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Starting Pitchers

Posted on: April 15, 2009 11:19 pm

I am not sure how most Fantasy Baseball leagues run, however in my league, pitchers are a dime a dozen. To me, the team the pitcher is going against means more than the pitchers abilities. There are certain starting pitchers that dominate and are in a league of their own, however after that, the most of them are replaceable. Johan Santana is one of the only pitchers that I can think of that are completely trustworthy. Another thing is when you start a pitcher that only gets one start a week and they blow it, you completely blew up your ERA and WHIP on top of losing a whole week from one pitcher.


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Posted on: April 29, 2009 5:07 pm

Starting Pitchers

I drove myself crazy for years trying to predict and draft the pitchers I thought were the best...well that strategy has finally driven me to drink..not bad..but pitchers today are so unpredictable that i don't worry about them.when i drafted this year the only 2 I targeted were Santana and Halliday.
Todays pitchers are so  brittle,with a strong wind in the park they throw their arms out,then they are day to day,then they need a few days off,then they visit DR.Andrews and then it's Tommy John surgery.
Yeayerday there were 16 games and only 3 featured matchups where both starters had winning records and today there are 15 games and only 4 have both starters with winning records.
I have played fantasy baseball for 18 years and every year it seems to get worse.
I don't remember Jack Morris, Blyleven,Carleton,Seaver,or Ryan being on pitch counts.
Pitchers used to be dureable and not be on pitch counts.
I stock up on as many relievers as I can..and pick up pitchers late or get them off the waiver wire.
I guess it is the money they are paying them that the clubs don't want to rush them but it doesn't seem to help.
I will concentrate on hitters over pitchers from now least you usually get what you paid for.
Look at the young studs in the last few years..Priorl dl. continually,Kerry Wood same thing.Liriano,can't find the strike zone,Santana,Webb,Lackey,Escobar all on DL.

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Posted on: April 16, 2009 3:15 pm

Starting Pitchers

I do agree w/ your theory about SP's but disagree about Santana being one of the only trustworthy SP's. Webb(Although hurt) , Linecum, are a few as well. You are also right about the one start per week if blown will elevate your #'s. There are guys in that position though that might not get a lot of wins but have very good bottom line stats w/ era and whip/ SO'S. Just my thought. 

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