it HURTS!! 

Cameron acknowledges his fears about fighting during the pre-fight interviews. We all feel it to differing degrees and deal with it in varying ways. Obviously, Cameron handled it well! Dollar & Steeps come out and size each other up to start the fight. Steeps lands a nice jab and Cameron circles before throwing a big kick to the body. Steeps catches it, but decides to let it go, and continue the fight on the feet! Soon after that Cameron lands a big right hook on the back of the ear which puts Steeps down. Cameron eventually gets his back and ends the fight quickly with a choke. Steeps never seemed to get his rhythm in the fight. I think that shot to the head that Cam caught him with really disoriented Steeps. He never fully recovered before Cameron got him with the choke! 

We were tied 2-2 with Team UK and starting coming together as a team.
The next fight choice was ours. Coach Henderson choose me to fight against James Wilkes. During my time with Dan Henderson, I came to understand that he is a very confident person and a true expert in our sport. I had complete and utter trust in whatever Dan thought was best for me & best for the team. So, I began to prepare for James Wilks. 

Preparing for the fight we believed his striking abilities were limited. However, this ended up not being the case. James is a solid fighter in all aspects and proved to be a tough competitor. 

The Fight: We came out and touched gloves. I quickly began moving because I wanted this fight to remain on our feet. I have heavy hands and a good chin. The game plan was Sprawl& Brawl!!! We exchanged some jabs, but nothing to solid. James threw some good leg kicks, which I began to reach for, which was completely stupid on my part. James kinda rushed in and I was able to catch him with a good right hand left hook combo. Nothing to bad, but he felt them for sure. James did well maintaining his attack. I finally hit him with a big power shot left hook on the chin which put him down. I immediately began going for the ground and pound. In retrospect, too aggressively and not controlled, because James was able to roll into a heel hook attempt. He actually had my leg secured, which made me transition from attack mode to defensive escape mode. I did whatever I could to get myself out of it! We scrambled and James recovered quite quickly. He ended up
with a takedown. We spent some time on the ground and went through some transitions until I scrambled. James tried jumping into a guillotine attempt. I slipped out and let James get back to his feet. That's where I believed I had the best chance to win the fight.

Back on our feet, we exchanged some good strikes. James tied me up and put me back against the fence. He landed some BIG knee's to my head. I remember the knee that knocked out my bridge and broke the teeth it was attached to. I felt the teeth snap, and the mouth guard popping out of my mouth. I was rocked. I did my best to hold on and suck my mouth guard back in while regaining my composure. James did a good job on his control of the thai clinch and worked until he got the takedown. He took me down and was going for a arm triangle when the bell sounded to end the 1st round. 

In between rounds, I tried to tell my coaches that my teeth had been knocked out. They didn't realize I meant that they were also stuck in my mouth guard. There is a controversy in some circles about the comments Damarques made in a van ride home from the gym about a $100 per tooth he would pay for any of James's teeth that were knocked out. My only reaction was a slight smile. I never said I was looking to knock James's teeth out. I talked some shit, as part of the pre fight hype, and Damarques was playing and trying to pump me up. The comments by both of us were partially fueled by James's annoying arrogance that he and Team UK were so much better than us. I never disrespected James in anyway before or after the fight. I immediately shook his hand and congratulated him on a job well done after the fight. I'm not in this sport for any other reason than its' challenges and extreme nature. I respect everyone who enters the cage to fight. 

I was ready but could not come out immediately to start the 2nd round, because of the problem with my mouth guard. As soon as we were able to get the mouth guard back into my mouth the round began. I did my best not to let the fact that my bridge/teeth had just been knocked out affect me. I don't remember all of the 2nd round clearly. I remember trying my best to fight through it. I knew my team was depending on me to take the lead for the 1st time and I didn't want to let them down. Watching the film, I actually think that that I began fighting better in the 2nd round. I believe I settled down a little bit and began throwing more technical punches. I remember exchanging and landing some and taking some punches. I was trying my best to stay on my feet. James was relentless about wanting the fight to go to the ground and with the damage I took in the 1st round it looked like my cardio began to give out on me. James fought hard and well. He got the
fight to the ground and ended up submitting me with an armbar. 

