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Episodes 7&8

Posted on: May 22, 2009 12:26 am
HERE WE ARE AT EPISODES 7&8. The reason I am combining the 2 are simple. Both of these fights took place on the same day, ALONG WITH THE "BENCHING" OF JASON PIERCE BY DANA WHITE. 

I knew from the start that something was not right with Jason Pierce. His attitude was negative and bad from day one. For some reason, I had the feeling he had no intention on fighting. There was something about him that screamed "poser" At some level he was just " scared." Theres nothing else to be said about it. He's not a true fighter. I don't mean he's incapable of fighting, he's just not capable of fighting outside his comfort zone . I'm done talking about Pierce. He's a waste of breath. 

Richie Whitson vs. Ross Pearson 
The fight was a good one. Fast paced and explosive. Richie did a great job considering he wasn't able to roll on the mats or spar with anyone for the 10 days leading up to the fight. He had impetigo on his face, which was contagious. Richie was not allowed to have any physical contact with anyone leading up to his fight. He never complained about it and did as much bag work as he could to get in shape for his fight. Richie has the heart of a future MMA champion. He actually had very little traditional MMA experience prior to being on the show. Richie comes from a small town in Alaska where he boxed and was a commercial fisherman. Richie loves this sport and he decided he would to go to Thailand for a few months to train in Muay Thai. He took a fight against Ray Cooper in Hawaii on 2 days notice and won. The victory over Cooper was the catalyst for him to move to California to train with Dan Henderson and Team Quest just prior to the show

Ross on the other hand has lots of experience in MMA. and has many more fights than Richie. Ross is a cool guy. Ross & I got along great while we were in the house. He always had a positive attitude and we were able to really understand each other's personality. Ross is a true fighter. He'll fight anybody, anytime, and is truly a funk's killer in the cage. 

They came out hard at the start of the fight and went full blast on each other. They were both exchanging punches and kicks freely. Ross took Richie down and appeared to have the better wrestling. Richie took an accidental knee from Ross when he was on the ground. I think this effected Richie's performance the rest of the fight. Ross took Richie down, got his back, and submitted him with an arm bar. Ross won the fight and is a very good fighter with a lot of potential. However, I was sad for Richie and the circumstances that he faced leading up to the fight. Ross and all the other lightweights were aided by Richie's case of impetigo. Richie never used it as an excuse, but he went into his fight with Ross rusty because the skin contrition had kept him from sparing and being fully prepared. Richie will have a great MMA career. I think if his training had not been interrupted he would be fighting to become the Lightweight TUF 9. 

Episode 7 was also the Coaches challenge. Hendo beat Bisping easily and we won an extra $1500 each. It was awesome to see Bisping get his ass whooped in something fun. Plus, I LOVED getting that extra cash! 

Episode 8: Jason Dent vs. Jeff Lawson 
Jason Dent is a weird guy, but not a bad guy. He isn't very sociable or easy to live with. Jason's a small town "leave me to my business" kind of guy. He doesn't like feed back or interaction with others. But he trains hard and is a talented and knowledgably fighter. 

Jeff on the other hand is AWESOME. Jeff is very funny, outgoing, silly and comedic. Jeff was always doing and saying silly things. The pro wrestling match he put on with Falkner and Dean is a good example. 

Their fight was good. They both showed skills, but neither really looked too impressive. Jeff has really solid ground game and funny stand up with capoeira style striking but doesn't look very damaging on his feet. Jason has good stand up skills, but just isn't very athletic. He is also a slow starter and basically got controlled the entire first round. Jeff does a lot of ground work in the 1st round, but Jason escapes everything and makes it to the 2nd round. 

In the 2nd round Jeff looks totally gassed. and basically tries whatever he can to take Jason down. Jason stuffs Jeff's shots until he locks him in an anaconda choke. Jason won the fight. but like Dana White said " not impressive." 

Prior to the fight Dana White asked Pierce how he was feeling and asked him if he wanted to fight. Pierce displayed no heart or spine. Jason was in his normal form and whined like a little girl. At the end of the episode, Dana White benches Jason Pierce. Dana talks to me and Mark Miller about taking the fight. 

Be sure to continue to watch and see who is picked to take Pierce's spot to fight Falkner.

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Posted on: May 25, 2009 3:08 pm

Episodes 7&8

It was evident from what Pierce told Dana White he did not really want to fight. Good luck to you or Mark, whoever gets the fight.  It would be good to see the US tie it a 4-4.

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