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Posted on: July 23, 2009 2:34 pm
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Posted on: July 23, 2009 7:57 pm

#57....A question or two for each NFC team

Hey you know your stuff when it comes to the 49ers no doubt about it. My thing with the power running and deep passing type offense is that for that to work you need a great offensive line that can pass protect because you need the time to go deep. As you yourself said the 49ers line is good at run blocking but not so much at pass blocking. This is a recipe for a lot of sacks being taken by whoever the 49ers put at QB.

The Raiders have been trying to run the power running deep passing attack for years and it only works when they have a great line which they haven't had in years. As far as the Singletary jokes hey I believe in recycling whether we're talking about garbage or jokes but you didn't go overboard with the spanking comment I thought it was funny. Thanks for your comments and for reading the post.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 7:46 pm

#57....A question or two for each NFC team maybe I went a little overboard. the spanking comment is a little far fetched. I'm really sick of people associating the team with Singletary's pants. When Nolan came on board, we were sold on the idea that he was going to build a team in the mold of the Ravens. Now Billick's Raven did run a variation of the West Coast offense and Nolan tried it his first year when McCarthy was OC. After McCarthey left for the Packers job, Norv came in and made the offense functional. It wasn't stellar, but it was conducive to what we were doing on defense....a power running game with playaction passing. Is it ball control? Sure. But so was Bill Walsh's West Coast offense and almost every other variant that followed. So Nolan panicked last year and the team started 2-5 again. Singletary takes over with the same crew that Nolan had and wins more games. The major difference in philosophy is that Nolan tried to force fit players into his system. Singletary adjusted his strategy to what players he had to work with. The result is a defense that inches slightly towards what the Ravens do. Singletary also realized that the strength of the O-line is run blocking. Why not a pwer running game then?

So even a purist like me who would prefer to have the team run a West Coast offense. But the damage was done during the Donahue era and basically pissed away our connections to the West Coast offense. We don't have those type of players. John York/Donahue ran off any remnants of the West Coast offense. I agree that Singletary's intensity will only get the team so far. Hopefully, he will be able to find the balance that Tom Coughlin has done in recent years. If the 49ers don't make great strides this year, then Singletary may get an early exit and then we can consider rebuilding with the West Coast philosophy in mind. At least kid York seems to share the same drive as his Uncle Eddie. He just needs to mature into the role.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 5:46 pm

#57....A question or two for each NFC team

I take it your're a 49ers fan. I'm trying to be funny and serious at the same time I guess you think I failed which is fine. Hey as far as your Niners I don't see it happening unless Mike Singletary tones it down a bit. I think his over intense style will wear out his players and I don't think I'm misinformed about the offense we're just calling it different things. Power running or ball control is kind of the same thing and I don't think it'll work. I can't for the life of me figure out why the 49ers don't run a version of the west coast offense that won them 5 Super Bowls. Thanks for the comments and we'll see if I get spanked.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 3:25 pm

#57....A question or two for each NFC team

2. San Francisco - Will head coach Mike Singletary keep his pants on? Are you serious? Or just trying to be funny? The joke is getting old.

New offensive cordinator Jimmy Raye is 62 years old and hasn't called plays in 8 years you couldn't find someone better? This question is much more reasonable. I can understand why people ask this. The answer is intertwined with your question regarding offense below...

Will go down as one of the biggest busts ever? It's possible. Smith showed flashes of potential in 2006. But flashes do not make a QB. Smith needs to perform with consistency. This year's offense is similar to the one run in 2006. If Smith doesn't excel, then it's fair to call him a bust.

The 49ers want to run a ball control offense and win low scoring games yet their defense and offensive line aren't that good is this a crazy plan on how to win? You are misinformed. The 49ers want a power run game and to throw the ball downfield based off playaction. The defense finished 13th after Singletary took over. Up until that point, the defense was 23rd. Jimmy Raye was selected because he has familiarity in this type of philosophy. Whether Raye has adjusted to today's NFL or not is the real question. he hasn't held an OC position since 2001, but he has been in the league since then. Only time will tell. The offensive line is made up primarily of run blockers. They aren't that good when it comes to pass protection but will hammer people in the run game. Singletary didn't change much of the personnel when he took over. What he did do was tailor the strategy to fit the personnel.

Will ownership pony up for a belt so Singletary's pants are sure to stay on?Ownership will pony up the belt so Singletary can bend you over his knee and spank you with it.

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