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Posted on: April 17, 2009 4:13 am

 I finished the first week a resounding 8-0 in my H2H leagues. I'm sure that won't continue.

I've offered up some trades, and received some as well. Some were so ridiculous and others were worth contemplating. I did settle on 3 different offers, and am waiting for the last to go through.

First trade, I was offered Rickie Weeks and Miguel Cabrera for Dan Uggla and David Price. I jumped on it, quicker than flies on #$^%.

The second took a little more thinking, I was offered Jake Peavey for Roy Oswalt and Troy Percival. Weighing all my options I accepted.

The third. I offered Jose Reyes, Mike Pelfrey, Jeremy Guthrie, Brandon Inge and Pat Burrell for Stephen Drew, Alex Rodriguez, Russell Martin and Mariano Rivera. The other party accepted, which actually helps both teams, filling out weaknesses on both parts. We are waiting for it to make it through the voting process. it should go thru, unless some bozos are out there.

Well, ok, just in from a drunken night of bowling, in which we won the league championship...yay to hit the sack as I have to be at work in 6 hours...good thing I'm the boss eh?

Oh, and don't forget to come join my (our) group at http://indepth-fantasy-baseball.gro

All are welcome, and we've already swapped some great ideas, and suggestions...

Lets get it going....


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