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Revive The Canada Cup

Posted on: October 30, 2009 12:26 am
Edited on: October 30, 2009 12:35 am

Ah the Good Old Days. The days when the late great John A. Ziegler, Jr  was commissoner of the NHL. When the divisons where named after noteable NHL pioneers and the conferences where named after royalty. The 80's and early 90's where arguable the NHL's Greatest Era. An era noted for high-scoring point totals and exciting hockey was assured each and every night. But then came The Dark Times. Then came The Empire. Ah...Bettman. Bettman. Gary Bettman as it reads on his birth certificate has been the bane of hockey and the NHL alike.

The ink on his contract had not dried before he made sweeping retarded changes in the game I love so much. Get rid of the unique division and conference names and remove the teams from the unique places where the NHL resided. Goodbye Minnesota. Goodbye Quebec City. Goodbye Winnipeg, The Praire City. Hello Arizona. Arizona? Dallas? Sunrise. Is this April Fool's Day. Nope. It's more like Groundhog Day with hockey fans reliving the same crappy day. This Clown Prince Of Stupidity must be overthrown. By a deserving soul. The reader probably qualifies as a supreme improvement!

The Canada Cup was a unique tournament. It included a virtual who's who of hockey. Wayne Gretsky. Mario Lemieux. Vladislav Tretiak. But Forest Gump Gary Bettman quickly changed the name to the World Cup Of Hockey. Earth to Bettman. Come in Bettman. We already have a World Cup. It's soccer nimrod. What an unholy spawn art thou.

It's called the Canada Cup. And it has a rich history. It's beautiful trophy rests in the Hockey Hall Of Fame. And it awaits a worthy successor to John A. Ziegler, Jr  Hopefully I will see that man or woman in my life time.

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