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Red Sox Diary 4/19/09 Revised..

Posted on: April 19, 2009 1:24 pm

The Red Sox are finally starting to come around it's about freaking time! Jason Bay , Kevin Youkilis , and Mike Lowell have all started out strongly and Dustin Pedroia seems to finally be coming out of the mini slump he was in. The pitching has been erratic to say the least, one day strong, the next pathetic. The bullpen struggled a bit at first to find a groove but now is settling down rather nicely.

Currently the Sox have pulled out of last place and sit with a record of 5-6 and while that is not exactly lighting the world on fire, at least we climbed out of the basement. I should note that many of those games were close and if the Sox could've just got the big hit when they needed it we would be doing alot better.

Jon Lester is struggling with his command and while his pitches have poorly located at times his stuff still looks phenomenal, i believe he is ready to bust out soon. Josh Beckett is on an odd year and he always does well in odd years, oddly enough lol. Matsuzaka looked awful so far this season and one has to wonder how much of a role the World Baseball Classic had to do with it?  Tim Wakefield is his usual reliable self and threw a very strong game the other nite when we needed a win badly.

Brady Penny got hammered by the Orioles but i don't feel too much worry beacuse their lineup really is as potent as ours is. Justin Masterson is slotted to take over Matsuzaka's place in the rotation and i feel that's a pretty sound move all things considered.

Alot of people were starting to panic on this team and i feel  it's way too early as everyone has to sort of just find their groove. Nick Green, Rocco Baldelli and George Kottaras are all hitting above .300 and with the injurys to Lowrie and Lugo it is a true blessing to have Nick.

As i stated earlier the bullpen has struggled some and especially Javy Lopez, Saito and Okajima but i am more than confident they will all turn it around. Ramon Ramirez (aquired in the Coco Crisp trade) has been nothing short of amazing, man this kid has good stuff!

The team is starting to hit and im seeing some the scoreboard operaters being kept busy of late, this is a very good sign. When you have  offensive outbursts like we've seen the last few days you can easily cover up for some lack of pitching or at worst give it time to come around.

The Yankees got pounded by the Indians 22-4 lastnite, man Wang has a 34.00 earned run average, OUCH!


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Posted on: April 19, 2009 3:00 pm

Red Sox Diary 4/19/09 Revised..


Masterson will be just fine as he always seems to do well in whatever role we put him in.  Varitek is old and only hitting what like .225? Kottaras is actually doing really well hitting .333 with a 42% on base percentage so he has definately earned a few more starts. We all love Jason but the time to admit he is old and not what he used to be is now. We definately need to let our backup catchers get a little more playing time and don't be too surprised if the Red Sox get involved in a trade at the deadline.

Most likely Jarrod Saltalamacchia or maybe even Joe Mauer the Sox will make a trade for, we lowered our payroll so we can take on a high payroll also.

I doubt there is any issue with Varitek and Lester, it's probably just giving some rest to Varitek and more playing time to a well deserved backup.

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Posted on: April 19, 2009 2:41 pm

Red Sox Diary 4/19/09 Revised..

cool. 24 runs in three games and oirioles on tap again. Im hoping masterson shows that heat he can throw. I got him as a two starter this week and you know the evil empire is around the corner. I want to see how he does against pettite.

 why let tek sit today though? already lost a base. think there are isseues between lester and tek?



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