All I really have to say about the fight is that I feel I didn't fight to my full potential. I can't describe how disappointed I was with my performance. I am not taking anything away from how James Wilks fought. He fought a great fight. I respect James and we continue to have a friendly relationship after the show. 

My philosophy is that MMA is a sport where a little sh-- talking before an event is the norm. If people choose to criticize me or any other fighter who talks a lil smack before a fight as part of their prep, and to build some hype leading up to the event, it is their prerogative. But in my mind... as someone who will actually get into the cage and slug it out with anyone in my weight class without hesitation.. it's a f--king sport and a f--ing battle between two fighters.. we talk a little smack.. we do our best to beat the sh-- out of each other while we are in the cage( never with the intent of causing serious injury).. but after the fight is over we shake the hand of our opponent and pay them our respects.

Interested in hearing your views. Will post again in a week!

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Posted on: May 14, 2009 10:59 pm

My Fight versus James Wilks

In the spirit of the hockey playoffs... I loved Frank's mangled face after his fight.  That's when you know you were in a good tussle.  The punching dummy he posed beside looked like it could have been a mold of himself.  Great fight!!

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Posted on: May 14, 2009 4:34 pm


I like Cameron's style, but why was he crying? Seariously I just don't get how people get all emotional and sh!t. Apparently he was drunk but I still don't understand the emotional purging thing especially on National TV. Last night I was like embarassed for him when Hendo was just looking at him like WTF is this guy doing. To give Cameron credit I would like to say he gets the job done, and fights well with all his built up emotion.


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Posted on: May 12, 2009 3:13 pm

My Fight versus James Wilks

Unfortunately, your cousin, Mark Miller, already lost to Nick from the UK squad. It was a good fight as well.

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Posted on: May 12, 2009 8:37 am

My Fight versus James Wilks

I gotta say that Dollar had the most dominate performance of the season so far. He looked a little unsure of himself standing but once the fight hit the mat he took complete control. I expect Dollar to make it to the final if he can keep improving his standup but primarily keep all his fights on the ground. I think his biggest challange will be Winner.

Frank i thought you had a kick arse fight that was very exciting. That was a battle and you took major damage with those knees. I dont know how you survived the knees but it looked like the damage really hurt your aggressiveness in the 2nd round. You were tenative to engage james standing but if i had my bridge snapped i would too. In my opinion looked like you were mentally hurt by the first round and it carried over to the second. James got hte fight to the ground and locked in a arm bar. Up until those knees in the first i thought you had the fight, but after the knees the fight changed. Gotta give you mad props for coming out hurt and taking care of your business even though it didnt end the way it should have. 

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Posted on: May 11, 2009 10:51 am

My Fight versus James Wilks

Nice fight and good luck. Mark Miller is my cousin and i cant wait to watch him win it all!!

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Posted on: May 10, 2009 12:13 pm

My Fight versus James Wilks

I thought it was the best fight of the season so far. It was a tough fight and I agree with Shaqdooger that it was a gutsy performance by Frank. James appears to be solid to me.  I expect he will do well as the season progresses. Congratulations to James and best wishes to Frank.  I think Frank is a young fighter with great potential and we will see him in the UFC some day.

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Posted on: May 9, 2009 11:12 pm

My Fight versus James Wilks

It seemed to me like James got into Frank's head a little.  Frankie was just too wound up, and in the first round he definately swung for the fences.  Punches were a little wide and not quick and compact....

And then Frank gassed, near the end of the 1st round, which rarely is a beneficial thing.  James conserved his energy a little better than Frank and rope- a-doped him in the 2nd...

Can't say I was blown away with either performance.  I think a quick and explosive fighter is going to whip James, but only time will tell. 

A gutty performance by Frank, he looked more exhausted at the end then he did KO'd, but then again that's generally what happened when you succumb to a RNC

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