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Not Harden!!!

Posted on: April 15, 2009 8:16 pm

Wow, fellows.  I didnt have the luxaary of watching the game today but the end result was a LOSS.  Bummer man.  I am pissed.  I didnt know when the Cubs played today but all day I have been looking forward to watching or seeing the result.  Bummer man.  it was the first thing ti saw when i turned on the tv.  Harden only made it 3 innings!!!  Come on boy, we expect way more than that out of you.  We only produced 2 runs so I am left to speculate how  our offensive production was.  Our bull pen has been our thorn.  1 run compared to 4 means the bullpen busted Harden's a$$ today.  Bummer man.

 We have one more game to take the series.  We refuse ti loose a series,  Let's do it Cubs.


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Posted on: April 16, 2009 5:51 pm

Not Harden!!!

Yah I was bum to see that we lost too. I didn't get to see the game either. Now I seen we lost to Cardinals. Tuff lost to take against our rivials. I hope we can get it together. Bullpen had a tough game while Cardinals bullpen was solid. This isn't good news. For us to be a contender and make a run at playoff time its going to come down to ur bullpen. Marshall had a ok game today but only played for five innings. These starters had been good but not great. I need to see a improvement for Harden I hope next time he can get pass the sixth inning. It seems like it takes him 25 pitches a inning a now. Our offense has been ok could of been better. Come on cubbies we know you can do better!

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